Puerta Vallarta/Guadalajara/Economy & The Most Important Book Ever Written

Hey a blog update! I must’ve gotten off my ass!

After nearly 6 months I actually packed my bags and got on an airplane! I actually left Acapulco!

But I didn’t go far. And not for very long!

I first went to Puerto Vallarta to visit some business friends. After living in Acapulco for so long now I realize just how bad many other Mexican ‘vacation destinations’ are, in comparison. I used to think the nightlife in PV was not bad.

After my latest visit though I am putting PV on a massive nightlife downgrade. It is terrible!

Part of it had to do with the economy as many locals told me that the place was practically deserted compared to how it normally is.

But it was also just the fact that there were SO many gringos there. And not even cool gringos. At one point the dance floor had no woman under 60 years old and under 200 pounds. Not that there is anything wrong with a woman who is over 60 and overweight… that’s fine. But it’s not why I go to discos!

I completely snapped. I was planning on staying in PV for 4 or 5 days. After the first night I took the first flight out to Guadalajara.

I had met countless beautiful, stylish, intelligent, cool Mexicanas over the years who all said they were from Guadalajara so I just had to check it out. It’s only a 40 minute flight from PV so I figured why not.

As a general comment on the city, it is a really, really cool city. Very modern. At various points, while driving about in a taxi, it felt like I was either in Vancouver, Hollywood or Paris at times… If I was forced to live in one of those cities or Guadalajara I would definitely pick Guadalajara… it is better than the others in my opinion.

However, there are many things I didn’t like. First, it is quite car-centric. You need a car if you live in Guadalajara, and I never like that style. Much happier to walk about in Acapulco or hop the subway in Hong Kong.

Also on the negative side, I was VERY surprised that Guadalajaras nightlife is very, very subdued. With a metropolitan population of over 4 million and being a Mexican city I just assumed: MUCHO FIESTA!

I was about to be disappointed. While there are countless cool, chic bars and lounges – it felt like I was in Yaletown in Vancouver most of the time I was there – it has very little actual disco-style nightlife.

The people in Guadalajara seem very content to go out with friends and quietly dine and sip on vino.

In fact, I was in Guadalajara on a Thursday evening and I must have asked 10 different people where is good to go. Every single time I was met with a, “Ahhhh… Jueves (Thursday)? Mmmmm no es.�

There really was nowhere that was happening. Well, there was one place and it was HORRIBLE. It was the worst ‘disco’ I’ve ever gone to in fact. I don’t even know what the deal was. It is called Bar Americas and is near the Fiesta Americana hotel. It is only about 2,000 square feet… all concrete. And it was so packed that at numerous times I almost felt like it was possible I could get crushed to death! Worst of all, there was literally 985 guys and 15 girls there!

I figured it must be a gay bar but none of the guys looked gay or acted gay. They were all just standing there, pinned up against each other elbow-to-elbow-to-elbow “enjoying� the music which was blasting at ear-drum splitting levels.

I lasted 5 minutes there… which I consider a serious accomplishment!

But from talking to some other people about my experiences I heard the same comments: Guadalajara is all about culture and business. It is not a party town. So, if you wanna do some business or you want to go to some museums or operas or art galleries, go to Guadalajara.

And so, again, I snapped. It’s so hard adjusting to almost anywhere, except places like Thailand, after staying so long in Acapulco.

I woke up in the morning and began planning my way home, through Mexico City.

And so ended my big travel adventure! I may go to the Caribbean in March on some business… but who knows.


And now onto the economy.

I’ve been warning for more than 3 years now about the crisis we are currently in. And while prior very few people agreed with my assessment they have all now moved on to total agreement.

But I have heard one phrase over and over and over. “I will when the crisis is over�. These comments seem pervasive. Even when I am so unfortunate to be walking past a television when a financial news show is on the subjects invariably are, “What to buy when the crisis passes� or “Is this the bottom?�

It appears many people see this as being a minor inconvenience. Sort of like a passing thunderstorm.

Folks, it ain’t even started. This thunderstorm will make living in the 9th ward of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina seem like a full body aromatherapy massage complete with happy ending. Right now many people look at this thunder storm and they are trying to see the silver lining. Being optimistic, I suppose. Like when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Well, this thunderstorm’s silver lining is full of lemons and they are all about to start raining down through your car windshield.

If you think this is gonna be a few months, or even a few years, of pain. Well, it’s not.

Judging by all the government response to the financial crisis I can only come to one conclusion. This is going to get even worse than I can imagine.

Every government response, from every government, is the exact opposite of what they should do. In case you are wondering exactly how government should “fix the economy� the answer is: NOTHING.

Government can never do anything but make things worse. The best possible government, if you keep insisting on having them, is one that does as little as possible.

The reason we are having this crisis is because of past government interventions. In fact, the entire world economy has been so distorted by all these interventions that the only chance we have to move forward is to have a complete collapse of this artificial fiat-currency, fractional reserve banking system and allow the market to be relatively free again. That is our only hope.

Get ready for riots, famines and wars. And I highly doubt it will be safe to pop your head above ground for a minimum of a few years… I only hope we are not talking decades. That is how serious this is.

And the one guy I can think of even less capable of understanding and dealing with these economic realities than prior President George Dubbyah is Barack Obama. And, to make matters worse, all the sheeple seem to think he is the shepherd who has come to lead them to salvation. Slaughter is more like it. If he makes it through his first term without the US defaulting on its debt (going bankrupt) I will be shocked. In fact, if by the end of 2010 the US is not a failed state I will be very, very impressed.

This ship is a-going down folks. And everyone is gonna feel some pain. But if you move almost all your assets into gold bullion and precious metals related assets you will increase your chance of living through the next few years dramatically. On the bright side, once we do get through this the world will be a disaster zone and those left with any remaining assets will be in a position to make a killing. Times like those are when fortunes are made.

But let’s not even talk about that yet. That is a long, long way away. Most countries, including USA, the Euro zone, Mexico, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia and more will likely dissolve before this is over. And the reactionary wars, protectionism, civil strife and famines in the meantime should be enough to keep us all busy.

While you are hunkered down, if you want to understand how a truly free market works and why it is our only chance for salvation, my favorite book of all time has been published to the internet for all to read for free. It is quite short… I read it in a few hours. Once you read it everything about economics and politics will be crystal clear for you and you will understand why I hate all government. Here is the link to A Market For Liberty.

I implore everyone I know to please read this book… it is the most important piece ever written. Please pass on to as many people as you can. If everyone were to understand the concepts in this book the world would never see another war, famine or even much poverty ever again.