As usual my time in Thailand was completely crazy… turns out S is pretty whacko too… the girls in Thailand are beautiful but dangerous, lol. S wasn’t too bad, but it just seems every girl in Thailand will do absolutely anything just to spend time with you… it is weird… S told me it is just a difference in culture and I don’t understand “Thai culture”… but I dunno, I think they are all just kinda nuts.

Anyway, as always, it was fun… and interesting! Apparently S is trying to make it so I can’t get back into Thailand now though lol.

Anyway, I am in HK now, had a fun but too crazy night last night too… I guess my prediction that I am starting to slow down was wrong… or at least mis-timed.

Onto much more important matters…

In Mazatlan, Mexico, last year, Ceebz coined the term MOV… Man on Vacation. There was this guy there and he fit it to a T… some older guy who was on vacation and had a bit too much to drink and ended up at some club. Since then I have seen a few MOV’s… and they are always good for a laugh. I may even start and post all the pics and vids… it is too good to keep to myself.

When I was in Pattaya I saw another classic MOV… he was actually BREAKDANCING at one point I died laughing but unfortunately didn’t have my camera ready!!! argh! But I did catch him in some action… here is the vid (you may need to download a codec to see it… probably worth the effort but if not take my word for it, this guy is classic MOV). Also if you missed it the first time around, the #1, and always will be #1 MOV is Cabo Dancer