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Free the Children

This blog post isn’t going to be too long… mostly because the person who wrote this article says most of the things I believe on the matter: Why Don’t Kids Like School?. I recommend you read that article.

But expanding on the topic, I have never understood the concept of school as it currently exists. I remember being as young as 12 and questioning the value of 98% of the stuff I was being forced to memorize. And, years later, I can’t think of one thing of value I learned, besides the first few years when I learned how to read and how to do some basic math.

By the time I was 16 I had made it my mission to finish high school, but only high school, and only by the slimmest margin possible. And the only reason I decided to finish it was that I had nothing else I really wanted to do with my time, at that time, and because I knew my Mom would just be heartbroken if I didn’t get this government issued piece of paper.

I managed to miss more than half my classes in the final year of high school, having devised all sorts of ways to elude my Mom who, goodheartedly, was trying to make me do something which she thought was best.

The teacher called one day and informed her, “you know, your son basically never shows up to any class before 1pm”. I’ve never been a morning person and even to this day I sleep in until at least noon every day. But my Mom was shocked. She thought I was in school but, with my bedroom in the basement, I knew that every morning she would awaken just to check if my shoes were in the closet. If they weren’t there, then I must be awake and off to school. For a few months I got away with awakening early, going upstairs, getting my shoes and returning back to wonderful sleep for another delightful 3 or 4 hours.

But after the Principle called she caught on to that. This cat and mouse game progressed to the point where I would find various “sleep hideouts” around the house so when my mom checked and my shoes were gone and then came downstairs to make sure I wasn’t in bed sleeping, I could still get in more hours of sleep instead of completely wasting my time sitting in some super uncomfortable wooden chair having some moron recite useless info from some book and having me memorize it.

This reached its ultimate conclusion when I calculated the exact amount I needed to get on the final exam of the year to get 50% and get my high school diploma. But, a wrench was thrown into the works when two of my best friends told me they hadn’t passed enough courses and that they would have to return for another half year. Again, I had nothing else to do, so I thought, OK, I’ll fail too and hang out with my buddies for another year.

It was social studies and I knew I only had to get 60% on the final exam to get a passing grade in social studies and get my final credits to graduate from high school. I had only been to a few social studies classes all year but I skimmed through the textbook in the few minutes before the test anyway because, again, I had nothing better to do. And besides, history isn’t too bad of a thing to learn, although, obviously, what is taught by ANY government in ANY school system in ANY nation isn’t history, it’s just propaganda.

And so I went in for the test and decided to just quickly tick off some boxes and leave. But then my plan was thwarted. Two minutes after the exam started I stood up and began to walk out. I was then informed by the guard/teacher that I had to stay for a MINIMUM of one hour. What the? You have a minimum time requirement??? What is that for? What if someone is so super smart they can finish in 20 minutes, you make them just sit there? Just one of a million little rules, probably to prepare you for living in Canadian society after you graduate…

And so I walked back to my desk trying to think of how I was going to pass a whole hour and not die of boredom. So I looked at the exam and it said 60% of the exam was multiple choice and 40% was written. I then decided, ok, I’ll do the multiple choice just to kill time.

I answered the questions as best I could and then spent the remainder of the time drawing pictures in the written answer part.

A few weeks later, much to my dismay, I received my high school diploma! I had passed the exam! I retraced my steps thinking back to how I could have done such a thing… I must have gotten 100% of the multiple choice questions correct!!! Damnit, I never even thought that was a serious possibility and therefore didn’t include this risk in my strategy. My Mom asked why I was so upset that I had PASSED high school and I explained I was trying to fail. Needless to say, she was pretty shocked that I was actually trying to fail high school!

For those that have children I HIGHLY recommend home schooling. And just teach them the basics (reading, writing, arithmetic) in the first year or two and from then onward just teach them what they want to know. Some kids might be eager to know everything about biology. OK, go for it! But why waste your time making them memorize tons of stuff they’ll never use?

And besides, even if you were going to have a public school system. They don’t teach you ANYTHING of value and teach you tons of useless stuff and propaganda. Disagree? Well, if you ask me, these are the BASIC THINGS children need to know… that anyone has a kid and hasn’t taught them these things is a travesty to me:

1. Reading
2. Basic Math

Ok, so far, the public school systems in grades 1 to 4 aren’t too bad here… maybe that is where the end of it should be. Besides, after grade 4 I only remember getting picked on and beat up a lot… not a heck of a lot more! Whatever happened to the good old days of Kindergarten and nap time and play time??

But now lets get into the other INCREDIBLY important things all children should be taught but aren’t:

3. Self Defense. It is mind boggling to me that not everyone knows some basic self defense. I mean, there isn’t anything much more important than being able to protect yourself from attack. And speaking as someone with some karate, kung fu and boxing background, nothing feels better than walking around and knowing that if someone wants to try something with you they are the one most likely to be lying face down at the end of the provocation. But, of course, the government wants you to be helpless and therefore you are not taught this in school. But for those who are older and still do not know basic fighting techniques I highly recommend you learn.

4. Health/Nutrition. I know that they teach SOMETHING in school about this but really it is mostly just propaganda for the most part. Learning how to eat and exercise properly and WHY is incredibly important and no one seems to know much about it. Just the fact that most people DON’T KNOW that the human body needs exercise virtually every day to operate properly is lost on most people as can be seen by the body shapes you see on the street daily.

5. Swimming. This may seem kinda odd but think about it. The world we live in has earth and water. And most of the world is water. Whenever I hear someone tell me they can’t swim I am just exasperated. They might as well tell me they never learned how to eat. It’s that basic of a necessary skill imo. But every year thousands of people drown and it’s so needless. But, again, that’s what government designated lifeguards and the Coast Guard is for!

6. Money. Seems basic doesn’t it, but not ONE WORD is mentioned in school about what money is. Why is that? Well, because the government has the monopoly on the money system and if you actually knew how it worked you’d puke. Just keep paying your taxes and shut up, that’s all they want. But even beyond the question of “what is money” are all the things surrounding it like savings, loans, mortgages, investing. None of this is taught in school yet these are some of the most important things a person should at least understand in terms of their own personal financial prosperity. But, after millions of Americans signed up for liar loans and other mortgages that eventually caused the beginning of the ongoing financial collapse in the US, not a word was brought up about perhaps actually teaching people in the public school system how a mortgage works.

7. Sex and your body. I realize there are sex education in some schools now but just the fact that some people fight having this taught to their children is beyond ridiculous. Children should understand every facet of this important human event.

8. A second and third language. This one isn’t a complete necessity but I would have been happy if I came out of school and actually could speak a second language well… well, that is, other than French. When I went to school in Canada the only other language they FORCED me to learn was French. And, after realizing that I could only use this language in one small country in Europe (hint: France) and in Montreal and maybe one or two banana republics in Africa, I pretty much decided that wasn’t worth my time. For those that have a child I would highly recommend teaching them the following languages: Mandarin, Spanish (more native speakers than English in countless countries) and perhaps even Russian. But, and here is where native English speakers lucked out, English is actually the best language to know in terms of opportunities its knowledge opens up. But to know more than one language is almost always of great use and opens up countless possibilities and opportunities.

But that is the basic list of things everyone should know and, as I pointed out, not much of it is actually taught in public schools. Sure, you could add in thousands of skills and items of knowledge that are useful to know, but these are the basics. And for anything further, such as knowing how to build a house, or how to be a nuclear engineer or whatever, all of that can be taught based on the child’s interest in the subjects. As opposed to sitting him/her in a classroom for 16 years (when you add in 95% useless college) with a bunch of totally different people with different interests and just trying to teach them all a bunch of general crap. Which is better, do ya think?

And, adding more to the topic of youngsters, for all those who are constantly perplexed at how their car got keyed again by a bunch of young punks. Or why those young hoodlums are always hanging around the convenience store causing trouble. It is PRECISELY because being under 18 (or 21 or whatever age your local gustapo chose) is almost exactly like being in prison and having no rights. You can’t do anything you want. You HAVE to go to these useless schools. You can’t smoke, you can’t drink, you can’t go to discos.

Repeal all laws… and not just for children, for everyone. There need be only 3 laws and these are also natural laws so you don’t even need a police force to uphold them. Don’t kill anyone. Don’t physically hurt anyone without just cause. And don’t steal.

These are natural laws because if you tried to do any of them, even without a police force, you would likely see serious repercussions.

Free the children and free yourselves, slaves.

(for more on public education, no one says it better than one of my favorite commentators, Doug Casey, here: Doug Casey on Education)

My Generation Sucked

I remember when I was younger I would look around at the world around me and think how stupid all the prior generation was. There was tons of race related problems and to me I just saw one race, the human race. What a bunch of fools.

Then I had to sit through TWO separate church/state related attacks on music I loved. First, heavy metal music, which was my first favorite form of music was under attack as being “the devil´s music”. This is hilarious in and of itself because, in order for you to believe that heavy metal music is music of the devil, you have to believe in THE DEVIL. A red colored guy with a tail who sits in the middle of the earth and makes people think evil thoughts such as thoughts about physical love and enjoyment of your own body.

Then next they attacked rap music. Either for being lude (Two Live Crew) or for being violent (NWA, Ice T etc). Firstly, if words can hurt you, such as the F word, I suggest you are so emotionally fragile that if I were to spend more than 30 seconds with you I could have you curled up in a ball and in tears. And secondly, NWA and Ice T had it 100% right when they fought back against oppression of the state and talked about wanting to kill cops. I want to kill cops too. Nothing personal… but they are the henchmen of the state which oppresses us… if you don’t want to kill cops you are what I call a happy slave.

All this stupidity went on and on through my childhood and I could barely stand it but I kept thinking to myself, my generation will be different. We won’t be so stupid and corrupt and so oppressive.

Wow was I wrong. If Facebook is any indication, my generation has came and went. Almost every single person I knew all has babies and the great majority of them, if their photos are any indication, have given up on life for the most part and allowed their bodies to decompose at a rapid rate thanks to limited/no exercise and poor diets.

And so, what are the two BIG things that happened to my generation that you could say really captures the times?

2. 9/11

Two lies.

HIV/AIDS doesn’t even exist and 9/11 was the most obvious con job I’ve ever seen. And my generation fell for them both. Way to go, you idiots.

HIV/AIDS: I figured this one out all on my own with very little medical/scientific knowledge. In the 80s some gay guys who were living ludicrous lives (they were doing so many concoctions of drugs that they were administering themselves antibiotics on a regular basis) started dying. The Church and the State latched on to this one instantaneously and basically posited that this was a new disease and it will soon kill anyone who has extramarital sex! Hmmm, that sounds a bit fishy. And for me, a young male who had just entered into adulthood and was eager to give sex a try, it was the most horrible thing that could have happened! Just a few years before were the free-love 70s but when I got out of high school in 1988 and was ready to discover women the whole world was afraid of sex!

Nearly three decades later and I, nor anyone I know, has ever known anyone who actually has AIDS or died of AIDS, and everything seems fine. EXCEPT in Africa. Hmmm, that´s strange. Now AIDS just kills poor African people.

I won’t go on about what a joke HIV/AIDS is but there is a new movie coming out, called House of Numbers which looks like it covers it all and looks quite good. You can see a trailer for it at their site. I’m sure the media and all the sheeple will ensure that it is forgotten a few weeks after it is released but at least I will try to help spread the word.

As for the other great event of our time, 9/11, I’ve already stated many times here how i feel about that. But if you don’t question why George Bush senior and some family members of the Bin Ladens were in NYC in a meeting the day before 9/11 and the ONLY people allowed to fly out of the country the day after 9/11 were the bin Laden family AND how the two WTC towers were the only towers in history to fully collapse from fire/plane crash AND how WTC 7 was rigged with explosives in a matter of hours (impossible) and imploded AND how there is no trace of an airplane in that field in Pennsylvania AND how not ONE security camera at the Pentagon (most secure building in the world) caught even a frame of a plane hitting it, then you truly are one of the sheeple. If you do question some of those things, check out Loose Change for more info.

And so, in the end, my generation has been involved in two of the biggest lies in history. Way to go guys.

As for the next generation, so far you guys have sucked as well. You already have your big lie in “global warming” in full swing and the whole swine flu panic is ridiculous. But I still have high hopes for you as you are the first generation in history with access to ALL information (the internet). Hopefully you use it.

Updates, Red Lights and French Suicides

I am still in Acapulco. I can’t find any good reason to leave here and therefore I remain. I did go to Calgary and Edmonton in Canada recently, however, to see family. And, it seems, the more I am away from prison-camp style countries such as Canada, USA and Australia the more I just cannot handle it. I don’t know how many red lights I went through even though the flashing of the government surveillance camera alerted me to my impending pickpocketing by the government.

People who live in those places just don’t understand because they have never even had any freedoms at all to do anything. But, as I sat at numerous red lights at 2am on the deserted prairies I just found I could not submit. Restaurants in the prairies all close at 10pm, at the very latest and bars are mandated by government to close by 2am so the streets are virtually deserted. And, being the prairies, I can literally look left and right for miles in either direction.

So, I tried it a few times. Sitting there. Alone, in the emptiness, at a red light. The little white walking man sign taunting me as he appeared to have no intention of moving on to the flashing red hand which would indicate that my time in purgatory had any hope of coming to an end. Most of the local citizenry does not even question the ridiculousness of sitting there when there aren’t any cars to be seen for miles and letting their soul slowing drain out of them.

Nor do they seem to notice the millions of small little rules, regulations and other invasions into their life by the country that has turned most of them into depressed, empty beings who can not figure out why they are so unhappy.

Imagine for a second that you could DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. I know this is a crazy idea to those who are so repressed. But, imagine, you want to go in your car despite the red light. You are able to make rational decisions. You obviously wouldn’t go if an 18 wheel truck was bearing down on you. But imagine what your life would be like if you weren’t forced to sit there for no reason in compliance.

You’d have far less need to drink down all that whiskey. Or to cram junk food into your mouth trying to drown the pain. Or to take all those legal antidepressant drugs which the government allows you to take.

I tried to sit at the first stop light. And I made it half way through the next one. But after that I couldn’t take it anymore. I resolved to just do what I want to do and what seemed reasonable to me without risking anyones, including my own, safety.

And so, for the rest of my stay, I blew through countless red lights. My picture is probably in some government database now as cameras flashed as I rolled through. I even had it resolved in my mind that if a cop tried to pull me over that I would just keep driving to where I was going and calmly walk into my hotel when I got there, despite what I am sure would be 5 or 6 cop cars and a helicopter or two by that point.

People in these countries see endless occasions of “road rage” yet I’ve never seen road rage in places like Thailand or Mexico. That’s because people aren’t having road rage, they are having rule rage. When you try to make millions of people all adhere to literally thousands of rules you will regularly have occasions where someone didn’t know one of the rules. This is usually followed by someone who is very angry that that person did not know that rule!

Traffic in general would be way better if there were no rules except “don’t hit anyone”. Take this as an example. Take a town square that has 1,000 people walking around in it. There are no rules for walking around except, don’t hit anyone. Now, if you had government install all sorts of contraptions in that square to try to regulate the flow of walking such as policemen and traffic lights, what do you think would happen? It’s pretty obvious, within minutes there would be confusion, anger and frustration. So why do you think cars are any different?

And why do you think no one ever asks questions like “since the Autobahn has no speed limit, is there more or less fatal accidents there”. The reason is because I am sure the answer is less and therefore your government nor your government controlled media would ever bring this up as this would take away millions of dollars in revenues from speeding tickets.

Ah well. I am glad I am not in Canada anymore. I feel much more relaxed already.


And now for a bit of humor. This story caught my eye today on the BBC:

French Unease at Telecom Suicides

The story is hilarious from start to finish, mainly for the insinuation that because some people at some unionized company killed themselves there needs to be a government bureaucrat who investigates it! Yes, that is what government is for, after all, looking into stuff like this! Thank goodness!

The union states that “a never ending drive for efficiency” is causing all these suicides!! You can’t make this stuff up. Yes, I was in a company once, and they were so focused on efficiency I slit my wrists!!! Stop with all this efficiency, I can’t take it! Someone call the government!

It goes on to state, “On Wednesday, a 49-year-old man in Troyes, east of Paris, plunged a knife into his own stomach during a meeting in which he had been told he was being transferred.”

I am trying to imagine how that transpired.

Boss: Jean Francoise, you have no use for us at this location but we have found another location where you might be able to add enough value to cover your wages plus actually make some money for the company.

Jean Francoise: Sacre bleu!!! ‘Ow can I live like this? You are offering me a job in a completely different location? This is much too efficient! (grabs a bread knife from the union mandated croissante and muffin tray) I am coming ‘ome mama! Au revoir cruel, cruel world!!

Boss: Well, that seems like a bit of an over-reaction.

The number of knife deaths in areas targeted by an anti-knife crime scheme have risen

Well, it’s obvious I have almost completely given up on this blog as I am just completely holed in here in Acapulco. I do nothing but hit the gym and have fun. Well, I have done some other things. I now buy, remodel and sell condos and am starting a boutique hotel concept wherein these condos are rented out.. Check it out at

I might try to write more here as I find stuff nearly every day that I find appalling or amusing or both. Like this!:

BBC: Deaths up during anti-knife drive

According to the report, The number of knife deaths in areas targeted by an anti-knife crime scheme have risen, the Home Office has said. (they even call it the Home Office… can it be anymore obvious it is the exact same concept as the Stazi!)

If you don’t already get why this is so hilarious you really need to take some time to yourself and think about life and how you are missing out on what is going on.

I mean, a bunch of people were killed in the UK last year and a weapon of choice was knives. Sounds like a job for government!! Anti-knife campaign!!! That’ll stop people who have been so hurt by someone that they are infuriated and want to kill the person whom they deem responsible! Now, perhaps, thanks to this anti-knife campaign by the government, when this next happens, perhaps that person will think, hey, wait a minute. The government told me that knives are dangerous and bad. Perhaps I should use, I don’t know…. my car? a rock? my hammer?

However, if this campaign actually did work (impossible) and people started using hammers to get the revenge they are seeking, then we’ll have to sit through 2010’s UK anti-hammer campaign.

Possibly the funniest statement in this entire article is the final paragraph… a coup de grace!:

“Police stepped up searches and patrols in crime hotspots and ran courses to highlight the dangers of carrying knives. The results are mixed.”

Hahahahhahaa. I am so surprised that these courses aren’t working! I mean, if we can’t sit people down in a classroom for 2 hours and get them to realize that knives can kill people, what else can we do! I just hope the old saw about “running with scissors” doesn’t get forgotten in all this! And how exactly are the results “mixed”? The gov’t actually ran an anti-knife campaign and knife deaths went up. If this reporter was anything but a propagandist he would, based on the evidence, have to state that “the apparent result of the government run anti-knife campaign is to increase knife related incidents, perhaps due to raising awareness of the usefulness of knives as weapons to people who otherwise may not have considered it”.

The funny (read: sad) part is, taxpayers pay for this. You are paying for this…. and a billion other useless government programs. And yet you still don’t revolt??? If you don’t immediately punch any politician you meet in the face (except for Ron Paul and the other 0.0000001% of politicians who realize government is oppression and to remove it from virtually all of society is freedom) then I don’t know how else I can help you.

Adding insult to injury, this NEWS about the knife program was offered up by the government news agency, BBC. If this wasn’t a government run news agency AND/OR a big media company (who owns the government) keeping the masses pacified then the headline should have obviously been, “Ridiculous Government Program Fails for 1,000,000th time in History”.

Ahhh, this is probably why I don’t write much in my blog anymore. Keep paying your taxes and ruining the world. I’ll just hang out in the gym and at the beach in Mexico and try to ignore it all.

Puerta Vallarta/Guadalajara/Economy & The Most Important Book Ever Written

Hey a blog update! I must’ve gotten off my ass!

After nearly 6 months I actually packed my bags and got on an airplane! I actually left Acapulco!

But I didn’t go far. And not for very long!

I first went to Puerto Vallarta to visit some business friends. After living in Acapulco for so long now I realize just how bad many other Mexican ‘vacation destinations’ are, in comparison. I used to think the nightlife in PV was not bad.

After my latest visit though I am putting PV on a massive nightlife downgrade. It is terrible!

Part of it had to do with the economy as many locals told me that the place was practically deserted compared to how it normally is.

But it was also just the fact that there were SO many gringos there. And not even cool gringos. At one point the dance floor had no woman under 60 years old and under 200 pounds. Not that there is anything wrong with a woman who is over 60 and overweight… that’s fine. But it’s not why I go to discos!

I completely snapped. I was planning on staying in PV for 4 or 5 days. After the first night I took the first flight out to Guadalajara.

I had met countless beautiful, stylish, intelligent, cool Mexicanas over the years who all said they were from Guadalajara so I just had to check it out. It’s only a 40 minute flight from PV so I figured why not.

As a general comment on the city, it is a really, really cool city. Very modern. At various points, while driving about in a taxi, it felt like I was either in Vancouver, Hollywood or Paris at times… If I was forced to live in one of those cities or Guadalajara I would definitely pick Guadalajara… it is better than the others in my opinion.

However, there are many things I didn’t like. First, it is quite car-centric. You need a car if you live in Guadalajara, and I never like that style. Much happier to walk about in Acapulco or hop the subway in Hong Kong.

Also on the negative side, I was VERY surprised that Guadalajaras nightlife is very, very subdued. With a metropolitan population of over 4 million and being a Mexican city I just assumed: MUCHO FIESTA!

I was about to be disappointed. While there are countless cool, chic bars and lounges – it felt like I was in Yaletown in Vancouver most of the time I was there – it has very little actual disco-style nightlife.

The people in Guadalajara seem very content to go out with friends and quietly dine and sip on vino.

In fact, I was in Guadalajara on a Thursday evening and I must have asked 10 different people where is good to go. Every single time I was met with a, “Ahhhh… Jueves (Thursday)? Mmmmm no es.�

There really was nowhere that was happening. Well, there was one place and it was HORRIBLE. It was the worst ‘disco’ I’ve ever gone to in fact. I don’t even know what the deal was. It is called Bar Americas and is near the Fiesta Americana hotel. It is only about 2,000 square feet… all concrete. And it was so packed that at numerous times I almost felt like it was possible I could get crushed to death! Worst of all, there was literally 985 guys and 15 girls there!

I figured it must be a gay bar but none of the guys looked gay or acted gay. They were all just standing there, pinned up against each other elbow-to-elbow-to-elbow “enjoying� the music which was blasting at ear-drum splitting levels.

I lasted 5 minutes there… which I consider a serious accomplishment!

But from talking to some other people about my experiences I heard the same comments: Guadalajara is all about culture and business. It is not a party town. So, if you wanna do some business or you want to go to some museums or operas or art galleries, go to Guadalajara.

And so, again, I snapped. It’s so hard adjusting to almost anywhere, except places like Thailand, after staying so long in Acapulco.

I woke up in the morning and began planning my way home, through Mexico City.

And so ended my big travel adventure! I may go to the Caribbean in March on some business… but who knows.


And now onto the economy.

I’ve been warning for more than 3 years now about the crisis we are currently in. And while prior very few people agreed with my assessment they have all now moved on to total agreement.

But I have heard one phrase over and over and over. “I will when the crisis is over�. These comments seem pervasive. Even when I am so unfortunate to be walking past a television when a financial news show is on the subjects invariably are, “What to buy when the crisis passes� or “Is this the bottom?�

It appears many people see this as being a minor inconvenience. Sort of like a passing thunderstorm.

Folks, it ain’t even started. This thunderstorm will make living in the 9th ward of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina seem like a full body aromatherapy massage complete with happy ending. Right now many people look at this thunder storm and they are trying to see the silver lining. Being optimistic, I suppose. Like when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well, this thunderstorm’s silver lining is full of lemons and they are all about to start raining down through your car windshield.

If you think this is gonna be a few months, or even a few years, of pain. Well, it’s not.

Judging by all the government response to the financial crisis I can only come to one conclusion. This is going to get even worse than I can imagine.

Every government response, from every government, is the exact opposite of what they should do. In case you are wondering exactly how government should “fix the economy� the answer is: NOTHING.

Government can never do anything but make things worse. The best possible government, if you keep insisting on having them, is one that does as little as possible.

The reason we are having this crisis is because of past government interventions. In fact, the entire world economy has been so distorted by all these interventions that the only chance we have to move forward is to have a complete collapse of this artificial fiat-currency, fractional reserve banking system and allow the market to be relatively free again. That is our only hope.

Get ready for riots, famines and wars. And I highly doubt it will be safe to pop your head above ground for a minimum of a few years… I only hope we are not talking decades. That is how serious this is.

And the one guy I can think of even less capable of understanding and dealing with these economic realities than prior President George Dubbyah is Barack Obama. And, to make matters worse, all the sheeple seem to think he is the shepherd who has come to lead them to salvation. Slaughter is more like it. If he makes it through his first term without the US defaulting on its debt (going bankrupt) I will be shocked. In fact, if by the end of 2010 the US is not a failed state I will be very, very impressed.

This ship is a-going down folks. And everyone is gonna feel some pain. But if you move almost all your assets into gold bullion and precious metals related assets you will increase your chance of living through the next few years dramatically. On the bright side, once we do get through this the world will be a disaster zone and those left with any remaining assets will be in a position to make a killing. Times like those are when fortunes are made.

But let’s not even talk about that yet. That is a long, long way away. Most countries, including USA, the Euro zone, Mexico, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia and more will likely dissolve before this is over. And the reactionary wars, protectionism, civil strife and famines in the meantime should be enough to keep us all busy.

While you are hunkered down, if you want to understand how a truly free market works and why it is our only chance for salvation, my favorite book of all time has been published to the internet for all to read for free. It is quite short… I read it in a few hours. Once you read it everything about economics and politics will be crystal clear for you and you will understand why I hate all government. Here is the link to A Market For Liberty.

I implore everyone I know to please read this book… it is the most important piece ever written. Please pass on to as many people as you can. If everyone were to understand the concepts in this book the world would never see another war, famine or even much poverty ever again.

Trevor Greene Update

It was on March 4, 2006 that I first wrote in my blog of the news that my friend Trevor Greene had been involved in a serious attack in Afghanistan.

I had written on this topic many times since during the more than two and a half years since that day.

For the first time since that day Trevor emailed me a few weeks ago. It was the best and most look-forwarded to email I had ever received. Intellectually speaking, Trevor is still all there. The axe must’ve missed all the deep-thinking parts of his brain – either that or most of it is actually located in his heart and soul as much as in his brain – something I suspect.

Recently a documentary was aired on his journey over the last few years on the program W5 on CTV in Canada. You can view the documentary here. Or at least I hope you can. I couldn’t because it doesn’t allow people from my ‘region’ (Mexico) to view it. But I caught it in HDTV during its live broadcast.

The guy has always been inspirational and it seems he has just gotten even more so now. The documentary was so enlightening to see all the trials and tribulations Trevor has had on his recovery. Most eye-opening to me was the strength of his fiance who has been possibly even stronger than Trevor during all this!

Whether you know Trevor or not I encourage you to watch the documentary as it is a really inspirational story.

Trevor still has a long way to go, as we all do in our own way, but he continues to amaze.

As well there is an interesting recent radio interview which Trevor and Debbie did and someone uploaded to YouTube which is also well worth the viewing.

As for me, there still is absolutely nothing new at all to report. I have dug in deep here in the paradise called Acapulco and it is going to take a lot to get me out!

Libertarian News Updates & The Valiant Story of Hero McTeague

Well, there is absolutely nothing of interest happening in my life that anyone would want to hear about. I live in paradise. My life is paradise. I literally do what I want and get what I want 24/7… from having girlfriends who actually work in the building and can come, and then go, at my beck and call, to spending my days at the gym, the beach, the pool…. I really can’t understand why everyone doesn’t live the way I do… but hey, keep doing that 9-5. I’ll hold down the fort living the good life for ya!

In the meantime, every day I read a minimum of one or two news articles that boggle my mind. The viewpoints expressed are so untethered to reality that I find myself, even though my life is literally the good life, in a state of anger and frustration.

And so, since I have ended my worldwide tour, at least temporarily, and have absconded to Acapulco and Thailand for the most part in a quest to see how happy I can make myself, I have decided that I might as well use my blog to blow off steam on how incredibly, unbelievably stupid government, the media and most people are.

So, here is todays rant:

Ottawa Must Get Canadians Out of Bangkok

This proposal, and the ideology underpinning it, is so unbelievably ignorant.

No matter where I am. No matter what I am doing. No matter how crazy of a situation I am in… the LAST thing. Literally, the LAST thing I would think, is that my government would save me. In fact it wouldn’t even be the last thing, that idea would never even cross my mind.

I, apparently, am in the minority.

Some assinine individual named Dan McTeague, who is apparently a Liberal Member of Parliament (MP) in Canada spent his taxpayer paid paycheck today trying to help Canadians in a highly dangerous situation!

He reads newspapers and those newspapers tell him that Thailand is in chaos and it is a very dangerous situation. Protesters have taken over Bangkok’s two airports and the government looks to be on the verge of collapse.

Therefore, it is his duty, as a public ‘servant’, to save Canadians in Thailand! My god! The horror!

Well, this only once again proves that government is useless and out of touch.

Anyone who knows anything about Thailand knows that this is just their biannual changing of the guard. I was in Thailand for the last coup two years ago. It was fun. Great party.

But Dan McTeague, who has likely never been to Thailand, nor has ever been anywhere or done anything, is writing letters and doing press conferences! We must save the poor Canadians who are likely holed up in Bangkok, eating amazing fresh food, engaging in relationships with unbelievably beautiful and sweet girls and stuck on pristine beaches in 30c+ weather or, god forbid, in some of Bangkok’s world class malls or hotels!

We must airlift them out of there and get them back to dark, bleak, cold, communist Canada!!!

Good work Dan McTeague!

Believe me, I wish I never even heard of Dan McTeague. I only heard of him today with this ridiculous ‘news’ story but after consulting with Wikipedia it only gets worse.

Prior to his recent work trying to get Canadians out of the terrifying situation in Thailand, Dan McTeague also was involved in many other crucial and heroic situations.

It was Dan McTeague, world-improver, who asked Immigration Minister Joe Volpe to restrict rapper 50 Cent from entering Canada, citing the death of a constituent at the performers previous concert in Toronto in 2004. Thank you Dan McTeague for trying to forcibly restrict 50 Cent from Canada! Who knows what kind of terror he would have unleashed! I can’t even imagine what would have happened! At the very least, 50 Cent would have told Shorty, its your birthday, and he certainly wouldn’t give a f**k if its your birthday!

As well, Hero McTeague recently chaired the Liberal Government Task Force on gasoline pricing, challenging the premium prices Canadians were forced to pay for gasoline in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Apparently McTeague could not understand how, in a free market, when supplies of a commodity are suddenly cut, the price of that commodity rises as demand outstrips supply. Great work McTeague! People like Ludwig Von Mises or Murray Rothbard could never come close to finding out the true reasons behind economic events as well as you could with your highly intellectual and awe inspiring Task Force!

Last but not least, McTeague was also instrumental in pushing his own Government to do more to address the African AIDS pandemic. A pandemic that only exists in the mind of the big drug companies, since AIDS caused by HIV certainly does not even exist. McTeague didn’t notice that though, nor the fact that this pandemic only seems to affect black Africans or gay people… what a coincidence… two of the least liked groups by the western establishment and the Catholic church. But McTeague is more than happy to jump on the genocidal bandwagon and push to spend taxpayer billions to pay for toxic drugs which, in the end, are what actually kill those unfortunate enough to be tagged as having HIV.

I never heard of this delusional bastard before today but after reading about all his amazing work I actually pictured what he looked like. I then Google Imaged him. I was right. A grinner.

Keep up the great work McTeague, the world is a safer and better place thanks to you!

OBAMA – I’ve been trying SO hard not to comment on this… but I finally had to give in

I watched in dismay this week as millions of people around the world exalted in euphoria over what was should have been an insignificant, if not deplorable, event.

My mind begins swirling at where to even begin with the ridiculousness of this reaction.

Let me start with the most basic items and then move on to the more important issues.

First, many people are excited as this is America’s first “black� President. Barack Obama is not black. His father is black and his mother was white. So, if you are going to call him black, using that logic, you’d be just as equally correct just to call him white. It is almost as ridiculous as calling Tiger Woods black. Tiger’s dad was of African, Chinese and Native American descent. His mom is basically just Thai, with some Chinese and Dutch thrown in. So, actually calling Tiger Woods black is patently incorrect. If you are going to refer to someone by the race which is most prevalent in their blood, then you would have to… unequivocally, call Tiger Woods Thai. African barely even makes the list, tying with Chinese as the next largest segment of his makings.

Not that I care. I’d be perfectly happy if race was never even really mentioned again. I’ve never seen anything but one race since the day I began and that is the human race. Beyond that, everyone is just varying shades of tanned as far as I am concerned… hardly anything worth using in any way to judge a person. You’d be better off judging someone by their shoe size than their hue.

But if you are going to talk about it, at least get it right. Tiger Woods is Thai and Barack Obama is white… just as much as he is black.

But that is just a typical, completely ignorant, common misperception. I see thousands of irritating things like that daily. That’s not what has me cringing every time I watch the news and/or hear about someone talking about how this is an amazing moment of history that occurred a few days ago.

For the sake of having some fun, allow me to enter into a faux discussion with myself as a way to get some points across.


Question/Comment (Q/C): This is a big deal, America’s first black President

My Reply (MR): He’s not black

Q/C: Okay, but he comes from a far different background than all prior Presidents

MR: Who cares who is President of the US, other than knowing which person holds the potential destruction of the entire planet in the palm of their hand? If anything, the American government is essentially the largest organized crime racket in the world. And definitely the largest terror organization. If anything, the head of that institution should be publicly stoned, not exalted.

Q/C: But America is the leader of the free world

MR: America leads nothing anymore after decades of corruption and ignorance. And, of all the countries I’ve ever visited it is one of the least “free�. There is hardly anything free about America at all anymore. It is a fascist police state and is barely even relevant on the global stage.

Q/C: But America is the richest country in the world

MR: No, it’s not. By any standard. In actuality, its government is the most bankrupt state in the world. America owes more than any country ever has in the history of the world. The day that Chinese workers decide to stop sending their savings to America every month to carry on its solvency charade will be the day the USA officially files for bankruptcy as opposed to its unofficial current bankruptcy. A bankruptcy I expect will come soon.

Q/C: But America is the most powerful country in the world

MR: Yes, it might be, but that is not a good thing. Power effectively means that you have lots of guns and are willing to use them to coerce people to do things they otherwise wouldn’t do. So, by saying America is the most powerful country you are also basically saying America is coercive and takes things by force or by threat of force. Hardly a noble thing. It’s despicable.

Q/C: Even so, it’s government is a beacon of hope. Democracy is the best form of government and the US is who does it best

MR: Democracy isn’t a form of government. Democracy is just a method in which to change governments. When the US founding fathers came up with democracy it was hardly the whole concept. It was really just a very small part of the initial plan. A plan to form a free state where individual liberty was enabled. After a few hundred years everyone seems to have forgotten about that and now the American government goes around the world killing women and children with satellite guided missiles in order to try to spread “democracy�. That’d be like bombing, attacking and occupying nations around the world with the intent of spreading the infield fly rule of baseball. It’d make as much sense. But even if you do think democracy is a form of government and do think it is something important, how unbelievably poor is the American democratic system? Two parties? Wow, that’s a heck of a lot of choice! Don’t overwhelm everyone, now! And you could get millions and millions more votes than the guy in the other party and still lose the election. Howzat? Say again?

Q/C: Well, he’s way better than Bush

MR: Well, I can agree with that. But is this the only reason we can get excited nowadays? Because someone who was horrendous is replaced by someone who is going to be a disaster, but of a different style? Sure, more Obama and less Bush, in general, likely means less pointless, criminal wars. It’ll likely mean less neo-con atrocities such as torture and the holding back of science (stem cell research etc). That is good, obviously. But it will be replaced with homegrown bankruptcies, famines, riots and an even greater Big Brother police state as Obama meddling with the economy will only further the problem. But even that all assumes that the President actually really controls anything. The bankers and corporations are who run the US government. If Obama were to actually really do something to change that, like JFK, who proposed getting rid of the Federal Reserve system, he’ll quickly come to the same fate. If he did go against their wishes I’d advise him from taking any convertible, open air car rides through downtown Dallas. But by the looks of things, the bankers and corporations will be thrilled at Obama’s coming tsunami of spending so he will likely remain comfortably unassassinated.


But the main reason I am dissapointed at the world reaction to Obama is in how everyone has bought into big government now to the point where they think that one man, in one position in government, can change the world for the better. One man, in private enterprise can definitely change the world for the better. The guy who invented antibiotics (although the jury is still out on whether that one will eventually backfire – but for now, no more worrying about gonorrhea!). The guy who invented refrigeration. Or, my personal favorite, the guy who invented the internet…. Al Gore.

But, government can never, ever change anything for the better. They can steal from one person and give to another but that is not changing anything for the better. That’s common theft. The very best possible case for a government is that it does not make anything much worse.

Obviously, after 8 years of Dubbyah, we can see how much worse things can get. What a disaster. In that sense I can partially understand why some people may have been excited last week. Relieved is probably a better way to put it. I was excited and relieved to know that the Bush & Cheney horror show was soon leaving town too.

If only it wasn’t going to be quickly usurped by the next great disaster. A man who has never… in a conventional sense, held a real job. He spent many years in the incredibly ignorant American university system. The system that gave us Ben Bernanke! And what did he study? Anything of real value? Nope, law. Law! He basically studied the unending, never-ending list of laws that completely choke all remaining life out of America… the land of the free, indeed.

And then, when he finished that, what did he do, he went straight into politics!

Here is a man who knows nothing about the real world. All he knows is all the inner workings of the incredibly oppressive American government. And, from all he’s seen, the big problem is that THERE ISN’T ENOUGH government!!!

That’s his conclusion! I can’t tell if the tears pouring from my eyes right now are tears of laughter or fear!

The man has absolutely no idea what a sad state of affairs the US is in. He states that he wants to spend more on things like healthcare. Spend more of what? The US government is bankrupt. What a fool.

And so I watched his first press conference. Again, like he’s been saying for months now, he didn’t really say anything. He definitely has some skills and his main skill is the ability to talk at length without saying anything and make it sound knowledgeable – at least to the middling IQs of the American populace.

He gave only one concrete proposal during the entire conference, besides his views on which dog he will buy for his daughters. And that was that he wants to do a “stimulus package� the day he enters office. He intends to do what Dubbyah did a few months back, which worked great, which is to mail cheques to everyone in the country, to get them spending! If it wasn’t reality I would never have believed that anyone would even utter this concept without expecting to quickly be sent off to an insane asylum.

Okay, Mr. Obama, the country is bankrupt. The entire Federal Reserve central banking price fixing and money monopoly scam has finally reached the end of the road. The entire country is collapsing under the weight of debt piled on for decades. What do you propose? MORE DEBT! Send everyone cheques! But, Mr. Obama, we have no money. Nothing. Well, just print up more and send it to everyone! This is the solution!

150 years ago, Alexis de Tocqueville in his famous work – Democracy In America said this:

“The government covers the surface of society with a network of small complicated rules, minute and uniform, through which the most original minds and the most energetic characters cannot penetrate, to rise above the crowd. The will of man is not shattered, but softened, bent and guided; men are seldom forced by it to act, but they are constantly restrained from acting. Such a power does not destroy, but it prevents existence; it does not tyrannize, but it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each nation is reduced to nothing but a flock of timid and industrious animals, of which the government is the shepherd.�

And how the flock was elated on Tuesday! Here comes our shepherd!

How prescient was Tocqueville. It is obvious he completed his education prior to the fascist government “education� system got to work really dumbing people down.

But, his comments are precisely what I see not only in the US, but now it seems nearly round the world. Although there are pockets of hope for liberty and free markets. Where? In places like China and parts of the former Soviet Union. It’s like 20 years ago the entire world flip-flopped.

And so, earlier this week, people around the world were overjoyed to find out that a “black� man who has never held a real job of consequence and who obviously has no idea about why America originally was prosperous (hint: small/no government / free market) and who so obviously has no clue how basic economics works was elected to be the leader of an bankrupt, criminal former empire which has no relevance in the world today.

Ya, woohoo! What a day! I’ll always remember what I was doing when I heard that news, too! Fearing for the planet and stocking up my cupboard full of non-perishables and ammunition!

Is Obama the beginning of a great new era? Looks a lot more like the final stages of one to me.

Told ya….. — crickets chirping — And, Don’t Rock the Vote!

It’s quiet. Real quiet. What more can I say about my daily activities of spending the day at the pool and the gym in one of the most beautiful locales in the world and spending the nights quietly reading or learning some Spanish and, from time to time, out and about living la vida loca with and amongst the beautiful mexicanas. There really is only so much to say about it… and I’m sure you really can only take hearing so much of it!

And so… nothing. I don’t have a lot to say about my own life except it is nicely ongoing.

But, I thought I would, without permission, but I doubt he minds, reproduce a short recent article by someone who I have oft quoted here and who is one of my personal favorites, Doug Casey.

It is on the topic of voting, an apres peau topic for this week. Following his article I chime in with a few paragraphs of my own diatribe… here goes:


None Of The Above by Doug Casey

Once again we find ourselves in the midst of the quadrennial American circus, when shameless power-mongers come out to blather moronic and vacuous platitudes in hopes of getting Boobus americanus to “get out and vote,�granting them the power of life and death for the next four years.Regrettably, they won’t be disappointed.

But one can hope they will be.

I think back to the ‘60s,when the wistful saying “Suppose they gave a war. And nobody came“ was current. It was a noble sentiment. In that vein, I also like “Suppose they gave a tax. And nobody paid� around April 15. And “Suppose they gave an election.And nobody voted� now.

You’ve heard all the reasons why you should vote.Most of them are humbug at best, and some – like “It doesn’t matter how you vote. Just vote�– are simply idiotic.

Voting today has nothing to do with “civic duties�you learned about in grade school.Your fellow citizens aren’t Jimmy Stewart and Gary Cooper lookalikes earnestly trying to do the right thing. Well over 50% of U.S. citizens are now net tax recipients, and they’ve trundled down to the polls in their tank tops and shower slippers only to help ensure they stay on the gravy train.

It’s sickening to hear thoughtful nonvoters, who can sense in their gut something is terminally wrong with the process,make lame excuses because they feel guilty for not participating. I would, therefore, like to give you five reasons why you shouldn’t vote.

1.Voting in a political election is unethical.The political process is one of institutionalized coercion and force; if you disapprove of these things, then you shouldn’t participate in them, even indirectly.AsMao, a leading expert on the subject, famously said: “The power of government grows out of the barrel of a gun.�

Sure, if government limited itself only to defending its subjects from domestic and
foreign aggression and adjudicating disputes, you could argue there was nothing unethical in voting for who plays the night watchman. But the fact is that
elections have long been, as Mencken observed, nothing but advance auctions on stolen goods.

If you want something, vote with the dollars you’ve earned, in the marketplace.

2.Voting compromises your privacy. It just gets your name in another government computer bank.One that they can use to call you up for jury duty and other forms of involuntary servitude. It’s true that, at least if you live in the U.S. or the UK, privacy exists only as an academic concept.Still, the less the government knows about you, even in small ways, the better off you are.

3.Voting is a degrading experience. Voting (as well as registering) involves spending possibly considerable time standing in line,hanging around government offices, filling out forms, and dealing with petty bureaucrats.A self-respecting person can find more enjoyable or productive things to do with that time.

4.Voting just encourages them. I’m convinced that most people don’t actually vote for a candidate; they vote against the other candidate.But that’s not how the guy who gets the vote sees it; he thinks it’s another mandate for him to rule. It’s ridiculous to justify voting by endorsing the lesser of two evils. Incidentally, I got as far as this point in 1980 when, as luck would have it, I did an hour alone on the Phil Donahue Show on the very day before the elections. The audience had been very much on my side up to the point where Phil accused me of voting forMr.Reagan, and I had to explain why I wasn’t. Unfortunately, telling them they shouldn’t vote was just more than they could handle.The prospect of their stoning me precluded my explaining the fifth and possibly most practical point.

5.Your vote doesn’t count. Politicians and political hacks like to say every vote counts because it gets everybody into busybody mode. But statistically, one vote in scores of millions makes no more difference than a single grain of sand on the beach.That’s completely apart from the fact that, as voters in Chicago in 1960 and Florida in 2000 can tell you, when it actually is close, things can be rigged. And, anyway, officials manifestly do what they want – not what you want
– once they’re in office.

The only way your vote counts is to make you complicit in the crimes that will inevitably be committed by its recipient.

Some may argue: “Perhaps you’re right. But my guy is different,he’s good; he sees the problems and wants to change things.�That perception is almost certainly an illusion created by slick handlers.And even if he is good and different,he’ll almost certainly be corrupted in short order. It’s rare that someone of quality goes in for politics. My arguments are based on principle, not on the hope for a deus exmachina event.

My sentiments on the topic have little, incidentally, to do with the fact that both candidates in this presidential election are certifiable liars, lifelong ne’er-dowells, and borderline sociopaths, differing very little in basic philosophy – they’re both statists – except one seems to prefer to emphasize the warfare state, the other the welfare state. It’s rare that someone of quality goes in for politics. My arguments are based on principle.

There are certainly romantics among you who, despite your better judgment,will go out and vote anyway. In that event, the only thing that makes sense is a protest vote for a third party, in which case the Libertarian candidate might have some appeal – at least if you believe in both economic and social freedom. And since there’s absolutely no danger a Libertarian could be elected, it’s arguably a good way to register a protest vote.

Unfortunately, their candidate this year, one Bob Barr, can best be described as a fraud.No help there.Of course, if you really want to treat the elections with the respect they deserve, and insist on voting, you might consider a write-in for, say, “Donald Duck.�

But, undoubtedly, some of you are thinking: “Counseling people not to vote is ridiculous – and unpatriotic. Who would run society if we didn’t have a government? Schools? Roads? Police?�

That question is usually quite innocent and sincere, put forward by someone who’s only ignorant.Occasionally, however, it can be asked in a rhetorical way by the malevolent.

The answer, in brief, is that absolutely anything worth doing can and will be done by the market. Again, I urge you to read Tannehill’s TheMarket for Liberty or Friedman’s TheMachinery of Freedom. If you want to do something right now, watch this video link by John Stossel. It’s in six short parts, each better than the one before.


I agree 100% with the above and can only add my own, slightly more aggressive tone to it. Perhaps because I am younger (not young, but younger) than people like Doug Casey I might have a bit more youthful aggression. Or maybe it’s just the way I am.

But when I look at all the lost opportunity… the lost lives… the waste… of government, no matter what flavor, I can only add that I wish people would not only realize the things Doug Casey is talking about but would then also march down to their local government building with torches and pitchforks and just rid themselves of this menace.

Alas, the government run schooling system has ingrained in us all of us very well the importance of government. Even making us stand up at various events and sing some anthem devised to make us feel patriotic… patriotism, by the way, is a negative thing and is never a positive thing. If someone tells you that you are unpatriotic you should thank them for the compliment.

There is only one thing we should feel any patriotism for and that, of course, is the planet Earth and the human race. Anything less than that is varying levels of racism and/or xenophobia.

And with that, I blend back into the poolside… not to be heard from again for another few weeks, I’m sure.