K Seriously what is going on?

Everywhere I have gone in the last year, and it is getting more and more as each day passes, I just get completely stared at, grabbed, complimented and stalked.

Seriously, it is making me wonder what is going on?!? I can’t seem to go anywhere anymore without getting hit on or complimented by wide eyed people.

Here are just a few random examples, including one from tonight at the snake restaurant:

1. I just arrived in Taiwan and there was this group of sorta older men sitting at a table at a restaurant… I went in, got some food… on my way out I could tell one of them really wanted to talk to me… I just figured he knew some english and wanted to try it out… that was the case… he was like “hello, hi!”… “where are you flom?”…. then as I got closer he fell back in his seat and stops talking, eyes wide open like he saw a ghost… and then says, “oohhh. so handsome”

2. I don’t think I have talked or met with ANYONE in the last 3 months who hasn’t complimented me within seconds of meeting me with, “oh, you are so handsome.”… I also sometimes get, “so dashing”… dashing?

3. But maybe the funniest was tonight… AS USUAL, after talking biz, my buddy Fred wanted to go for snake… actually to be honest I really like it so its not a problem… I am used to going home happy with a belly full of snakes. But tonight was Friday night, and I had been going to this restaurant all week every night, so the waitresses are getting comfortable with me… one after another kept sitting down with us, drinking our beer and cheersing me… telling my friend Fred that they all want to meet with me later. That wasn’t so much the funny/strange part… here it comes… so then I go to the washroom… it is kinda a guy/girl co-ed washroom (china) and I am peeing and I notice someone pretty close behind me… turns out it is a girl.. she is kinda cute…. i still didn’t think much of it, then i finish and she says, “Hi! Hello!”… she is standing so close to me I can’t really go anywhere… then she says, “I like you very much, I want to be your friend”, , “give me your phone #”. I ended up giving it to her and exited the washroom… I went back and sat down… I guess she left cuz I never saw her after that. Then 30 mins later I have to go to the washroom again… I had noticed this table of 4 girls near the washroom when I went in and noticed them looking at me… I go and pee… I notice someone standing behind me. At this point I am thinking, WTF?! I turn around, it is another girl… I can totally tell she wants to talk to me but I bolted out of the bathroom… I had had enough of being accosted in the bathroom at the snake restaurant for one night.

So, what is the deal?! I never would have guessed in a million years that after not even being noticed in high school and spending the majority of my 20’s being completely uninteresting to girls, that every year since I was 27 I have become more and more attractive to them… and not just them… guys too (even if they aren’t gay)… I have had so many non-gay guys comment how good looking I am?!?

I actually really don’t get it… I look in the mirror and if anything I look worse than before… but apparently not.

Is anyone else getting this?

Actually, it may not even be that I changed, maybe the rest of the world changed… I even seem to be getting WAY more girls on sites like Friendster and Myspace all messaging me telling me they like me… and I have had those pics up for over a year and never got many messages.

Perhaps we are nearing the end of the world and people are just letting it go… avian flu? not sure… something strange is going on tho… not that i don’t like it…