Beach Bar?

Wow, could it be I finally found the place to start up a little beach bar? I wasn’t even going to go to Boracay but at the last minute decided to go with my new friend from Manila and am I ever happy I did. Many of you know that one of my excuses for circling the globe is that I am supposedly looking for the perfect place to start up a little beach bar. I actually thought I would have found a lot of places by now but really, none have even come close to being perfect (for a multitude of reasons)… probably the closest one so far was Huatulco, Mexico, but in the end that place just wasn’t quite right either.

Boracay is very, very close to being perfect…. It has a great vibe… the climate is great… the scenery is unbeatable, known by many as the most beautiful location in the world… it has a nice mix of people.. from Korean and other asian tourists, to Philippinos and not too many, but just enough, North American and European tourists. It is quite cheap there, which makes it a good possible entry point now as I am sure things there will rise in price over time as more and more people discover it. I will likely spend the next few weeks looking at the logistics of doing something there… if I do it I will likely get my friend, Theresa Maria, from Manila to manage it… she would be perfect as she is very smart, an amazing people person (everywhere we went people just wanted to talk to her…)… she is one of those girls who when they walk down the street EVERYBODY looks at them… so it could be pretty cool… btw, I realized something about Philippino girls while in Boracay, OH MY GOD can they dance!! Must be the Latina blood in them or something but I almost couldn’t believe how good some of them were dancing… it looked like a rap video but hotter! Anyway, one of the only semi-bad things about Boracay is it is a little bit tough to get to… the only way to get there is to fly to Manila and then take a 1 hour flight to the airport near Boracay, then take a boat to the island… and there isn’t any docks or anything, so the only way to get on the island is to go hip deep in water getting on and off these boats… which brings me to my story for the day from this morning:

Oh man, it was yet another colossal evening… I met another new girl and she was so cute… I really liked spending some time with her… btw,i will upload a pic later of another girl I met there who was OH MY GOD so beautiful… I never fully hooked up with her as we played phonetag all day and night on my last day but never could manage to get together that night… I was sad but this new girl helped me through my sadness!

Anyway, so the evening went until 4am at which point I walked my new friend back to her apartment (which was in the middle of nowhere, I had to walk through like a jungle to get there, through mud puddles, barking rabies looking dogs…)… and we had to get up at 6am to catch our plane so needless to say I am VERY tired right now, but I did make my plane… but just barely.

First of all, I either didn’t set my alarm properly or just plain didn’t hear it but luckily Theresa somehow woke up… we were quite late, so we threw on our clothes and sprinted down to the beach, just managed to catch the boat before it left, waded through the water to get to it… then caught the flight to Manila… I thought I had lots of extra time to catch my connection but as it turns out I barely made it… first of all, I went to the wrong terminal (Manila airport is whack… there is like 4 different terminals and they are so far apart you need to take a taxi to get to any of them)… then I took a taxi to the right terminal… I only had 500 pesos left on me ($10) and the cab ride was only about $0.30 but I only had a 500 peso bill and the taxi guy couldn’t break it and he only had 180 pesos he could give me for change… so I gave him 300 pesos for a 50 peso ride… then I go to check in and the girl tells me that since I booked the ticket online I have to go to the next terminal over to the ‘ticket booking’ place to actually get the ticket… I was like, ‘you know its called an Eticket for a reason right?’… anyway, so I run over there… its about 300 meters away and the only way out of the one terminal is on the far end and the only way in is on the opposite side… the total run must’ve been like close to half a km. So I finally get back to her, check in, and then as I am going to the gate OF COURSE they have an ‘airport improvement tax’ (which is called theft) and it was 550 pesos… I only had 180 pesos on me and they don’t take credit cards so I ask where the bank machine is… it is even FURTHER than the ticket office… so I run over there and back (going through security each time I come in), total run probably close to a km, but the bank machine wasn’t working… so I told the ticketing girl my plight and she said Philippine Airlines will pay for it there in Manila but when I get to Bangkok I have to pay them back… so after they make me fill out some paperwork and stuff I just made it through immigration and security to the plane before it left.

So after getting maybe 1 hour of sleep, feeling like a$$, wading through water to the boat, running probably close to 2km total at the airport, I am now on my way to Bangkok.

It is kinda funny cuz I know quite a few girls in Bangkok and they were all fighting over who gets to pick me up from the airport??!! I tell you it is good to be the king…. So S won and she is picking me up… I hope she doesn’t mind if I go straight to the hotel and pass out for about 20 hours after 4 completely insane days on Boracay.