Back in the BKK

First let me state I got another email from Trevor… he had JUST arrived in Afghanistan THAT day, and was out on his FIRST patrol when he was attacked and the vehicle he was in was blown up!!! His comment: “It was good to get it out of the way”… Trevor was already pretty high up on the list of people I consider to be pretty damn cool but he moved up again last week. The guy has sailed with the Canadian navy on a tall ship from Vancouver to Australia (quite the long haul for those of you who know sailing!), written numerous books including one on the Vancouver serial killer who killed over 40 prostitutes (the killer was caught soon after and Trevor actually had him as one of the potential suspects in his book)… I initially met him as he wrote a story on SH for the National Post and mentioned that he had been living in Japan in a surf town for years (he also speaks fluent Japanese) and we ended up hiring him to launch SH Japan

Anyway, that is just a few of the things that dood has been up to… now onto what I have been up to:

Welllll, guess where I am AGAIN. I am back in Bangkok. I was sitting in drizzly, cold southern China having some snake at the snake restaurant with Fred when he mentioned he is going to Beijing for meetings for a week… As he is really the only person I need to have direct contact with (everyone else is via email) I immediately headed to the Guangzhou airport and jumped the next direct flight to Bangkok (somehow getting way cheaper rate than advertised yet again)…

I am now in very warm Bangkok… I was once again lured here by my BKK gf who knows exactly what to say and do to me every day… We went out with some of her friends last night and was lazy today so spent most of the day in bed in my hotel room… she goes down and grabs really good street food for me while I work and relax on my computer… and every night she just asks me which of her plethora of friends I like and we can invite her over…

I ACTUALLY started looking at apartments in Bangkok for the same stated reason! BKK is very cheap… I just looked at a really nice studio apartment, fully furnished in a nice executive building with gym, pool etc. for $500/month. Dunno if I will get it or not but am definitely considering it… may just stay here and ride this wave for a while! But I need to see what is going to happen in China first…. last week I actually got a lot of the info I have been waiting weeks for and my partner there may therefore not be totally insane… so the deal may be back on track… if so I will need to be there for a while longer… having a press conference for our next movie coming out in April in Hong Kong next week so will have to head back there then… but I will stay here as long as I can in the meantime!

As for you, remember, buy gold! Best investment advice you will EVER get… it would be like if I told you to buy Microsoft in 1988, Yahoo and Ebay in 1994 and told you to sell them all the day before the tech bubble burst… but this advice will be WAY more profitable, if you can imagine that! Don’t buy all at once, but buy some every month for the remainder of this year to average a good price, then hang on for the craziest ride ever

He Almost Blew Up Real Good

In my Jan 25th blog entry I mentioned I received an email from my friend Trevor who was shipping off with the Canadian army to Afghanistan. He must’ve only been there a matter of a few days when his patrol was attacked and his vehicle blown up.

Luckily he only suffered whiplash in the attack and he has emailed me to let me know he is okay. He is the one in the story identified as the “fourth soldier”.

As for myself, I have been in Hong Kong lately on my own version of a tour… my main potential hazards are STD’s however, otherwise known as “being too friendly fire”.

I went out with a friend, John, in HK last night. He was telling me about this book he was reading on personalities and told me if I read it, it would help me to understand and have better luck with girls… he barely finished the sentence when I cut him off, “uh i totally don’t need that dude”. It has really gotten to the point now where I don’t even really try… I am even kinda mean to some girls sometimes just because I can… and as you probably guessed, they just seem to like that even more.

He kinda looked at me like “cmon you can’t be that good with girls”… i was like, just watch tonight. We were at a jazz piano bar in HK at the time after eating dinner and it was no less than a minute after I told him he would see that we were trying to leave when I was cornered by a girl who I think worked there… she wouldn’t let me leave… telling me to go back to the bar… i didn’t really like her even though she was quite cute so we dodged her and got out… we walked into the next place, a loungey place in Lang Kwai Fong, ordered a drink, and within seconds these two girls come up, they say “we lost a bet and we have to kiss you”.. i immediately notified them that it was more like they “won the bet and get to kiss me”. One of them just jumped on me right after that.

I just looked at my friend with the “i’m telling you” look as this girl was trying to lick my esophagus… i was then approached within seconds by some other girl… this went on all night as I continued to be grabbed, groped, kissed and propositioned for the remainder of the evening…

I still don’t know what it is… pheromones? whatever it is, it is crazy…

Anyway, I am going to go back to China tomorrow… still working on this movie deal but the guy I am dealing with may be insane… so not sure how much longer I will continue to try to make this work… to be honest, I’d really rather just be in Thailand with my BKK bisexual gf right now… I have some friends going there in about a month and may try to go there then to hook up with them, but I don’t know if I can wait a month… this Bangkok girl is the craziest girl I have ever known… I like it!

As for other things, I have been writing and working more with SH lately… wrote a pretty funny piece on the Wayne Gretzky gambling thing today (up on front page on Wednesday.

Also as usual trading stocks… resource market in general corrected a bit last week, but that is to be expected… makes a better entry point for those who still haven’t bought some gold, silver, oil, natgas and uranium stocks.

And, to end today’s blog entry with some political commentary, how lame is Dick Cheney? He steals and cheats his whole life to get tons of money and “power”… and for what? So he can drive around in his pickup truck, get out with some of his old, also-evil friends, have someone release cage-bred wingless, disoriented birds, so he can shoot them with a shotgun (the firearm you don’t even need to aim because it just sends a plethora of shrapnel in the general direction of your shot)… and he is so useless and uncoordinated that he somehow manages to shoot his 78 year old buddy in the face while doing it. Haha… Man, I hope in the afterlife Dick Cheney is cage-bred and mutilated so that he can be sent out as easy-prey for Quail’s with shotguns. What a loser.


Haven’t updated in a while, been a fairly boring few days (as far as the blog goes). I flew from Bangkok to Shenzhen, China direct on Bangkok Airways on Tuesday after a great trip to Koh Samui. As usual, it was everything I expect from Thailand… a wild ride, plus some sun, good food and fun.

I arrived at 8pm in Shenzhen and wanted to take the train to Guangzhou (GZ is about 100+ kilometers from SZ)… but couldn’t seem to communicate this to any of the taxi drivers which I flagged down on the highway outside the airport… so eventually I just took a cab to GZ… I actually wanted to go to Panyu, which is about 30km past GZ, but again, no communicado. So he dropped me off in the middle of nowhere just past a toll booth outside of GZ where I tried to communicate with a gaggle of taxi drivers… its only been 2 weeks since I was last in China but what little Mandarin I did know had already gotten lost in my head, especially since one of my thai gf’s has been teaching me some Thai lately… now my brain is a mess of different languages… I am lucky I can even speak English properly anymore.

Anyway, so I got in the cab in GZ and we got to Panyu and I thought I knew the way to my hotel, but I guess I didn’t because we ended up driving around all over China for a while.

I finally got in late that night and the next day, you guessed it… a short business meeting, then “hey, jeff… snake?”… I actually was really hungry that day and I kept thinking about snake during the meeting… I knew it was coming anyway so I might as well get excited about it.

We went to the snake place and it was really full so they sat us in a different area beneath some tarps and flourescent lighting… Fred seemed really unhappy… “I no like” he kept telling me and pointing to the tarp. It was actually the first time I have seen Fred show unhappiness like this… and I couldn’t quite understand it… other than the fact that we were in a tent, it was basically the same… there were still the cages of snakes… the rats walking around… and boiling pots of snakes to eat… but the tarp really bothered Fred.

I went over to take a look at all the cages with live snakes there and amongst the dozens of cages with snakes there was one cage that had kittens in it. I couldn’t bring myself to ask.

I thought we were only supposed to eat the ugly or stupid animals! 😛

Anyway, I am not sure that they do eat them… but why would they have them in a cage right beside the snakes?? Again, I couldn’t bring myself to ask because I am scared of what the answer might be.

As for me, I have been trying to be good all week after a crazy 10 days in Thailand. I may stay in Panyu until Friday or Saturday, at which point I think I may go to either Guangzhou or Shenzhen for one night out, then maybe to HK to get my laptop repaired… it was damaged when a thai girl stepped on it during some activities… ah well, it was worth it.