ti esrever dna pilf, nwod gniht tup I

Almost everywhere in the world I have been, but most specifically in Mexico, Argentina and Thailand, most of the people who go out to the dance clubs seem to know ALL the lyrics to ALL the songs, even some of the newest rap tracks that i haven’t even heard yet has the whole place chanting along with every word…

Here is the funny part though, 70% of them barely understand much english so they just know the enunciations… here are two hilarious moments:

1. I was in Buenos Aires hanging out with one of my Argentinian gf’s and she loves listening to 80’s music on her cd player with her headphones on. I was watching tv and she starts singing along to one of her favorite songs, “tha pho reen en tha middola nite my fadareda like to make a pop ri. oh dadi dea oh the un open it one be cor gir dey wan na hav fu un”… I was like, what the hell song was that? She was singing along with “Girls just want to have fun” by Cindi Lauper, lol.

2. Then last night I was out at what I can only describe was the coolest, most craziest party scene I have ever scene… every club in the RCA district in Bangkok all combined into one club with well over 10,000 people… it was insane and awesome but here is the hilarious moment… I am standing there and they were playing Missy Elliott’s “Work It” track… Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as everyone, as usual, was singing along to the track… but then the chorus line came… and unbeknownst to everyone there I guess, the chorus of the song is actually reversed… it is a bit of play on words… no one who speaks English would sing along with the chorus as it sounds like a garbled record playing backwards (which it basically is)… so there I was watching everyone sing along with what was basically noise, “ti esrever dna pilf, nwod gniht tup I!!!”, “ti esrever dna pilf, nwod gniht tup I!!!!”… haha, too funny… well they looked good doing it, I guess thats what counts. 😛