Guangzhou, Panyu and Snake

I went to Guangzhou yesterday on my way to Panyu… had a fun night, was out with a cute little Chinese girl that I met at one of my GZ hangouts, Gipsy King, all night… I really liked her but she doesn’t speak a word of English and my Chinese just doesn’t cut it… got her # but will have to really cram on learning both Cantonese and Mandarin if I am going to call her back anytime soon.

Today I went to Panyu… It is freezing cold here… around 7c, but feels much colder… and of course I am not really dressed properly to begin with. I had a meeting at the office of this movie co from 3 until about 6pm… he had all the windows open and I was literally shivering the whole time… even if he closed the windows I don’t think it would help.

Then at 6 he says, “Snake?”… I was starving so I said, why not… Danny had told me he went out with Fred before for snake… but I assumed it was just one of many dishes, and was maybe one or two small snakes… but Fred took me to a place that is an ALL snake hot pot… basically they bring you a hot pot of water and fill it FULL of snakes… that was dinner… to top it off though, the restaurant was OUTDOORS and so I froze again. It is a bit odd to have my stomach full of snakes, but it did taste really good, so no complaints there… Here are two pics of the pot of snakes and my bowl full of snakes.

Our dinner ended rather appropriately with a very large rat walking about 2 feet away from my feet at the table… I asked Fred if that was dessert? (only half kidding)

I later was thinking… you know how when someone eats spaghetti and later that day they get sick and puke and their puke looks so gross with all the spaghetti? Well, imagine if ate a pot of snakes and later puked how gross that would look! lol

So after being outside for another 2 hours I was nearly blue, then Fred wanted to go back to the office and talk some more, so did that for another hour… then they finally let me go and said they would take me to an apartment they had for me…

When I got there all the windows were open and there is NO heat in the apartment… I was immediately like, oh cmon…. then they said there was internet but it wasn’t working so I said, “you know, I am gonna go stay at that nice 5 star hotel I stayed at last time it was in town”… I just got here… just had a 20 min hot bath and can feel my fingers again… this hotel is nice, has free broadband internet, nice rooms, good gym and I know quite a few of the staff/girls already from staying here for a few weeks before… and they still remember my name?!? I haven’t been here for 3 months! …so was very happy to be here…

Here is a pic of me in the cab this morning in a rare sans-sunglasses shot…

Well I guess that is it for now… I am exhausted from shivering all day so am going to try to get a good nights sleep and hit the gym tomorrow morning and then buy a jacket and go talk to Fred some more.

Unbeknownst to me, the guys I am working with have already concluded one movie, starring HK star Eric Tsang and it is being released on Chinese New Year’s… there will be 2 premiere openings, one in HK and one in Guangzhou, so that should be fun.

From what I can tell so far, my main role is to hang out with Fred, give him some advice from time to time, eat snake with him and go to all these premieres and stuff because they like to show off white people like we are a fashion accessory or something… oh well… no prob… there is a few HK movie star girls I wouldn’t mind meeting… don’t mind if I do.