GPS, Cigarettes and Oil

How is that for a diverse subject line? Well, I don’t have anything all that exciting to write about, but know you need Berwick Content to be happy in your life, so I am doing a general update.

GPS: I lost my phone, I think. That’s the bad news. But here is the good news, I got a new phone and it is AWESOME. It the latest HP iPaq model and it does EVERYTHING including GPS!!! This is so friggin cool. I downloaded a Bangkok map and now wherever I go, I can watch on my phone as it tells me exactly where I am, down to the meter, on which street.. can give me directions, tell me how fast I am going etc. SO COOL. It also does a lot of other awesome things… it has a way faster processor than my old iMate and runs my Slingbox awesome… oh, and my prepaid sim, which cost me $2, has 3G AND E (E is even faster than 3G) and of course Bangkok has the latest in technology (unlike the Union of Canadian Socialist Republic, or UCSR) so I can even be walking around or in a taxi watching good quality Canadian tv on my cell phone! Do you know how cool that is? Do you know how cool that makes me?!

Cigarettes: Ok, don’t care about tech? Here’s my funny story of the week. I was at a 7-11 with Jane and she went to buy a pack of cigarettes… the cashier gave her a pack and Jane looked at it, flipped it over and got all excited and asked the cashier a bunch of questions… she then bought a few more packs and was really happy. I later asked her what happened and she told me that, for some reason, that 7-11 had somehow gotten a few packs of cigarettes without those terrible pictures of people’s teeth rotting out on them, or babies dying, and she likes that so much she wanted to get a few packs.. she also got some that she said she could sell to her friends, for sure, for double the retail price! LOL… there might be an entrepreneurial opportunity to buy cigarettes, cover over the pictures somehow, and resell for double the price! 😛 As a sidenote, a pack of cigarettes in Thailand costs 40 baht ($1).. and those aren’t Thai cigarettes, those are Marlborough Light… this isn’t a promotion of smoking, as smoking is disgusting and horrible… but moreso yet another cut at governments and their massive waste and stealing

Oil: I am writing this on my laptop after travelling about 3 hours drive north of Bangkok to Wichian Buri to visit a company called Pan Orient Energy, which is a Canadian listed public company drilling for oil, and operating some small oil wells currently, in Thailand. Here is me at the drill rig

Jeff Under Attack

A few people have asked my why the link to my Middle East story on SH does not work. WELL, If you can believe it, I have been censored by STOCKHOUSE!

Sadly, the people there fell for the complete joke that is the “anti-semitism” jewish BS… they received numerous complaints from these groups for my calling Israel’s attacks on Lebanon “terrorist attacks” and so they removed my post! I am absolutely not an anti-semite, I love Seinfeld! Not that “semite” even really refers to Jewish people… most people in places like Ethiopia are also “semetic”, but the truth doesn’t seem to matter much to these people… much like America, its big brother… or its puppet? Hard to tell.

Check out this must see documentary on the Israeli/Palestinian “conflict”: This documentary outlines perfectly how the Israeli’s have lobby groups that intimidate people to remove anything negative said about Israel… sadly it works very well, as the SH case proves!

Anyone up for joining a freedom fighting group and going over and fighting the Israeli’s in the strip? Hey they picked this war with me, not I with them. What would the world think if it saw thousands of white, black and asian men and women in the strip all fighting the Israeli’s to stop their terrorism there? We’d probably get killed, but that is the way you are supposed to go… not waiting out your days in some old age home.

Also, check out this hilarious interview on Sky News: Wouldn’t it be awesome if this is how the news actually was… instead of the sad joke that 99% of it is. I love this guy.

And finally, I haven’t even watched this one yet, but a friend told me I should check out a documentary called “The Power of Nightmares – Part 1, 2, and 3” by the BBC.. he said it is an excellent series about how government’s now use fear to keep power over people.

Hmmm… this wasn’t a very “fun” blog post… I know you mostly come here for interesting, fun travel stories… but I have been festering in Bangkok for the last 3 weeks… I need to leave every month as Thai tourist visa’s are only 30 days, so I will be leaving in the next week or so, probably to Singapore, then Indonesia for a bit…

Check out those videos and educate yourself on what is going on in this world. Inaction and ignorance are not allowed.

USSR follow-up / Jews? / BKK


BTW, when I decided to book a flight back from Moscow to Bangkok, there are only two carriers that fly direct, Thai Airways and the Russian airline, Aeroflot.

I looked at one way costs, and Aeroflot was $1,000 USD and Thai Airways was $2,000 USD!!!

However, I used the saviour and messiah, the internet, and managed to find Siberian Airlines and found the EXACT same flight as the Thai Airways flight, except it is ‘co-chaired’ or ‘co-branded’ as a Siberian Airlines flight for $400!!!!!

When I got to the airport I could even check in at Thai Airways counter, for $1,600 less than what Thai Airways quoted!

The only downside was I waited in line for one hour at the Airport Express train check-in for Siberian Airlines, which only had 1 attendant with about 15 people standing in line… I had to actually wait in line to get a paper ticket (they don’t use E-tickets). As I stood in line I conversed with a Russian guy who was disgusted at the length of time to wait to pick up what should be an E-ticket stating, “this country will never change… I first had hope when we began changing a decade ago, but I have lost hope now, this country will never have Western standard service”.

I’d have to agree with him, most things in that country are frustrating and not easily accessible… even worse than Canada.


I wrote a piece in my StockHouse blog about the Middle East, called Middle East Road Map and have received a lot of anger from the “Jewish” community. Including threats from the “Jewish Canadian Congress”. Haha. Wow, that name sounds pretty official considering it is basically just a lobbying/political attack group. Do I look intimidated?

Why is it when you say you dislike anything about what Jewish people do you are an anti-Semite and their are groups and lobbies which will ‘attack’ you… I consider what they are doing to me anti-jeff and I am going to have the Canadian-Jeff Congress go after these bastards! 😛


Here is an interesting signage from BKK today: No Sitting / No Spitting