Ahhhh Mexico

It took me 4 years of constant travel but I have conclusively, absolutely decided that two particular regions are my calling. Latin America and Asia, more specifically, Mexico and SE Asia. I’ve mentioned that before, numerous times, but I just have to yet again validate that statement, only this time with even more emphasis and certainty. On a flight to either Thailand or Mexico you will see me with a perma-grin. Not so much a smile but more like a look of contentment. True happiness.

No place is perfect, but the closest I have seen is Bangkok and Acapulco. Depending on your personality and views you may hate or love either place. But, for an urbanite like me, these two places are heaven.

And so, after having spent an interesting evening in wonderful Mexico City I found myself flying in, again, to Acapulco. I have sailed in and out of here numerous times and have flown in and out a few times now. I have yet to drive in, which I am told, is a beautiful, scenic drive from Mexico City but however I get here, the important thing is, I get here.

Acapulco is home to, bar none, the most beautiful bay in the world. It has been described as a glittering bowl of diamonds. The massive, sweeping bay raps nearly 360 degrees around a tropical mountainous urban terrain paradise.

Inside, however, is where the true magic lies.

There are very few truly unique and wonderful cultures on the planet. Most are a mix of various influences and hardly any have the vibrancy and soul to resist, or have no need for, any outside ideas or ways. Why tamper with something perfect?

Only Thailand and Mexico are, in my opinion, amazing cultures, in terms of lifestyle and living. Sure there are others, but lesser. Off the top of my head, Japan, Brazil, France and Spain come to mind, but for my tastes, nothing holds a candle to Tailandia y Mexico when it comes to an atmosphere of vibrant life.

At a glance, the two cultures and styles may seem to be complete opposites. Yet, at their core, they are nearly identical.

Arriving in Thailand you are greeted by sweet, beautiful, graceful, bowing Thai pu-yings (girls). In Mexico, your eyes and brain can barely handle the beautiful, strong, confident, sexual latina chicas that walk down the street wearing jeans in ways that boggle the mind as to how they could make a pair of jeans look so amazing.

Thailand is more about peace and serenity combined with chaos. While Mexico is about living the vida loca, with gusto, combined with regular siestas and lazy days at the beach.

However, beyond that pretense, the two places are about one thing. Freedom. Isara Seri, in Thai. Libertad en Espanol. And living and feeling life with little or no regard for anything else.

Not only my mind responds to these environs but my body as well. When I look in the mirror in Camerica or most of Europa I see an unhealthy, unhappy, sickly looking creature. My skin turns almost grayish and my eyes sink into my cranium. Thoughts of bludgeoning myself to death with a dull rock cross my mind on a regular basis.

Upon arrival in the lands of the free, however, the transformation is almost magical. Seconds upon arriving on the soil in Thailand or Mexico I become alive. It is like a B12 shot, two tabs of ecstasy and an intravenous direct drip of cialis. The colors are brighter. The food tastes more flavorful. The girls well… ay mami.

My skin sheds like a snake within 24 hours and I am glossy and have a glowing sheen. The whites of my eyes turn whiter and the green in my eyes turn from dull to lustrous. People stop asking me if I am 30 and start checking my I.D. to buy alcohol. My muscles relax and yet pump up, like dual injections of valium and anabolic steroids.

Hours later I find myself conversing, in Thai or Espanol, either of which now just come naturally, without thought, to a wonderful, intriguing member of the opposite sex about topics that seem unimportant yet are of greater magnitude than almost any topic that might be discussed in lesser places, such as Camerica. There is no, “so, what do you do?� or “where do you live?�, questions asked only to surmise the net worth in monetary terms of the other as opposed to, “what do you like?� and “how do you feel?�, questions asked of true sentient beings. People living life as opposed to taking it.

Thailand and Mexico may change. Anything is possible. In 10 years neither place may not be so great. But for now, right now, both places are my homes.

I continue to look for possible condos or villas in both spots. I know I have mentioned various plans from time to time but I have never had a more clear idea of where I want to be and what I want to do with the remaining days, weeks, months and possibly years left, liver-willing, of my time on Earth.

A nice condo or villa, dually, in Acapulco and Bangkok are now not just thoughts, they will soon be realities. My travels soon to be only periodic breaks as I make my way from one home to the other, clockwise or counter-clockwise, whichever way I feel like at that moment.

Half of the year to be spent amongst the exotic, serene Thais and the other half living la vida among the classy, vibrant Mexicanos.

While they are, and seem, worlds apart, they are the same place. In both places you can find young, usually tattooed males with facial hair driving along on a motorbike or scooter, helmet-less and completely untethered to worry, smoking a cigarette while doubling their wife/gf and numerous children. It’s not that they don’t care about you and your rules. It’s just that they are so busy living and enjoying life they don’t have the time or interest to care about what you are doing. As far as they are concerned, as long as you do not bother them they have no interest in bothering you.

Worry is probably not even a word in the Thai language… and for the most part, the Mexicans are carefree as well except for the unfortunate plague of Catholicism which has supplanted itself here. And, of course, the corrupt government and police mobsters – as usual, the two evils in the world, the church & the state are the only things that can put a damper on paradise.

There is one main difference that I can tell between the two countries, however. And that is as it pertains to cost of living. Mexico is decidedly more expensive and your average Mexican taxi driver will be looking for any way to get an extra couple pesos off you while in Thailand even tipping is usually met with embarrassment.

But, while Thailand is practically free, Mexico isn’t all that expensive either, relatively speaking. But it is definitely more expensive, in general, than Thailand. Not many people realize it but Mexico has a huge economy. It ranks 15th in the world for GDP, double the size of places like Greece and Taiwan. Thailand, for comparison, is 33rd. And the GDP per capita is $12,000 per annum in Mexico as opposed to $8,000 per annum in Thailand.

One thing that has really helped, in terms of costs, has been the continually shrinking Peso. The only currency in the world, other than the Zimbabwean WhoCaresWhatItsCalled, which actually has gone down more than the USD is the Peso. When I first came through Acapulco on my boat 100 pesos would equate to nearly $15 Canadian dollars. Now 100 pesos is worth $9.50… a nearly 40% reduction.

But compared to the cost of living in RIDICULOUS Australia, or Canada, or Europe, Mexico still seems very attractive. Just not as attractive in monetary terms as Thailand.

But even if both places cost twice as much as they currently cost, they still would be my #1 and #2.

And so, back to the pool.

**Note, between the time I started writing this blog entry and finished it I have made a down payment on a condo in Acapulco! See I told you I was serious. More on that, and some upcoming travel items, soon!


I haven’t written anything in my blog for a long time leading some to email with offers of bail money and queries about my state of consciousness.

I am happy to report I have not been jailed and am actually more cognizant and alive than I’ve been for a while. I’ve mainly spent the last month or so poolside in Bangkok, being fed and taken care of by my crazy Thai gf and spending the remaining hours of the day eating good food, at the gym and attached to my laptop researching and reading.

In recent days I had to make my way to Camerica as there was a family situation that I needed to attend and to spend some time with my Mom over Mother’s Day.

Now, however, I have decided that since I am so close to Mexico, I’m going to Mexico! I’m on a flight to Mexico City right now and intend to go to Acapulco soon after.

After that I have NO idea where I’ll end up, but I intend to stay at least a week in Mexico. So, I’ll report in from there soon.

In the meantime I have some important information I’d like to pass along. It is sexually related so those with incredibly sensitive emotional states who can’t even stand to talk frankly about the human body should go now to Disney.com or whatever wholesome place you normally go to shelter yourself from reality.

The topic I am going to discuss today is something that I would have thought unimaginable to exist in today’s day and age of supposed education and access to information via semi-free networks such as the internet.

But, would you believe that right now millions of children are being mutilated just hours or days after being born and having large amounts of their sex organs removed? It’s true and it’s happening right here in Camerica. It’s called circumcision and it needs to stop. Please read the rest of this rant as I consider this to be one of the most important issues, as far as personal health and happiness goes, in the world today.


The US has been under the control of a number of special interest groups for decades now. The big banks and their founders have run almost all policy decisions in the US since the beginning of the 1900s. And the Christians have been behind anything ‘moral’. They end up combining quite a bit, in the fascist US government, because in many cases their needs facilitate each other’s agenda (like when Christians cause the AIDS scare which results in billions being pumped into ‘AIDS drugs’ which helps further line the pockets of the big banks and large corporations).

I have already written quite a bit on the big banks (and again, I must state, in a free market banks could never be a problem but it is only under this nation-state style of usery that they can cause problems) so today I want to focus on the Christians.

Many Christian leaders have become totally consumed with the idea and concept that sex is bad. Where they got this idea, I don’t know, considering that none of us would be here without sex. In fact, no organism would be here without sex. So, it is like being against eating, or something.

The most likely reason for this is self-hatred and jealousy. Many of these people hate themselves for some reason and hate their base human feelings. And the rest are probably sexually inadequate and therefore want to find ways to make sure no one else has sex because they are incapable or inadequate.

This led to one of the world’s biggest lies. The lie is that male circumcision is necessary because otherwise you can get infection easier. That was news to the billions of people who lived before and currently who weren’t butchered and who never had any problems.

There isn’t much point in even arguing that point as anyone who even thinks about it for more than five minutes or does any research whatsoever quickly realizes this is a fallacy.

So, what is the reason to cut an enormous amount of skin off of nearly every American male’s penis at birth? It is SOLELY to make it so that person enjoys sexual activity significantly less than a normal male. This, in their warped ideology, would make it so people would want sex less.

As with all man-made plans, there was severe unintended consequences. Unlike most people around the world, American males are not very happy. They are downright angry. They don’t know why, but part of it is that they get anywhere from 1/10 to 1/3 the enjoyment of sex that normal males get. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that much of the American aggression and love of war stems from this simple act. While Frenchmen are happily sitting at a café, smoking a cigarette, having a glass of wine and romancing a lover, Americans are cheering American football and NASCAR, trying to vent the energy that they would have otherwise spent on love. While your average Brazilian is lounging at the beach, sunning themselves and lazing away the day in anticipation of a likely evening romantic interlude, Americans are attacking countries just because they ‘might’ attack them. Why? Partly because they have been mutilated at birth and have never truly been able to fully enjoy physical love. ** As a side note, the other major groups besides Camericans who are retarded enough to participate in this act are Muslims and Jews. Could it be that this entire US/Jewish versus Muslims ‘war’ is one group of sexually and emotionally damaged boys with half their penis removed fighting the other? I’ve heard stranger theories.

To make matters even worse, in a further attempt to stop the enjoyment of sex, they (church/state) have spent billions (of your money) making sure everyone is in fear and wears condoms during sex. Condoms, of course, even further reduce the enjoyment of sex. A circumcised male using a condom is now getting about 2% of the actual feeling that he would otherwise get!

And now, unbelievably, they are using their already fabricated “AIDS pandemic� as reason to try to force EVERYONE to cut off most of their child’s penis! They will stop at nothing to get you to willingly cut off your own penis!

Here is the good news, however. If you are circumcised, there actually are ways to re-grow a significant percentage of your penile skin. It is called foreskin restoration and most involve stretching of the skin. There are a number of devices available to help you in this process. It can take anywhere from 6-36 months of a very intensive effort to re-grow, but you can get quite a bit of it back. Nothing can make it 100% as good as before, but you can gain back very noticeable amounts.

If a regimen of skin stretching seems like too much for you, I urge ALL circumcised males to AT THE VERY LEAST, use whatever means necessary to ensure the head (glans) of the penis is covered/protected at all times and most preferably by your own skin of your own penis.

I have just recently began restoration and while I don’t expect to see noticeable results from the stretching for months I have already had noticeable results after only covering my glans for a few days.

Many don’t realize it but the head of the penis is SUPPOSED to be covered and protected 99.9% of the time, as designed by nature/god (pick your life provider). This is because the head of the penis is actually a membrane, much like the female clitoris… it is not human skin. It is only meant to be exposed briefly during times of sexual arousal.

By circumcising males and exposing the glans to the air 24/7 it ends up drying out that membrane immensely to the point where it becomes hard, calloused skin devoid of much feeling at all. And, furthermore, by bouncing around all day in your underpants, it becomes almost completely destroyed of any sensations.

After just a few days of using a $10 device called a Your-Skin Cone, which just covers the end of my penis with my own skin I have already seen some of the old hard skin flake off of my glans. It is already beginning to have a nice glowing sheen much like a healthy male penis. I’ve actually never been so excited! I consider the best thing I ever did, personally, was to get laser eye surgery 15 years ago. I now consider this restoration to be almost as amazing, if not moreso.

I anticipate that within 1-2 months I will have a completely healthy glans and incredibly increased sexual feeling. And within 3-9 months I should start to have my own foreskin which will further increase sexual sensitivity and begin to cover my own glans with my own skin without any artificial aid. I’ll never get back 100% of all nerves/sensations that were cut (the actual amount of skin cut from the penis in circumsicion is actually a HUGE amount of skin by the time adulthood is reached amounting to an unbelievable 50% of the total skin of the penis being removed!) but I should be able to regain a LOT more than I currently have which I’ll be very, very happy with.

I’ll leave it at that except to say: If you are having a male child soon I urge you to do some research and DO NOT circumcise/butcher your child. Secondly, if you have been the unfortunate victim of this process there are hundreds of resources out there and thousands of men already restoring themselves. Just google ‘foreskin restoration’ and you will find as much info as you want.

And finally, just as a matter of record, I do not resent my parents for having played a part in this. At the time it was done it was almost completely institutionalized that this be done to all male children born in Camerica and without resources such as the internet to find out the truth they were virtually incapable of avoiding this abhorrent child mutilation. The really fantastic news is, though, that it is possible to regenerate a very significant portion of what was taken from me by the church (sellers of god, not providers of god) and the state (our slaveholders). I encourage everyone to spread the word and save anyone from this heinous crime in the future.

And who knows, if we can end this practice, we may also get world peace as a nice byproduct!