Punch Buggy Deathmatch!

Do you love playing the punch buggy punching game? If so, the best of the best punch buggy players have to be in Acapulco. Every taxi here is a VW Bug, and there are literally thousands of them… at any given time you probably will see at least 10 or 20.

While I am not sure of the murder rate in Acapulco, I speculate that a significant percentage of murders here come as a result of heated Punch Buggy Bloodsport!

As for me, I have abstained from playing the punch buggy game as it is simply just too dangerous in this city.

In other news, the marina here told me that they are full and would like me to leave by February 1st so I will likely start heading south then… if anyone is interested in joining me lemme know and I will keep you up to date on my itinerary.


We left Ixtapa at about 5pm on Friday and arrived at Acapulco at noon on Saturday after a very pleasant, easy 110 mile sail under power with little or no winds.

The Acapulco ‘Club de Yates’ is all “med mooring” which is short for mediterreanian mooring. This means that all boats tie off their front to a mooring ball and then back into the dock where they tie off. It is tight but we made it.

I am hoping to get a/c installed here as the weather forecast for Acapulco is Sunny and 32c every single day this week, except for Wednesday, which they are calling for Abundantly Sunny and 32c. Quite the wide variety of weather they get here!

I haven’t even got off the boat yet so haven’t seen the town at all yet, but will soon…

Mike (nickname Sea Breeze) is set to take off on Tuesday… he decided just to fly to Nicaragua as he wanted to go there but didn’t want to spend the 70 hours sailing there, opting instead for the 8 hour flight… what’s he really gonna do with those extra 62 hours anyway? It can’t be better than sitting on a boat with me, staring at each other. 😛

So, anyone interested in doing Central America? I haven’t decided how long I want to stay in Acapulco for… maybe a week, maybe longer… but then will likely want to go down through Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and then Panama.

Almost lost at sea…. in dinghy

So, ceebz and I woke up yesterday and we decided it was time that we got in my dinghy and went out to find crocodile and beat it up with our paddle.

So, we hopped in the dinghy and set off. We couldnt find any crocodiles so we decided we now wanted shrimp tacos, so we motored about 5 miles away through the ocean to a beach near a shrimp taco stand… and that is when we ran out of gas.

Luckily we had brought the paddles, to beat the crocs with… we ended up spending the majority of the afternoon paddling back to the marina… next time we see that croc, hes dead!