Top 10 list

A lot of people ask me where my favorite places are, so I thought I would write down a top 10 favorite list for countries and cities, just for fun.

Most of you know me so you know what I like, so if you are like me, then you will like these places too.


1. Thailand
2. Mexico
3. China/HK
4. Japan
5. Malaysia
6. Argentina
7. Brazil
8. Switzerland
9. Sweden
10. Taiwan


1. Bangkok
2. Hong Kong
3. Tokyo
4. NYC
5. Acapulco/Huatulco
6. Zurich
7. Tel Aviv
8. Athens
9. Dubai
10. Prague


1. Boracay
2. Phuket
3. Huatulco
4. Greek Isles (Santorini especially)
5. Maui
6. Whistler


Surprise, my plans changed! Why doesn’t anyone look surprised?

Well, my plans didn’t change much, just the timing… something got a bit delayed, so now I will likely go to Malaysia next week, then back to Thailand for a few days, then leave for Vancouver around July 18 and then stay in Vancouver until about the 28th and then likely go to Edmonton for a bit, prior to the caribbean and mexico.

That’s it for now… still happily in Bangkok…

Back to Malaysia

I’ve had a very restful and nice pit stop in Bangkok, spending the majority of my time working, interspersed by hitting the gym and the pool and eating good food. I haven’t really gone out at all lately in the evenings… I’m trying a new, healthier lifestyle of trying to incorporate physical activities and sports more into my day, with much less of the party style, for at least a while.

As an example, now when I am looking at which part of town to stay in, when I travel, I am now looking to be closer to the surfing or snowboarding areas than to the nightclub district…

Anyway, I intend to go to Malaysia this weekend… Malaysia is one of my favorite countries in the world. I have been to both sides of Malaysia, in Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur and really loved it.

This time I will be going to another new area… I will be starting off in the beach resort area of Langkawi, then possibly taking a ferry to Penang and staying there for a day or so, then on to Kuala Lumpur.

I will spend a total of about a week in Malaysia, travelling with Jane… then I will likely begin making my way up to Taiwan, Japan or Korea (haven’t decided which yet) and then will take off to Vancouver and a number of destinations in North America and the caribbean over a month or two.

More updates soon, likely from Langkawi.

Quick Note

This is just a quick note to let y’all know I am back in Bangkok. It just seems I can never get away from here! I have no set plans on going anywhere over the next month or so, but as usual, anything can pop up.

In the meantime, I have accepted an offer by Casey Research ( to become their Managing Editor… so I am part of the working class again! Where’s that shirt of mine with the blue collar? Better throw it on! 😛

But really, it is in a field that I normally spend most of my day researching and reading on, anyway, so it isn’t much of a change for me… plus I can continue to do the work and writing from anywhere in the world on my laptop, so really not too much of a change… probably a good thing… I could use a little discipline and hard work… I didn’t really realize it until just the other day, but I had to file a form with the Toronto Stock Exchange outlining my ‘occupation’ history for the last 10 years because I am on the board of a few public companies… and they sent it back saying, “you forgot to fill out what you have been doing since you stopped being the CEO of StockHouse in 2002”, to which my reply was, “Uh, I haven’t done anything since 2002”. I then glanced at the calendar and realized it is 2007… Wow, I haven’t done anything in 5 years?? Man time flies when you are doing nothing!

Until next time…

All the Updates, All the Time

It has been an interesting week. Where to begin… how about at the beginning.

I spent 3 days in Zurich and have added Zurich to my “top 10 favorite cities in the world” list.

It is a really beautiful, cool town, all situated around a beautiful river and lake. The city is emminently walkable… for those who haven’t been there, it sort of has the feel of a Whistler Village, but with way more history and style. There are tons of cool little boutique shops and restaurants and a great vibe.

The BEST part about Switzerland, though, in my opinion is upon entering the country. I walked up to the passport control counter and the guy did a 0.5 second cursory ‘flipping’ through of my passport, with only enough time to just quickly glance and see that i looked like the same person in the photo and then he tossed my passport back to me and waved me on through.

I was in shock! What kind of land of freedom utopia was this? My buddy later explained to me that Switzerland has been a bastion of neutrality and privacy for hundreds of years and that is why they don’t even stamp your passport when you enter the country.

I was immediately in love! Had I finally found a place that believes in freedom, peace and privacy?

On top of that, all the people in Switzerland seem highly intellectual, cool and efficient at whatever they do.

I will have no qualms about returning to Switzerland again!

I then hopped on my buddies private plane to Genoa, Italy, which is about a one hour drive from La Spezia, which is where he had his yacht delivered from America.

While Italy has amazing food, that is about all it has going for it. The people aren’t all that friendly, there is zero nightlife anywhere and the weather isn’t all that great in general.

My friend had a plan to cruise around Italy on his boat for a few weeks on route to Slovenia and Croatia, but after spending a few days in Italy we both nixed that idea and jumped on a train heading south towards Rome.

We spent one night in Pisa, home to one of the world’s most ridiculous famous tourist spots, a poorly designed building that is being propped up so it won’t fall down. How that is of interest to anyone is beyond me. The town of Pisa is nothing special at all and is kinda grungy.

We then took another train to Rome looking for some fun and excitement. However, as I knew from last year, Rome is not the place to go for fun and excitement. The nightlife in Rome is appallingly bad.

My buddy took off today from Rome and headed to his homeland of Greece because he couldn’t take Italy anymore. I don’t blame him, but I wanted to take a day-off and catch up on work so I am still in Rome, but I may go to Athens tomorrow to meet up with him.

After that, I think I am going to go back to Bangkok for a while. EVERY time I go to Europe all it does is make me miss Asia and Latin America even more. Like I always say, you pay 5-10 times more in Europe for 1/5th the enjoyment.

I may stay around Bangkok for a month or so, then head East to Canada, then down to Mexico and the caribbean for a while… but, as usual, don’t count on it… it’s all liable to change.

In the meantime, while in Rome, I bought a way overpriced Sony Vaio as I finally gave up on my laptop and was dying to have a computer. The computer has Italian Windows on it, which is a bit irritating, but when I get back to Bangkok I’ll reinstall it with English Windows Vista.

But here is the kicker, a few hours after shelling out thousands of dollars for a new laptop I got an email from Israel saying that they shipped my laptop they seized to Edmonton!! ARGH. They have no idea how much irritation they caused me this entire last week… ah well, I guess that’s life…