Sailing stories? Nah…

I know that since I am travelling around the world on my sailboat, you expect to come here and get sailing stories.

Well, no such luck!

I am STILL in Acapulco, still awaiting the Mexicanos to install my air conditioning. Siu Yin summed it up best when she said, “Yes, I am not surprised, they sleep every afternoon!”

So, I am taking my second flight from Acapulco… this time to Toronto. I am leaving on March 4-9 to go to the PDAC conference (a mining conference) on business.

Maybe I should post interesting airplane stories… “i got a 2nd bag of peanuts on my flight from Houston to Toronto… the 1st bag was good, but the 2nd bag tasted even better as I sat in my economy class middle seat, savoring the beauty of air travel as I stared at the seatback in front of me”… 😛

Well, the most interesting part of this week will be to see how well I survive in freezing snowstorms in Toronto after having spent the last 3 months sweltering in 30c+ heat.