What a country

I went to Bangkok a few days ago as I alluded to in my last update… one of my crazy Thai gf’s was making it very hard for me to resist going to Thailand… plus it is Chinese New Year all this week in China and pretty much everything is shut down for it, so there was no point in staying in China this week as far as business was concerned.

So I actually missed my first flight to Bangkok as I had met a cute Thai girl in HK and was having such a good time with her I just decided to skip my flight… but caught another one the next day on Ethiopian Airlines… was pretty surprised Ethiopia had an airline… it actually wasn’t too bad. Most of the people on the flight were African as it is just a stopover in Bangkok from Hong Kong, then on to Ethiopia. The guy beside me was from Nigeria… he told me that most of the people on that plane are from Africa and they go to China to buy clothing and ship back to Africa… he says it is THAT much cheaper in China that it makes a lot of sense to import it to Africa…

Anyway, the flight didn’t arrive in BKK until about 1am and I didn’t get to my gf’s apartment until 2 and was quite tired… she told me that she had invited all her girlfriends over to play strip poker with me being the only guy… I thanked her profusely at the very, VERY kind gesture but I was just too tired… she looked a bit dissapointed… sort of how many of you are probably looking right now…

But, that little story just gives you an indication of things to come! The next night we went out and she brought some of her friends along… almost all are beautiful and really fun… she had one friend who is actually from Malaysia… my gf asked if I liked her then said that she likes her too and brought her home… that was a very enjoyable evening… one of the most enjoyable in my whole life I think!

Then the next day I decided we should go to Koh Samui, so hopped on a Bangkok Airways plane and got here yesterday… I haven’t seen much of it as she had a bunch of cute girlfriends here too that we were out all night with and then back to their hotel room for a while… then basically slept all day.

Tomorrow, though, I think I will actually go out and check out the beach and the island…

For reasons such as my experiences above, I love Thailand. I can’t get over a) how many beautiful girls there are b) how nice, free spirited and fun they are and c) how they all just love me!

I was initially looking at opening my first beach bar in Boracay but I think I may do it first in Thailand, with the plan to open one in Boracay after that… now I just have to decide on Phuket, Koh Samui or possible other locations…

I think I may pick Thailand as being the country I am in ‘the most’… I never really intend to ever live in one place, but if I had to pick one where you have the greatest odds of finding me, I think it will be Thailand. What a country.

Technology… and my life

Man i love technology so much… it makes life so cool…

And this may be a good moment to give people a synopsis of what my life is like while I talk about how cool all the internet and mobile technology is that I use… since I get asked ALL THE TIME, “what is it you do?”… and my response is almost always, unequivocably, a blank stare… and an, “uh…. its hard to explain”.

So, here is basically a rundown of my morning:

-woke up at 10am, did my daily looking around, not sure where I am or why… I didn’t have to actually open the window and look out to see what city I was in today though as I remembered I was still in Hong Kong… looked the other way to see if there was any girls in my bed… was none today… was a bit sad, but also a bit happy as sometimes that can be a bit awkward… received SMS on my prepaid HK 3G mobile phone # from Alex on his German mobile… he was at HK airport, text messaging me to let me know he was heading back to Frankfurt for a few days

-scanned StockHouse portfolio to see how my stocks did, as long with Microsoft Money which updates all my stocks, options and warrants on stock exchanges from Canada, the US and London in near real-time… and yes, for like the 90th day in a row, all my stocks were up (GO GOLD GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. and oil too! and uranium…)

-Email a summary of the movie premiere for our company last night to some of my business partners who are interested in getting involved with this deal. The movie was pretty bad, imo, but I haven’t seen a lot of HK movies, maybe they are all that bad… but there was ‘supposedly’ 30 stars in it, including Kelly Chen… the premiere was typical HK… a million photographers and a huge throng of autograph hounds…

-my msn messenger started to light up as soon as I logged on, with messages from one of my Thai gf’s in Phuket… one in Bangkok… one of my mexican gf’s in Huatulco which just happens to be where my Dad is on vacation too, who has been updating me via email… and a few HK gf’s… I speak in 3 different languages seemlessly to all of them (espanol, guangdonwah (cantonese) and english… hey english is still a language!)… and of course all my good friends, many in vancouver…

-based on what one of my Bangkok girlfriends told me about what she wants to do with me and her other girl friends I decided I am booking a flight to Bangkok ASAP to go see her, and then spend a few days on the beach, maybe in Phuket to get some sun again… it is Chinese new year here for the next week so no point in being here, will be no business to do

-so I began checking flights… used Expedia at first but most flights were full or too expensive due to Chinese new year, but there are lots of small airlines, and lots of African Airlines that fly from HK to Bangkok on the way to Africa, so checked out their websites… only prob was they don’t allow you to book unless it is 3 days in advance

-so I used Skype to call via my laptop, bluetooth headset and highspeed internet connection here at my hotel in Hong Kong to call Kenya, Ethiopia and somewhere in the middle east (Gulf Airlines? Not sure, maybe Dubai)… all for less than $2 I spoke with them all and began to arrange my flight for tomorrow

-while doing that I loaded up my realtime, 24hr commodity and currency trading app to see how my long trades on silver, natural gas and palladium were doing… up a few thousand overnight, not bad, will continue to hold…

-received emails from numerous StockHouse writers as well as the Executive Editor with a number of new articles and questions etc… responded to them all and began some research on an upcoming article I am doing

-Needed to transfer some money to my mom to pay my taxes in Canada for 2004 (running a little behind, but hey, my friggin boat sank with all my tax receipts, cmon)… there was some technical problems (the downside of technology sometimes) so had to use Skype again to call Canada to rectify

-received email from my friend Trevor who is shipping off to Afghanistan with Canadian army soon… trying to coordinate to meet up somewhere over near there and maybe look for Osama a bit on a vacation…

-Used internet to find best rates for hotel for tonight in HK, ended up text messaging one of my biz partners here on her HK cell phone to arrange via her travel agency as they got better rate

-3 hours had already passed by at this time and was considering a break… decided to watch the latest episode of “The Daily Show” at the Comedy Central website on my laptop via streaming video

-emailed a business broker in Phuket to let him know I will be there in a few days and want to go check out some beach bars that are for sale there… text messaged one of my Thai gf’s to see if she can manage it for me as I won’t be there all the time

-brief scan of Canadian media online to get general update on the election details from yesterday… no matter who wins, they are all TERRIBLE, CORRUPT and have NO CLUE about anything, so it doesn’t really matter… but saw that weirdo lookin creepy evangelist sounding guy won… was a bit scared… but then remembered Canada is so small and unimportant in the grand scheme of things that it really doesn’t matter… but was a bit unhappy to know that if George Bush was even aware of the election (which he undoubtedly wasn’t) he would have been happy to know another one of these weird god raving “moral” crusaders got elected… what makes them think it is in ANY WAY the ‘governments’ role to dictate ‘morality’?!?!? scary.. reminds me of nazis somewhat

-went downstairs for lunch, had great dimsum… was a wifi signal there so logged onto internet on my phone (i-mate K-jam, coolest phone out right now), my friend from Germany messages

-my friend from Germany is on his flight back to Frankfurt and MSN messages me from 31,500 feet (he knows cuz he is also a pilot)… he is on high speed satellite internet on the Lufthansa flight in 1st class!!!

-An investment friend emails me about a Mongolian coal play we have been doing our due dilligence on. He has some info from the President of the co he updates me with… we begin further due dilligence and even consider a trip to Mongolia to look at further investment as the opportunity looks huge.

-decided it was time to take another short break, pumped up some music streaming live from an excellent London radio station and logged on to Party Poker to play some poker against a total of millions of people from all over the world and slowly take their money while enjoying the relaxation and mental stimulation of the strategy

-just found out I have to actually run across town on the MTR in HK to get my ticket from SriLankan Airlines to Bangkok tomorrow… am meeting a girl for dinner at 7pm after that, then another business guy to get an update from him around 9pm… then maybe hang out in Lang Kwai Fong for a bit

-That sucks because I haven’t even had time to go to the gym yet, argh

-Downloaded some movies off of P2P programs that I want to watch to get some ideas for the 2 movie scripts I am currently writing… didn’t have time to work on either today but both are turning out pretty good… one is about my highschool years, called “Class of 86″… a comedy… and the other is a bit strange, but it is about some asian girls growing up North America and culture clash etc… its a ‘coming of age’ film… lots of laughs… also parts that will make ya cry… called “Orientation”… writing it in concert with a bunch of asian girls who all give me info on what their lives are like…

-pumped up some music streaming live from an excellent London radio station and hopped in shower

Anyway, that is just a short summary of my day… there were also about a hundred other things I did, but that just gives you the gist. But it just gives you an idea of how cool it is that I can do all these things from pretty much any location in the world… if I had to do any/all these things I did today and the internet didn’t exist it would be mostly impossible… but if I tried, it woulda took months… not hours…. Gotta run!


Shortly after I wrote my last blog entry about how disciplined I have been lately and have not been indulging myself in all of the things I enjoy too much, I had what can only be described as the craziest 24 hour period I’ve had in a while.

It was Friday, I woke up at around 10am with a girl calling me… I thought it was Ling Ling… I couldn’t really understand what she said but i thought she said she was going to come over to my hotel room… so I was pretty happy about that as I like her quite a bit.

Then at noon my doorbell rings and I answer it, and it is 2 chinese ladies… one is cute, the other one is not so cute… I am just kinda confused… they come in… they spent about 2 hours here, and then they left. I was a bit confused… I had a shower, then my doorbell rings again…

This time it is Ling Ling and she has with her a really really cute friend. They are both 18 and a lot of fun… they stayed for about 2 hours also and then they had to go somewhere…

It was only about 4pm at this point… and I was thinking, what a great day… I don’t even do anything or call anybody and have nonstop girls coming over and spending all day in bed with me…

Here is a picture of Ling Ling and her friend Asha, Ling Ling is on the right… the pic doesn’t really show how cute they really were, but you get the general idea.

So I decided to take a shower and then a nap after a pretty busy day in my room… when I woke up I was in a great mood, for obvious reasons, and I decided, its Friday night, why not go out and have some fun… I went to the usual spots and ended up at Gipsy King where I think I got the last few waitresses phone #’s that I didn’t have yet… I ended up drinking way too much with all the waitresses though because I don’t really remember what happened after that.

Then I woke up Saturday morning and look beside me and there is a girl there… I have NO idea who she is, how she ended up there or what… anyway, she ended up staying all day Saturday and left on Sunday… I still have no idea who that was.

So, anyway, that was my weekend. I am thinking of calling one of the waitresses from Gipsy King now…

I kinda fell off the discipline bandwagon bigtime this weekend, but as you can see, it is really difficult, especially with my doorbell ringing all the time!!!

I will stay in Guangzhou one more day and then on Monday am going to Hong Kong… we are having the premiere for our first movie on Tuesday… so I am sure that will be a pretty big party… here we go again.

And to finish off today’s entry, here are some more Chinese food Fear Factor menu items:

Steamed native chicken with original juice – yes, it comes complete with head still on… almost all chicken and duck comes with the head still on in China… I like how it is in ‘original juice’.. I LOVE original juice!

Steamed smoky pork nose – the name says it all

Snake, dreams and chips

Its been a pretty quiet weak. I’ve mostly just been working and working out… trying to be a bit more disciplined about things… discipline is good… doing everything you want whenever you want is good but if you do it too long you kinda lose perspective on things and nothing really excites you as much anymore… whereas if you are disciplined and only allow yourself to do things you like a certain amount, then you really look forward to and enjoy those times. Plus I always enjoy working hard and progressing, whether it is in work, working out, or learning etc…

Anyway, because of my new found discipline, my blog has slowed down a bit lately. And considering almost everyone I know basically lives vicariously through me, they must all be thinking, cmon man, I don’t want to come here and read about how you worked all day. 😛

But don’t be alarmed, while things may be slower, there are still some pretty good moments from time to time… I actually came to Guangzhou from Panyu yesterday because Panyu is REALLY backward… there isn’t much of a nightlife there either… most of the social encounters happen in the bathroom of the snake restaurant :P… so came to GZ, went out last night to Babyface and then my usual hangout Gipsy King… when I walk into Gipsy King it is kinda like Norm at Cheers… and I have really only been there maybe 6 or 7 times over the last 3 months… but what can I say, I am the champ.

Actually ran into that girl I met there 2 weeks ago so hung out with her last night again.. she is cute as hell but the communication is still a major problem… she doesn’t speak a word of Engrish and my putonwah only lasts so long with, “My name is Jie Fu… how are you?” and counting to ten doesn’t really help… she is coming over again tonight though, she has her friend talk to me on the phone because her friend speaks a bit of Engrish. I think her name is Ling Ling but not sure… kinda sounds like a name for a panda…

A friend from Germany is coming in tomorrow to take a look at some of these movie projects we are working on so will go out with him in GZ tomorrow, then back to the ‘country’ in Panyu for a bit.

So thats the update, now for the commentary…

I had so many weird dreams last week… it must have been all the snake I was eating, I gotta lay off the snake for a bit I think… I mean, my dreams were messed up… I won’t name names but in one I found out my friend was a meth addict and we were jogging and he had a seizure, and it was really bad… then the cops came and said “he is a meth addict, we are just going to put him out of his misery”… I woke up right as they shot him… then the next night i had a dream that another friend of mine was fooling around with me.. we were pushing each other and laughing etc… then I tied a rope around his legs and ran through the streets of Edmonton in the winter, dragging him behind me… then a semi-truck 18 wheeler ran over him… I could hear all the bones in his legs breaking and saw him just get demolished as each wheel after another drove over him…

So…. no more snake, Spam Lovers pizza or McDonalds McFarm burgers for the next few days!!

My final comment today is about chips. I enjoy a nice bag of chips and a soda from time to time while watching tv/sports or playing poker etc… I have liked this snack my whole life… and I have always preferred Salt n Vinegar chips with a coke as the ultimate… but from time to time will switch it up with Dill Pickle or All Seasoned chips. I always get a craving for this snack when I watch one of my favorite shows ever, Trailer Park Boys, on my laptop… in the show they are always eating chips and pepperoni (mmm pepperoni too! they don’t have that in most places either)

However, since I began travelling the world nearly 2 years ago, I have found that almost every country in the world has the worst chips… and rarely do they ever have Salt n Vinegar (only in Britain and sometimes the US, thats about it)…

Every country seems to have its own flavors and ALL of them suck so bad. So, here is my top 10 list of the worst chips in the world

10. Lemon (Mexico)
9. Green Onion (Taiwan)
8. Wasabi (this actually was better than I thought though) (Japan)
7. Prawn and Oyster (China – note: comes with some sort of disgusting red dipping sauce)
6. Italian Red Meat (China)
5. Camembert and Cranberry (UK)
4. Paprika (Austria)
3. Tomato (China)
2. Mustard (Taiwan)
1. Hedgehog (UK)

Note: I never actually tried Hedgehog chips, for obvious reasons (fear)… but they can’t be good.

I am in general an anti-patriot as I believe being ‘proud’ of being from your country is yet another way, like religion, to divide human beings… however, I will say, Canada definitely has the best chip flavors of any country in the world. Asia is absolutely the worst… if anyone is coming over here, would you mind bringing me some S&V? 😛

K Seriously what is going on?

Everywhere I have gone in the last year, and it is getting more and more as each day passes, I just get completely stared at, grabbed, complimented and stalked.

Seriously, it is making me wonder what is going on?!? I can’t seem to go anywhere anymore without getting hit on or complimented by wide eyed people.

Here are just a few random examples, including one from tonight at the snake restaurant:

1. I just arrived in Taiwan and there was this group of sorta older men sitting at a table at a restaurant… I went in, got some food… on my way out I could tell one of them really wanted to talk to me… I just figured he knew some english and wanted to try it out… that was the case… he was like “hello, hi!”… “where are you flom?”…. then as I got closer he fell back in his seat and stops talking, eyes wide open like he saw a ghost… and then says, “oohhh. so handsome”

2. I don’t think I have talked or met with ANYONE in the last 3 months who hasn’t complimented me within seconds of meeting me with, “oh, you are so handsome.”… I also sometimes get, “so dashing”… dashing?

3. But maybe the funniest was tonight… AS USUAL, after talking biz, my buddy Fred wanted to go for snake… actually to be honest I really like it so its not a problem… I am used to going home happy with a belly full of snakes. But tonight was Friday night, and I had been going to this restaurant all week every night, so the waitresses are getting comfortable with me… one after another kept sitting down with us, drinking our beer and cheersing me… telling my friend Fred that they all want to meet with me later. That wasn’t so much the funny/strange part… here it comes… so then I go to the washroom… it is kinda a guy/girl co-ed washroom (china) and I am peeing and I notice someone pretty close behind me… turns out it is a girl.. she is kinda cute…. i still didn’t think much of it, then i finish and she says, “Hi! Hello!”… she is standing so close to me I can’t really go anywhere… then she says, “I like you very much, I want to be your friend”, , “give me your phone #”. I ended up giving it to her and exited the washroom… I went back and sat down… I guess she left cuz I never saw her after that. Then 30 mins later I have to go to the washroom again… I had noticed this table of 4 girls near the washroom when I went in and noticed them looking at me… I go and pee… I notice someone standing behind me. At this point I am thinking, WTF?! I turn around, it is another girl… I can totally tell she wants to talk to me but I bolted out of the bathroom… I had had enough of being accosted in the bathroom at the snake restaurant for one night.

So, what is the deal?! I never would have guessed in a million years that after not even being noticed in high school and spending the majority of my 20’s being completely uninteresting to girls, that every year since I was 27 I have become more and more attractive to them… and not just them… guys too (even if they aren’t gay)… I have had so many non-gay guys comment how good looking I am?!?

I actually really don’t get it… I look in the mirror and if anything I look worse than before… but apparently not.

Is anyone else getting this?

Actually, it may not even be that I changed, maybe the rest of the world changed… I even seem to be getting WAY more girls on sites like Friendster and Myspace all messaging me telling me they like me… and I have had those pics up for over a year and never got many messages.

Perhaps we are nearing the end of the world and people are just letting it go… avian flu? not sure… something strange is going on tho… not that i don’t like it…

Random Thoughts: Chinese biz, exercise, economics

As usual it has been an interesting week… no one can ever accuse my life of being boring. But I suppose, in comparison to most weeks, this week has been a bit more subdued.

I have mostly just been doing some work, doing a lot of research/reading and hitting the gym every day, trying to get in decent shape. Actually ran 5 miles on the treadmill yesterday… hey maybe i’ll go for the half marathon on the treadmill sometime soon, i feel up to it! Besides, Siu Yin, my Dad and others make me feel like an out of shape loser running their marathons and half marathons… and my dad is over 60!

So, my business dealings with the Chinese movie guy is as always bizarre. I really only understand about 1/3 of what he says as his engrish is very broken and it will still be a while til I am fluent in Cantonese and Putonwah (Mandarin… no one here calls Mandarin Mandarin… they call it Putonwah.. if you say Mandarin they will look at you like you are from outer space, or Saskatchewan).

The guy mostly just smokes and smiles and every now and then tells me he likes me… then we go out for snake and thats about it. To give you an idea of what some of our conversations are like, here is one from today:

Him: Hey Jeff… Jeff… change?
Jeff: change?
Him: u no like change?
Jeff: no, I like change… I guess it depends what it is that changes though (thinking, if I “change” from being healthy to being a quadrapalegic, I don’t like that kind of change)
Him: Ok ok ok, let me for example. for example I come in… I say 1. E’ry day… 1… 1… 1… ok. now maybe you think 3! 3… 3…. now 3! Some people stay at 1 their whole life. I WANT WHOLE THING! Ok, lets go for snake.

Ya, that is generally how every conversation is. My head hurts from nodding so much, but I am not nodding with understanding, it is because in my head I am thinking, “I have got to find a way to leave soon… soon”

Ha, I might be making it sound worse than it is… its just that so many convo’s are like that, it is really difficult to know whether he is insane or if he just can’t communicate well in Engrish.

Then afterwards we hop in his $100,000 BMW, pump up sappy loud cantonese music and pour into traffic like we are the only ones on the road, which we definitely aren’t as the street is packed with people walking, bicycles, motorcycles and taxis… he doesn’t seem to notice most of them though as they all go smashing off the side of the road as he drives…

Anyway, whatever, we’ll see how it goes.

On a COMPLETELY different topic, I want to pass on a bit of info about economics… I know many of you don’t follow the financial world too closely but we are reaching a point where I feel I need to tell anyone who I know, so they can protect themselves.

I have been studying/playing the markets for many years… in general I usually do fairly well, but from time to time I don’t do that well (I rarely lose… if I don’t do well it usually means I just didn’t make any money that year). But these years have helped me to really figure out what really is going on as I spend a lot of extra time researching during those years! Those years, btw, were 2000 when I totally didn’t expect the internet bubble to burst as badly as it did… I thought it would go down… by maybe 40% or $60%… not 99.5%… and I didn’t make a heck of a lot of money last year because I was a little too quick to short the US market and gold stocks were flat last year.

HOWEVER, I don’t think I have ever been so confident of anything than I am now, especially after all these years of putting together all the pieces on why I was right and why I was wrong on certain things.

I don’t want to put too much here as many of you don’t care about the details, but I will say this. We are heading into what will be a very difficult next 5-10 years… the Great Depression may, in hindsight, look like something we only wish had happened. Almost all paper currencies (US Dollar, Euro, etc) are now so out of control, especially the USD, that there is no turning back now and they will fizzle into worthlessness very quickly (as quickly as possibly 5 years or less… although it could take 10-15)…

The main way to profit/save your money is to buy gold (physical gold, gold mutual funds, gold funds, gold stocks etc)… You may have noticed that gold is up quite a bit in the last 2 years… it was actually $250 in 2000… it was around $400 18 months ago, and it is at $550 today… but this is just the beginning. Gold is still very very very cheap compared to almost every single asset class out there. I would urge you to buy at least some right now and just buy some on a regular basis for the coming years (like every month). Also buy some silver… and some oil. A mix of 60% gold, 25% oil, 15% silver would probably work best.

If you are thinking, Jeff is crazy, at least take ALL your money out of the ‘general’ stock market… and DEFINITELY anything in the US, take out… and get out of US dollars in the next 6 months or so. If you want to be REALLY conservative and don’t believe me, get out of all non-gold/silver/commodity/oil stocks and bonds (except short term bonds, under 1 year that you can hold to maturity), if you want to hold currency, diversify into CDN dollar and the best ‘currency’ to hold for next few years is Japanese Yen and Chinese RMB. And, no matter what, have a MINIMUM of 15-20% of your holdings by the summer of this year in gold/silver/oil… just trust me. Gold will likely see $10,000+ per ounce in next few years ($550 now).

If you want to be aggressive, your portfolio should look like 50% gold, 15% oil and 15% silver by summer of this year, with the remainder in cash (preferably CDN or Yen). if you own real estate that has appreciated a LOT, consider selling and renting for next 2 years, then buy back 40-60% cheaper… especially if it is a condo.. house prices may do a little better. (or not as bad i mean)

The US is completely beyond bankruptcy and most of the smart people in the world know it, they are just waiting for the right time to pull the plug on them… they are spending their US dollars on hard assets in the meantime (see China’s purchasing of resource/oil/mining companies around the world etc).

This will happen a lot faster than you think is possible because it has spiralled downward so much in the last few years that it is at a level that it cannot be stopped now, and the speeds will continue to get faster and faster.

Anyway, don’t mean to sound like a doomsdayer… in fact, if you follow some of my advice, it won’t be doomsday… with the cash (gold) you have you can likely easily buy an island or two and get away from what will be mainly chaos and destitution for the majority of the masses who never caught on to the mess that is currently unfolding… btw, when EVERYONE you talk to (I mean bus drivers, waiters etc) tells you to buy gold, that may be when we sell… but that is a few years away yet.

Guangzhou, Panyu and Snake

I went to Guangzhou yesterday on my way to Panyu… had a fun night, was out with a cute little Chinese girl that I met at one of my GZ hangouts, Gipsy King, all night… I really liked her but she doesn’t speak a word of English and my Chinese just doesn’t cut it… got her # but will have to really cram on learning both Cantonese and Mandarin if I am going to call her back anytime soon.

Today I went to Panyu… It is freezing cold here… around 7c, but feels much colder… and of course I am not really dressed properly to begin with. I had a meeting at the office of this movie co from 3 until about 6pm… he had all the windows open and I was literally shivering the whole time… even if he closed the windows I don’t think it would help.

Then at 6 he says, “Snake?”… I was starving so I said, why not… Danny had told me he went out with Fred before for snake… but I assumed it was just one of many dishes, and was maybe one or two small snakes… but Fred took me to a place that is an ALL snake hot pot… basically they bring you a hot pot of water and fill it FULL of snakes… that was dinner… to top it off though, the restaurant was OUTDOORS and so I froze again. It is a bit odd to have my stomach full of snakes, but it did taste really good, so no complaints there… Here are two pics of the pot of snakes and my bowl full of snakes.

Our dinner ended rather appropriately with a very large rat walking about 2 feet away from my feet at the table… I asked Fred if that was dessert? (only half kidding)

I later was thinking… you know how when someone eats spaghetti and later that day they get sick and puke and their puke looks so gross with all the spaghetti? Well, imagine if ate a pot of snakes and later puked how gross that would look! lol

So after being outside for another 2 hours I was nearly blue, then Fred wanted to go back to the office and talk some more, so did that for another hour… then they finally let me go and said they would take me to an apartment they had for me…

When I got there all the windows were open and there is NO heat in the apartment… I was immediately like, oh cmon…. then they said there was internet but it wasn’t working so I said, “you know, I am gonna go stay at that nice 5 star hotel I stayed at last time it was in town”… I just got here… just had a 20 min hot bath and can feel my fingers again… this hotel is nice, has free broadband internet, nice rooms, good gym and I know quite a few of the staff/girls already from staying here for a few weeks before… and they still remember my name?!? I haven’t been here for 3 months! …so was very happy to be here…

Here is a pic of me in the cab this morning in a rare sans-sunglasses shot…

Well I guess that is it for now… I am exhausted from shivering all day so am going to try to get a good nights sleep and hit the gym tomorrow morning and then buy a jacket and go talk to Fred some more.

Unbeknownst to me, the guys I am working with have already concluded one movie, starring HK star Eric Tsang and it is being released on Chinese New Year’s… there will be 2 premiere openings, one in HK and one in Guangzhou, so that should be fun.

From what I can tell so far, my main role is to hang out with Fred, give him some advice from time to time, eat snake with him and go to all these premieres and stuff because they like to show off white people like we are a fashion accessory or something… oh well… no prob… there is a few HK movie star girls I wouldn’t mind meeting… don’t mind if I do.


As usual my time in Thailand was completely crazy… turns out S is pretty whacko too… the girls in Thailand are beautiful but dangerous, lol. S wasn’t too bad, but it just seems every girl in Thailand will do absolutely anything just to spend time with you… it is weird… S told me it is just a difference in culture and I don’t understand “Thai culture”… but I dunno, I think they are all just kinda nuts.

Anyway, as always, it was fun… and interesting! Apparently S is trying to make it so I can’t get back into Thailand now though lol.

Anyway, I am in HK now, had a fun but too crazy night last night too… I guess my prediction that I am starting to slow down was wrong… or at least mis-timed.

Onto much more important matters…

In Mazatlan, Mexico, last year, Ceebz coined the term MOV… Man on Vacation. There was this guy there and he fit it to a T… some older guy who was on vacation and had a bit too much to drink and ended up at some club. Since then I have seen a few MOV’s… and they are always good for a laugh. I may even start manonvacation.com and post all the pics and vids… it is too good to keep to myself.

When I was in Pattaya I saw another classic MOV… he was actually BREAKDANCING at one point I died laughing but unfortunately didn’t have my camera ready!!! argh! But I did catch him in some action… here is the vid (you may need to download a codec to see it… probably worth the effort but if not take my word for it, this guy is classic MOV). Also if you missed it the first time around, the #1, and always will be #1 MOV is Cabo Dancer

More pics of my Taiwan gf

Man I have been updating like crazy! Look at me!

I got some more pics of my gf in Taipei, Susan… this is the girl who worked the front desk at my hotel. I think you can tell from these pics why I was all over her from the second I got in there and why after a 13 hour plane ride I felt so good. 😛


ti esrever dna pilf, nwod gniht tup I

Almost everywhere in the world I have been, but most specifically in Mexico, Argentina and Thailand, most of the people who go out to the dance clubs seem to know ALL the lyrics to ALL the songs, even some of the newest rap tracks that i haven’t even heard yet has the whole place chanting along with every word…

Here is the funny part though, 70% of them barely understand much english so they just know the enunciations… here are two hilarious moments:

1. I was in Buenos Aires hanging out with one of my Argentinian gf’s and she loves listening to 80’s music on her cd player with her headphones on. I was watching tv and she starts singing along to one of her favorite songs, “tha pho reen en tha middola nite my fadareda like to make a pop ri. oh dadi dea oh the un open it one be cor gir dey wan na hav fu un”… I was like, what the hell song was that? She was singing along with “Girls just want to have fun” by Cindi Lauper, lol.

2. Then last night I was out at what I can only describe was the coolest, most craziest party scene I have ever scene… every club in the RCA district in Bangkok all combined into one club with well over 10,000 people… it was insane and awesome but here is the hilarious moment… I am standing there and they were playing Missy Elliott’s “Work It” track… Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as everyone, as usual, was singing along to the track… but then the chorus line came… and unbeknownst to everyone there I guess, the chorus of the song is actually reversed… it is a bit of play on words… no one who speaks English would sing along with the chorus as it sounds like a garbled record playing backwards (which it basically is)… so there I was watching everyone sing along with what was basically noise, “ti esrever dna pilf, nwod gniht tup I!!!”, “ti esrever dna pilf, nwod gniht tup I!!!!”… haha, too funny… well they looked good doing it, I guess thats what counts. 😛