The first entry, let the journey begin

Well as all of you know I left LA and went to Vancouver in July and then came all the way down the pacific coast back to LA and then beyond in the fall. But all that is old news, so lets just start this off with Cabo in Mexico.

So, Ceebz and I arrived in Cabo along with Diana a few days ago… just hours before entering the harbour we hooked on TWO marlins in a row! The first I had on the line but it managed to get off quite quickly. Then Ceebz had one on and this thing was jumping out of the air literally dozens of times! It was nuts. I just managed to get my vid cam and catch a bit before Ceebz squeezed his trigger a little prematurely (isn’t that always the case with Ceebz!) and the line was too tight and the marlin snapped the line. That’s okay though because if we actually had to bring it into the boat I am pretty sure it would have killed all of us. Here is the vid: Marlin Vid.

So, we have been in Cabo for a few days now and it has been beautiful and warm.

My main intention with this blog for now is to update everyone on my whereabouts for when I finally go missing… and I also want to kick Ceeb’z blogs ass.

More updates to come soon… I know you can’t wait!! The saying for the day is, “Fish Taco’s Amigos!”