Ok, first of all, I have spent many New Years Eve’s in many different places… last year I spent it with Ceebz, drinkin a can of beer at a bus stop in Ixtapa, Mexico… but other than that, I have been in some decent places… I have also spent 1 or 2 years in Vancouver on NYE… Van has to be THE ABSOLUTE WORST place to be on NYE on the entire planet.. I have felt like killing myself every year I was there…

That is the prelude to my NYE in Bangkok, but with a surprising twist. To summarize, WOW BANGKOK IS OFF THE HOOK OUT OF CONTROL AMAZING. However……………. even though I had EVERY girl at this one club fighting over me… and believe me I am not even close to kidding… literally clawing at each other to get to me… I then took off to RCA because it was actually such a downer to watch all these girls fighting so much… then I went to RCA… never seen anything like it… must’ve been 10,000+ people there all groovin… took me 2 hours to get a cab afterwards tho, that is the downside!!

Anyway, the moral of tonights story is that I may have reached the peak. I must’ve had 100+ girls doing anything to get with me tonight.. and believe me, the great majority of them were hotter than most girls in any place on the planet (wanna have fun, COME TO THAILAND!)…

But I was like, no, sorry, thank you, sorry, thank you….

Maybe its time I settle down a bit? Not sure… but I think I can’t get any better than where I have been in terms of casual fun… so what now?

Dunno… but I may be ready to relax a bit…

New Temporary Cell Phone #

I have a prepaid cell phone # now while I am in Bangkok… I think from most places you would call 001662069892486 … if you are in Bangkok, just call 069892486.

I will use it while I am in Thailand (until Jan 4) and may use it while in HK from Jan 4-7 if it works there.. after that I will likely get a new cell phone # in China when I get to Panyu

One more night in Bangkok

Oh man, as you can see by my last blog posting, the last thing I wanted to do that day was arrive in Bangkok and go out ALL night, but…

So I arrive and S is waiting for me… she tells me that everyone is so excited about me coming back that they have planned a big evening… i was like oh god no please. I think every part of my body ached… my teeth hurt… most of my internal organs felt pickled… I begged S to let me take a nap for about 4 hours first… then she woke me up and we went out…

The first place we went was downtown to a ‘beer festival’ (I was like, ya great, thats what I want more beer)… but it was actually pretty cool… must’ve been thousands of people everywhere drinking beer from these giant 4 litre things they bring to your table. Then one of S’s friends showed up, Jo… she couldn’t have weighed much more than 100 lb’s but she drank most of the 4 litres of beer herself!

Then we went to a really cool club I hadn’t been to before, called Route 66, located in the RCA district (which is totally wicked area btw… if ever in Bangkok you gotta go there)… the nightlife in Bangkok in general is really unbelievable… nonstop parties everywhere… thousands of hot crazy girls… I think if you have only been in places like NYC, London, Miami, Vegas and other so called ‘good nightlife’ places, you really have no idea how much they suck compared to places like Bangkok…

Anyway, we get there and 4 more of S’s girlfriends show up… I barely drank anything because even the thought of drinking nearly killed me, so I mostly just stood there as all of them got hammered… I then became what I can only describe as a human strippers pole… I really have no idea what has happened over the last few months/year but it seems more and more, every day, girls just go crazy around me… they literally find me irresistable, no matter what I say or do… like last night, I was so tired and not feeling well i basically just stood there and didn’t talk to anyone or anything but I was a jungle gym for all of them…

Its just too bad I was so tired because I would have really enjoyed last night… the girls were a lot of fun and the club we went to was amazing… S knew all the DJ’s and people there too so we got full VIP everywhere…

Finally around 1am I told S I couldn’t take it anymore and we left… I’ve basically been in bed all day today trying to recouperate… tomorrow is new years eve so i likely will be going out so will try to stay in bed all day tomorrow to have any chance of being in any condition to go out.

Anyway, as promised, here are a few pics of some of my new friends in Boracay… Here is one of a girl named Abbie who I never fully hooked up with unfortunately as she was one of the cutest girls I have ever seen… here is her pic. And here is a pic of Stephanie the girl I was with on my last night… I really liked her, she was really sweet and cute… 18 years old…

Back to bed…

Beach Bar?

Wow, could it be I finally found the place to start up a little beach bar? I wasn’t even going to go to Boracay but at the last minute decided to go with my new friend from Manila and am I ever happy I did. Many of you know that one of my excuses for circling the globe is that I am supposedly looking for the perfect place to start up a little beach bar. I actually thought I would have found a lot of places by now but really, none have even come close to being perfect (for a multitude of reasons)… probably the closest one so far was Huatulco, Mexico, but in the end that place just wasn’t quite right either.

Boracay is very, very close to being perfect…. It has a great vibe… the climate is great… the scenery is unbeatable, known by many as the most beautiful location in the world… it has a nice mix of people.. from Korean and other asian tourists, to Philippinos and not too many, but just enough, North American and European tourists. It is quite cheap there, which makes it a good possible entry point now as I am sure things there will rise in price over time as more and more people discover it. I will likely spend the next few weeks looking at the logistics of doing something there… if I do it I will likely get my friend, Theresa Maria, from Manila to manage it… she would be perfect as she is very smart, an amazing people person (everywhere we went people just wanted to talk to her…)… she is one of those girls who when they walk down the street EVERYBODY looks at them… so it could be pretty cool… btw, I realized something about Philippino girls while in Boracay, OH MY GOD can they dance!! Must be the Latina blood in them or something but I almost couldn’t believe how good some of them were dancing… it looked like a rap video but hotter! Anyway, one of the only semi-bad things about Boracay is it is a little bit tough to get to… the only way to get there is to fly to Manila and then take a 1 hour flight to the airport near Boracay, then take a boat to the island… and there isn’t any docks or anything, so the only way to get on the island is to go hip deep in water getting on and off these boats… which brings me to my story for the day from this morning:

Oh man, it was yet another colossal evening… I met another new girl and she was so cute… I really liked spending some time with her… btw,i will upload a pic later of another girl I met there who was OH MY GOD so beautiful… I never fully hooked up with her as we played phonetag all day and night on my last day but never could manage to get together that night… I was sad but this new girl helped me through my sadness!

Anyway, so the evening went until 4am at which point I walked my new friend back to her apartment (which was in the middle of nowhere, I had to walk through like a jungle to get there, through mud puddles, barking rabies looking dogs…)… and we had to get up at 6am to catch our plane so needless to say I am VERY tired right now, but I did make my plane… but just barely.

First of all, I either didn’t set my alarm properly or just plain didn’t hear it but luckily Theresa somehow woke up… we were quite late, so we threw on our clothes and sprinted down to the beach, just managed to catch the boat before it left, waded through the water to get to it… then caught the flight to Manila… I thought I had lots of extra time to catch my connection but as it turns out I barely made it… first of all, I went to the wrong terminal (Manila airport is whack… there is like 4 different terminals and they are so far apart you need to take a taxi to get to any of them)… then I took a taxi to the right terminal… I only had 500 pesos left on me ($10) and the cab ride was only about $0.30 but I only had a 500 peso bill and the taxi guy couldn’t break it and he only had 180 pesos he could give me for change… so I gave him 300 pesos for a 50 peso ride… then I go to check in and the girl tells me that since I booked the ticket online I have to go to the next terminal over to the ‘ticket booking’ place to actually get the ticket… I was like, ‘you know its called an Eticket for a reason right?’… anyway, so I run over there… its about 300 meters away and the only way out of the one terminal is on the far end and the only way in is on the opposite side… the total run must’ve been like close to half a km. So I finally get back to her, check in, and then as I am going to the gate OF COURSE they have an ‘airport improvement tax’ (which is called theft) and it was 550 pesos… I only had 180 pesos on me and they don’t take credit cards so I ask where the bank machine is… it is even FURTHER than the ticket office… so I run over there and back (going through security each time I come in), total run probably close to a km, but the bank machine wasn’t working… so I told the ticketing girl my plight and she said Philippine Airlines will pay for it there in Manila but when I get to Bangkok I have to pay them back… so after they make me fill out some paperwork and stuff I just made it through immigration and security to the plane before it left.

So after getting maybe 1 hour of sleep, feeling like a$$, wading through water to the boat, running probably close to 2km total at the airport, I am now on my way to Bangkok.

It is kinda funny cuz I know quite a few girls in Bangkok and they were all fighting over who gets to pick me up from the airport??!! I tell you it is good to be the king…. So S won and she is picking me up… I hope she doesn’t mind if I go straight to the hotel and pass out for about 20 hours after 4 completely insane days on Boracay.

It just got crazier

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any crazier…

So I went to the airport with a girl named Theresa (Maria Theresa) from Manila and we hopped on a plane to Boracay.

When we got here pretty much every hotel was full and charging nearly double their regular rates for the “super peak” xmas-new year week… add yet another reason to my list of why I don’t like xmas.

We stayed at a hotel called the Regency the first night but the next day we had to hussle around to try to find a place… most places were full or ridiculously expensive, then we ended up at a place called Patio Pacific. There was a guy at the front desk and I walked up and saw that their regular rates were $120/night, so presumed that for Super Peak it would be closer to $200… and I didn’t even think they would have a room.

But the guy seemed really helpful and he was like, “we are full but I can get you a room”… and I was like, ok?? I asked him how much and he says, $80/night for you… I was confused but said, ok I’ll take it.

Theresa spoke to him the next morning and then she told me that the guy at the front desk was gay and he gave me the room and the really cheap rate because he likes me… haha. I’ll take it (the room, not him, thank you very much).

Ok, that wasn’t the crazy part… I just thought that was funny… it is good to be me i tell ya…

Ok, here is the crazy part. So I am with Theresa and she is fabulous and we are having an amazing time… and the main reason I even took her was because she said she likes to see me with other girls. Boracay is FULL of Korean tourists and I have always liked Korean girls so I told Theresa i really want one. So we went out last night and she is asking me which girls I want and going to talk to them for me etc… I was kinda sad though because all the Korean girls seem to disappear with their families at night… I didn’t see many out at all… anyway, we both got pretty drunk and at one point I was just going from girl to girl making out with them… and I chose one and told Theresa I was going to take her back to the hotel… Theresa said she would come back in a bit, she wanted to hang out a bit more.

So I went back to the hotel and was in bed with this girl… and then an hour later Theresa walks in with this super, super cute young Korean girl… she looked around 18 and she was quite drunk to the point I don’t even really know if she knew exactly what was happening.

But as soon as I saw this Korean girl I was so excited so I kicked the other girl who was already in my bed out…

Haha, anyway, things went on from there, but you pretty much get the point.

So I spent my xmas in paradise, in more ways than one.

Boracay is pretty cool… very laid back and very mellow. I have never seen sand like the sand here… I am not even sure it is sand, it feels like white powder. I even took a pic of it on my feet to show you how it looks… it feels amazing, so soft. Here is a quick snapshot of the beach. It was overcast most of the day but still nice and warm and pleasant… went jetskiing which was fun, the water is really nice.

To end today’s update with a laugh, check out this poster I saw on one of the streets for Een Face. I love the tag line, Anti-Infective for Fighting Cocks, Dogs and Cats. I hate it when my fighting cock gets infected.

I better get back out there, I saw a new boatload of Koreans come in today… 😉

To the beach!

I’ve been having a crazy time in Manila. The nightlife here isn’t as great as I expected, however.

Most of the nightclubs are very, very small (like the size of your living room small) and the people at them don’t really seem to be very sociable… mostly sitting in groups… and they aren’t even that great looking of a crowd (there are a lot of pretty filipinas so I expected to see them all at the clubs, but they are no where to be seen).

It’s funny because when I was doing some research on the virtual interweb, a lot of the local philipinos said things like, “the bars at Greenbelt are world class”… I hate to tell them, but they don’t even rank up there with Edmonton bars in terms of size and amount of people dancing etc. I would barely even call any of them nightclubs… they almost just seem like small little private parties in someones small apartment. Ah well, the go go bars make up for it anyway… and there is dozens and dozens of them… it is so funny to walk into bar after bar and there is literally 30 or 40 girls in there and no guys and of course the second you walk in all eyes are on you (and more likely your wallet).

If you do come here, the “better” clubs are V Bar at Ayala Center, Absinth at the Greenbelt mall, and Embassy at Fort Bonifacio. But really, they were all very disappointing, even though I think I saw V Bar on Wild On E! (tv show) and it looked a lot better than when I was there… maybe xmas is a slow time here.

HOWEVER, the “go go” bars are absolutely crazy. They should be how the nightclubs are. Like I said, my hotel is in the ‘trendy’ Makati area and I am a block from P Burgos street… a street jammed with Go Go bars. I walked into one last night after being disappointed by the nightclubs here… it was called The Bronx… it looked like a nightclub inside, but EVERY single person in there was a girl… no guys. Essentially the girls make money if they get you to drink or if you buy them drinks etc.

As in Thailand, everywhere I go I get just mobbed… I must’ve had 5 or 6 girls all dancing on me at one point… some were very cute.

I have been taking many, many girls home every night here (like 2 at a time, each night really)… I am beginning to wonder where my life is heading… it is pretty nuts… I keep getting more and more crazy… more drinking… more girls… there has to be a law of diminishing returns here at some point… or maybe I passed that years ago? Ah well… its been fun.

Anyway, one of the girls is cute and interesting/smart/funny… her name is Marie… I was thinking of going to Boracay anyway so I asked her if she wanted to go.. so tomorrow I think I will go to Boracay with her for about 4 days of fun on the beach.

After that I am going to Thailand to see some of my Thai gf’s for a bit, and then it is to HK for a couple days to hook up with Hani and get my Chinese visa and then I’ll be in chingy chong land for a while working on this movie deal.

That’s it for now… I better get back to my bizarre life.

Spam Lover’s? MMMmmm Holiday goodness!

I officially found a worse fast food item than Budapest’s McDonalds McFarm sandwich…

It’s the Philippines Pizza Hut Spam Lovers pizza!

Described on their website as, “Our Holiday pizza loaded with tasty SPAM, pineapple, bell peppers and tangy thousand island sauce.”

Check out the pic of it on their website… how unappealing does it look? And, even if you were going to load a pizza with Spam, why would you top it off with Thousand Island sauce?!?!

I totally would order it out of curiousity but I start dry heaving everytime I think about it

Thrilla in Manila

First things first, this is my new theme song… its not “new” in terms of being recorded anytime in the last 50 years, but it is still unbelievably current as it pertains to me: Del Shannon – The Wanderer

I left Taipei today and took a 2 hour flight south to Manila, Philippines.

Here is the Taiwan wrapup before I move on to the flip side:

I ended up spending a week in Taipei… in retrospect it was all a bit of a haze. I never really seemed to get into the flow of things, and my hotel room didn’t really have any windows in it, which totally didn’t help… I never knew whether it was day or night as it was…

I arrived on a Monday, went out with a friend on Tuesday, but was supposed to go out with him Wednesday, because in Taipei Wednesday night is the 3rd best night of the week (after Friday and Saturday) because it is Ladies Night everywhere and girls get cheap drinks. But because we went out so late on Tuesday we skipped Wednesday.

Then I was supposed to hook up with the hotel girl (here is a quick pic taken: Hotel Girl) on Friday, but she came down with a cold that day, so I decided to go out by myself that night… I was out until around 7am and then slept all the way until Sunday… I was supposed to go out with my friend on Saturday but missed that because I was sleeping again.

Anyway, that was how the whole week went… never seemed to get it together. So, here was me this morning on the airport bus. As you can see I am pretty much constantly posing.

I arrived in Manila around 4, hopped in a cab and came straight to my hotel. It is nice… a Best Western in the heart of the nice, foreigner part of Manila called Makati.

The girl at the reception desk was quite cute, but I don’t want to start getting too predictable, so I haven’t done anything yet. Yet.

My very initial thoughts are that this is much different than Taipei. Taipei was kinda interesting… it had a bit of ghetto side to it, but definitely had the money side as well (Taiwan is a fairly rich country) with their giant skyscrapers and lots and lots of very nice malls, clubs etc.

Here in the philippines, everything seems a little bit more grungy… they are a much poorer country and you can kinda sense that. There are billions of these cab/bus things called Jeepneys here, with people hanging off them everywhere.. very Mexico.

As well, if my flight is any indication, everyone here is not much taller than 4 feet tall!

But already have seen many very cute girls… they kinda have a neat style here cuz they are sorta asian, but kinda have some polynesian… have been taken over in the past by Spaniards, who turned them all Catholic (thank gawd for my new phone which plays mp3s so I can tune out all the xmas music everywhere!) and gave a lot of them Spanish names… and everyone here speaks English. So it is a very mixed sorta place.

I heard there is a pretty crazy part of town called P Burgos and it basically looks like I am less than a block from there, so should be an interesting few days here.

Outside of my hotel is Wendy’s and Pizza Hut, which made me pretty happy after spending an entire week in Taiwan eating at all the local ‘buffet’ Taiwanese food places. I’d have to say, of all the places I have been, Taiwanese food is one of the less good ones… The hotel reception girl took me out last night for ‘dessert’, and it was basically a choice of “ice or hot?”… I tried a bit of each. The ice was a bowl of sweet tofu with some beans and ice cubes… the hot was some taro root in hot brown water. MMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm.

Its 7pm and I am feelin a bit tired but I think I am going to force myself to at least go take a look around tonight… maybe not a big night (but it almost always turns out to be). We will see.

Here was a pic of me posing in the cab on the way to the hotel in Manila.

Type-A Personality

Joanne Bondoc, a girl who used to work at SH, has a brother who has been living here in Taipei for a few months so she hooked me up with him… it was a Tuesday night, so a bit quiet, but we managed to have a pretty fun night.

I slept through most of Wednesday and tonight (Thursday) I have a Stockgroup board conf call at 1am, so that puts a bit of a kibbosh on the whole evening, so I will take this evening off too.

When I first arrived in Taipei, I came straight to this hotel and basically the first girl I saw in Taipei was the girl at the hotel reception desk. She is really cute but after 18 hours in transit I wasn’t really in the mood… but I definitely remembered her… the next day she wasn’t there and I was sad… but today she was there and I talked to her and we are going to go out together on Friday night… hows that for moving quick? First girl I even saw in town! Will try to get a pic of her, she is really cute and has the cutest accent (don’t know how well that translates on film though)…

I totally wasn’t intending to take a tourist-like photo but I found myself at the base of the worlds tallest building, called 101 today, as I was walking to a shopping center… and since I promised to take more pics I thought I’d do a semi-tourist pic… you can tell by my impression I am not very impressed with myself!. Here it is.

I have come to an agreement with the group who want to develop a large movie studio in China and will go there in early January to help build the company. I’ll be based in Panyu, again… Panyu is a short drive from Guangzhou and is about 2 hours from Hong Kong. It’ll be interesting to see how things develop… my role with the company should be interesting also… amongst other things, one of my main roles will be to schmooze with HK and China moviestars.

Also, the princess girl who’s dad is the President of China that I met last time I was in town lives there, so maybe she’ll let me use the camo SUV and driver when she’s not using it… If so, if you come visit me i’ll probably be hanging out with Jackie Chan and driving around town in my gf’s military convoy… the life of Berwick continues to be legendary.

That’s it for now. But because I jumped into another new adventure I will not have the leisure to take my time roaming through the rest of asia, so not sure what I am going to do.. I’ve basically got a little more than 2 weeks til I need to be in China… we’ll see how this weekend goes with this girl on Friday, and out partyin on Saturday… then I’ll make up my mind. If things go well with this girl I may just hang around here for a bit… having her right in the hotel just totally adds to the appeal… what a great hotel!

If I do decide to take off from Taiwan next week I think I will go to the Philippines, since it is so close, and warm. But that is a whole other few days away… far too far in the future to even bother thinking too much about yet.

I better get back to my jetlag…

Jetragged… still in my room

Well I have almost been in Taiwan for 48 hours now, and have really barely even left my room.. mostly been sleeping all day and up working all night… but its been good, I needed a few days of sleep after my last 2 days in Vancouver.

In the meantime I have gotten hooked up with a few people who I know or who I know through friends, so will be goin out on the town tonight (Tuesday) as well as tomorrow night… and I am sure on the weekend as well.

I have just done some cursory websurfing checking out the scene here, and low and behold, it is a million times better than anything in Canamerica. I have stopped being surprised anymore… all I know, for sure, is that one of the worst places in the world for nightlife is Canamerica.

As an example, just check out this club, one of dozens here in Taipei, called Luxy (… and to get a real sense for how cool this place is check out this video: mms:// And that is just one of many… there is a Ministry of Sound here as well…

Man, I can’t believe I spent most of my life in Canamerica… oh well, I am making up for it now bigtime… I am glad I have this chance because I would have just been sick if I found out about all these places when I was too old to enjoy them (I should be too old right now, but, well, no one seems to notice so screw it!).

As for how long I will stay in Taipei, I really don’t know. I heard there is another cool city south of here called Taichung I may check out. It would be warmer down there too, that would be nice. Taipei is kinda cool and overcast in the winter (avg temp around 15)… so would prefer to make my way to warmer climes in southern Taiwan, or maybe Philippines at some point. But I have yet to even see Taipei so will wait and see if this city is as cool as it looks.

My hotel is great for the money… for $44 USD, taxes, internet and breakfast included, it is great. It is nice and quiet and seems to be quite central… and everyone here is so nice… there is even this old Taiwanese lady who makes me breakfast every morning… little does she know it is actually lunch/dinner for me… but it is good anyway!