Back in Boracay

Well, I finnnaallllyyy dragged myself away from Thailand! I extended my stay in Thailand for quite some time, and it appears to have been a lucky choice as Boracay was hit by a major typhoon last week, at the time I was originally planning to be here.

It is a bit of a trek to get to Boracay… a 3 hour red eye flight from Bangkok, then have to take a taxi to the domestic airport terminal, then it took us a few hours to get on a flight to Caticlan (the closest airport to Boracay)… it was swarmed with Korean tourists who had most of the flights booked… then once we got on a flight, we had to take a motorcycle taxi ride for 5 minutes to the ferry port… then a 20 minute ferry ride… then a 15 minute motorcycle taxi ride!!!

But we finally made it here.

Even though the typhoon had come through nearly a week ago, there were still a lot of evidence of its passing… a lot of trees were uprooted… numerous houses were mangled… and tons of broken down trees piled up, awaiting disposal.

They said it was quite a bad one, and the electricity was out for nearly a week, only returning the day before we got here!

So far it has seemed a bit quieter than I remember last year, likely due to the typhoon… but steady streams of people seem to be arriving every day.

I am not sure how long we will stay here… we have booked until Saturday… depending on how things are here we may leave Saturday for Manila or possibly stay another few days.

Once we get to Manila we will likely only stay there for 2-3 days, then it is on to Australia… Jane got her visa for Australia without too much trouble so we will likely tour around Australia for a while… I am intending to be in Melbourne by the 2nd week of January as there is a big poker tournament there then (the Aussie Millions) that I may try to play in.

In the meantime, here are some interesting pictures to keep you amused:

A comfortable mode of transport in Thailand
Recover well!
Ho Ho Ho! Toilet!