Weird Goings-On at the Internet Cafe

Since I am still in Acapulco waiting for my air conditioning and generator to arrive and be installed, I spend the majority of my day at the air conditioned mall at the internet cafe.

First let me apologize for the obvious lack of sailing stories here, as I have been grounded for the last month, but to make up for it, here are some weird internet cafe stories.

In the last hour I have had two different groups/people come up to me and ask me weird things.

The first was what looked like a family… their young daughter, with braces, giddily held the video camera as the older brother held a tape recorder to me while their Dad read from some Spanish handwriting in a notebook a few questions. Their english was very bad so I half understood them and the rest I understood from reading the spanish in their notebook as they tried to translate it. I am pretty sure all their questions were about garbage on the beach and in the streets as I saw the word ‘basura’ throughout all the questions and ‘basura’ is spanish for ‘garbage’.

But, for some unknown reason, the father kept using the word ‘birdshit’ everytime he was supposedly saying garbage. So, here were a few of the questions:

Q: What do you think of the birdshit on the beach?
A: Uh, I haven’t been on the beach much

Q: Do you and your family throw your birdshit in a can or on the ground?
A: Uh, in a can?

Q: What do you think of the birdshit in Acapulco
A: I don’t know

After that they all appeared very happy and excited and thanked me and ran off.

Soon after, a weird looking guy smelling heavily of cigarettes, approached me… his English wasn’t very good either but we kind of communicated in Spanglish. Here was our conversation:

Him: Excuse me, can I ask you a pregunta (question)
Me: Sure
Him: I like to know the meaning of names, for example, Jimmy is James and Johnny is John
Me: Uh huh
Him: Tell me, what is Gary?
Me: Uh, just Gary
Him: What is Gordon?
Me: Just Gordon
Him: Is Gordon?
Me: Yes
Him: Is Gary, Gordon?
Me: No
Him: Gordon is not Gary?
Me: No. Not at all.

This went on for quite some time until I basically just stopped talking to him. As he walked away he pointed at the computer and said, “this internet? can it tell me about names?”. I answered, “yes, the internet can tell you anything”. He replied as though I had given him some very valuable information, “Ahhh. I will have to set aside some time to look into this internet”. I gave him a, “Super.” as I continued to work on my laptop.

As you can see, its been quite the day, helping Mexicans with some very important topics. Anyone else need some help? I can tell you about things. No problemo.

Still sweatin…

The air conditioning unit and generator I ordered are delayed and they don’t expect them until about February 7th now, and it will take about a week to install, so in the meantime I am still stuck in Acapulco, sweatin… at least I got my laptop working again (it has been busted for about 2 months) so I can at least take it to the air conditioned mall and internet cafe to do work…

Acapulco is pretty cool, but as with any city I visit, I am already beginning to get a bit bored of it. My next stop will be a place called Huatulco which I have heard some good things about. It is supposed to be stunningly beautiful.

Well, I should head over to the food court and get some tacos…. chow!