It’s been a long time

Wow it has been a long time since my last update… I didn’t even realize it though until my Mom sent me an email wondering if I was still alive!

Well, yes, I am still alive… my laptop on the other hand, is barely… It has been in the shop for nearly a week now, which has slowed me down a lot on just about everything, including updates.

I think since my last update I have flown back to Panyu for more weird meetings with Fred… and since then I went to Guangzhou, then HK for the last week or so.. spent one night in Macau last night.

I am considering heading to Bangkok on Friday or Saturday. It looks like the Chinese movie deal may be put on hold (on my end) until summer… which is actually fine with me… I am starting to get the urge to hit the road again… am thinking to go to Bangkok briefly and get a little apartment there, then take off to possibly Vietnam, Indonesia, maybe even Australia for a bit.

Then I may go back to Bangkok (my new home base) prior to doing my summer trip this year which should include Russia, much of Eastern Europe and possibly hook up with Jamie, Elsie and anyone else who wants to join, maybe in Italy or France. It has been a good year for me in the stock market so far (remember buy gold!) so I may rent a nice little villa for a week like I did in Ibiza a few years ago… so if you want to come have a fun week, stay tuned… am thinking early September for the villa.

That’s about it for now, nothing too interesting… just the same ol’ Berwick life, the last few weeks.

Before I go, here is the latest on Trevor: There hasn’t been much new in the media as the story is too old now for them to update I think, but I get some info from time to time through Siu Yin who knows Dave Pawlaski, who has access to info. The latest is that Trevor is still in a coma but he has been upgraded in ‘coma status’… he has now been making facial expressions. Apparently all of this is very good news and he continues to make progress almost daily. A check of his brain through a catscan showed no noticable damage to his cognitive or memory areas of his brain which also gives hope. I know he is going to make it back and I can’t wait to see him again, shake his hand, and ask him where we are going next!

Trev Update/Jeff Update/Fishes In?

First things first, here is the latest on Trevor who arrives back in Canada today. There is a lot of good information as well as good news which gives a lot of hope that Trevor may get through this. I’ll say it again, of all the people I know, Trevor is the most capable of surviving this.

As for me, I didn’t even realize it until my Thai gf mentioned it today, but I have been in Thailand for the last month! I originally intended to come here from China for a few days but… well… time, and everything else, just doesn’t work the same here in Thailand. I was in Bangkok for a week, then Phuket for a week, then Bangkok for a week, and then I came back to Phuket a few days ago again!!! I had 2 friends from Vancouver come here and they wanted to go to Phuket, so here I am again!!

I just spoke with Fred in China and he wants to meet next week, then I have a press conf in HK right after that, so will be back to the Chingy Chingy Chong soon.

And now for the funny story of the day… note this is fairly X rated, but most things in Thailand are so if you want some content, its gonna be a bit risque. 😛

So, like I said, I have some friends who arrived in Bangkok a few days ago so I met with them… and they had read about “ping pong shows” somewhere and wanted to go see it… a “ping pong show” is a show where girls shoot ping pong balls out of their crotchal region.

So we go… we sit down, they hand us a menu.. on it are things like “Fishes In”, “Writes a letter”, “Razorblades in”, and “Shoots Balloons”.

My friend chooses “Shoots Balloons” and picks the hottest girl there… she was really very very hot. So, he holds up a ballon about 25 feet away from her in a crowd of people, and she takes a blow dart, places it in the nether region and a second later, pops the balloon with the dart. He invites her to come sit with us and have a tequila shot and they hit it off, so she came out with us that night… and he ended up spending the night with her.

The next day he was like, “i actually think i may be in love”… haha… the funny part of this story is that this is just another typical day in Bangkok.

“Daddy, where did you meet mommy?” 😛

Phonin’ me

Ok, I have a very complicated set-up to reach me via phone now, but luckily for you, the setup part is the complicated part… actually calling me is now very easy.

I have set it up so ALL calls to 310-928-1520 (that is a California #, but it is actually a Skype #) will forward to my Bangkok AND HK cell phone #’s, so if you dial that # you will get me if I am using either Bangkok or HK #, I will also set it up to forward to any other cell phone #’s I am using if I am in another locale.

So, the only # you will need for me now is 310-928-1520.

However, if you are in Thailand or HK and want to reach me via a local # my local #’s are:

Thailand: 050752710 (or if dialed from outside of country, +6650752710)
Hong Kong: 63422673 (or if dialed from outside of country, +852 63422673)

Because these calls are being actually forwarded via Skype and then sent to a local call on a pre-paid cell phone card, calling me is very cheap for me (from North America, probably 3-5 cents a minute approx or less), so actually cheaper than for most people.

Trevor montage

Ben sent me the montage he did of the vigil the other night… apparently it, along with other things will be going up on soon. I actually thought it was (not .ca) at first and went there, and it is a blog of a guy named Trevor Greene… and I thought that it must be the one… I started reading it, and this guy is such a loser… especially when I got to one part of the blog where it said something like, “hey everybody, well, i got to see President Bush live in person for a speech yesterday, what an honor! Who can say they’ve done that? And I have to say, he has to be the most eloquent, smartest President we’ve ever had…. to see him in person was a life changing experience”.

I still, somehow, thought this could possibly be the ‘real’ Trevor’s blog but as I read it I kept thinking, “man, I actually thought Trevor was an amazing guy, but the more I read about what he writes in his blog, the more I can’t believe how wrong I was… he’s a complete idiot!”… but finally I came to the realization that this was TOTALLY not the right blog! LOL! Phew… is a buffoon.

Anyway, being as lucky as you are that you have access to my exclusive blog, you get an exclusive sneak preview of the montage. It is a 3mb Quicktime file, download here: Trevor Greene Montage (note: this link wasn’t working earlier but now works… it will likely take most people a few minutes to download so just let it sit, or right click on it and ‘save target as’ and save it to your computer)

Summer 2006

The other day I started thinking about what a great time I had in the summer of 2005 as I travelled through South America and Europe… and I thought to myself… well, there are many places I still haven’t been to that I would love to see, I should basically do the same thing again in the summer of 2006 as I am basically in the same position as I was last year… no home… no real plans… no real commitments… still living outta my backpack (and loving it).

So the next thing I thought was, “well, no point thinking too much about it, summer is still a long way away”… but then I glanced at my calendar and realized it is already March… it is really only 3 months away… man time flies!

So then i got excited thinking about where I wanna go… Since I never made it to Russia or any of the countries around it last year I had a thought that maybe since I will likely still be in Asia, what I will do is take the Orient Express from Shanghai, ALLLLLL the way through Russia and then on to Estonia, maybe Finland, Latvia, Poland, maybe Prague again for a few days since I enjoyed that so much last time, then maybe hit some of the European countries I never hit last time, such as Switzerland, Italy, Monaco etc…

Then, depending on any commitments I may or may not have, I may go to Africa for a few weeks to check it out… and then maybe India on my way back to Asia…

Soooo, half the point of mentioning all this is that if any of you are going to be in any of those areas, or want to be, this summer… lemme know and we can hook up for some adventures.

Tree Update

Siu Yin emailed me today to let me know that the vigil last night had an exceptional turn out on a cold, windy and rainy Vancouver March evening at Jericho Beach.

According to Trevor’s friend, Jamie McLaren, his medical condition is improving as he has had increasing eye movements, is not on support and has coughed… all are apparently good signs.

I know from personal experience that Trevor is a fighter and is exceptionally strong physically and mentally… I know he is fighting his way through this right now…

He will be returning to Canada on the 15th for continued medical care.

According to Siu Yin, Ben West videotaped the vigil and is creating a website with the video and other information… once I have that info I will update.

As for moi, still in BKK… been having a good week… May go back to China/HK next week but not sure at this point.

Vigil in Vancouver tonight for Trevor

There is a vigil in Vancouver on Wednesday evening for friends of Trevor to get together, I have included the exact details at the end of this blog entry.

I haven’t heard anything new today so not much to update.

As for myself, whatever I am up to doesn’t really seem to matter too much at this moment in time, but I will briefly update… I am still in Bangkok… I should actually be in China right now but I am trying to stay here a few more days as my friend Mike is here in town this weekend and it’d be cool to hang with a good friend for a few days in this crazy place.

That’s it for now… here is the vigil info:

—–Original Message—–
From: Jaime McLaren [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: March 7, 2006 11:16 AM

Hello everyone,

In an effort to send strength to courageous Captain Trevor, Debbie, Grace and their respective families, please join us in a positive thoughts gathering at Jericho Beach in Vancouver (directions below) on Wednesday March 8 at 7pm.

The gathering is rain or shine so please dress warmly, bring an umbrella, a covered candle, a flashlight and your positive thoughts. Feel free to forward this invitation to others who would be interested in attending this private gathering.

Thank you for your continued support during this difficult time.

Directions to Jericho Beach:
– travel west on 4th Avenue in Vancouver
– turn right on NW Marine Drive
– turn right on Discovery Street (just before the the white Jehrico Arts Center Building)
– veer right towards the Jericho Beach Sailing Club and parking lot
– proceed to the beach access point to the left of the Jericho Beach Sailing Club (as you are facing the water)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 604.916.6365 (cell) or at 604.974.2686 (work).

TG Update and Vancouver Get Together

There is lots of new on Trevor in the last 24 hours.

First, Dave called Siu Yin to tell her that Trevor had part of his skull removed to reduce the swelling.

Secondly, one news report quoted a Canadian official who said that the latest surgery on Trevor went very well.

There has been a lot of news stories talking about what an amazing guy Trevor is, here are just a sampling:

Big Heart Drew Soldier to Trouble Spots – Globe & Mail

Neighbours Remember Greene as Basketball Fiend with Giving Heart – Ottawa Citizen

My mom is a nurse and she has been following the news and she feels things don’t look very good… but we will obviously hope for the best… if anyone can survive an axe attack to the head it is Trevor.

A number of Trevor’s friends are arranging a get together for Wednesday evening in Vancouver. If you are in Vancouver and would like to attend here is some information:

From: Jaime McLaren [mailto:[email protected]]

Hi everyone,

I am a close friend of Debbie and Trevor’s (went through the Chartered Accountant program with Debbie). I have felt a bit helpless over the last couple of days and as a result I thought it would be a good idea to get everyone together to send positive thoughts out to Trevor from Vancouver. As Andrew mentioned, I thought a positive thoughts vigil would be a good way to get everyone together to collectively pool our thoughts and prayers for Trevor’s speedy recovery. Trevor is incredibly strong and resilient in stature and in spirit and I know he will pull through this.

Hopefully you can make it for Wednesday night at ~7pm. We are trying to formalize a location by the end of day today and it will likely be at Jericho beach (rain or shine).

I will keep you all informed. If you could pass along the word to anyone who knows or would like to support Trevor/Debbie etc. that would be much appreciated.

More details to come. If you could forward any names and numbers to me for people who you think would be interested in coming that would be much appreciated.

In the meantime please individually put positive thoughts in Trevor and families direction.


Jaime McLaren, CA BCom

Tel: 604.974.2686

[email protected]

—–Original Message—–
From: Andrew MacRitchie [mailto:[email protected]]

Subject: A gathering for Trevor

Debbie and Trevor are friends of mine. A number of our mutual friends wanted to do something for them, but with Trevor in Germany and Debbie on her way there, we had to get a bit creative…. So we’d like to organize a gathering. Timing will be Wednesday night around 7 pm, probably somewhere near Jericho, Rain or Shine. I’ll pass on more details tomorrow when the exact location is known.

We’re hoping to have someone from the Base at Jericho say a few words, but mostly, it will be a chance for us to get together and do what friends do for other friends.

Please let other people know about this. I’m sure there are lots of people who would like to come.


Andrew MacRitchie, C.A.

Ph: 604.646.5898
Fax: 604.687.4212

Trevor Greene Update

There have been numerous news stories coming out in the last day, the most in depth is this story from the Toronto Star which just came out (btw, Google News is a GREAT resource for things like these, just go to Google News and type in “Trevor Greene Afghanistan” and you will see pretty much every news story as they come out, updated almost in realtime).

Here is the Toronto Star story.

According to former SH employee, Dave Pawlaski, who had called Siu Yin to update her, Trevor’s girlfriend was awoken the previous night with a phone call and told that Trevor was gunned down and killed in Afghanistan. Thankfully the report was incorrect. Trevor has a 1 year old baby girl.

The latest is he is en route to a military hospital in Germany and is in stable but serious condition and breathing under his own power.

Trevor’s nickname is “Tree” because he is big and tall… it takes more than one chop of an axe to bring down a tree. Hopefully more positive updates to come.

A Somber Note

I have just received word that my friend, Trevor Greene, has been severely injured in a bizarre attack in Afghanistan. I don’t know anything more than this news report at this time:

Trevor is a big strong guy who has as good a chance as anyone of surviving an attack to the back of the head with an axe, but obviously, it doesn’t sound very good right now.

As you either know, or have read prior in my blog, I have a great amount of respect for Trevor and the things he has done… I am hoping he survives this and it becomes another amazing chapter in his life.

My thoughts are with him and his family. If anyone hears or knows anything please let me know.