Snake, dreams and chips

Its been a pretty quiet weak. I’ve mostly just been working and working out… trying to be a bit more disciplined about things… discipline is good… doing everything you want whenever you want is good but if you do it too long you kinda lose perspective on things and nothing really excites you as much anymore… whereas if you are disciplined and only allow yourself to do things you like a certain amount, then you really look forward to and enjoy those times. Plus I always enjoy working hard and progressing, whether it is in work, working out, or learning etc…

Anyway, because of my new found discipline, my blog has slowed down a bit lately. And considering almost everyone I know basically lives vicariously through me, they must all be thinking, cmon man, I don’t want to come here and read about how you worked all day. 😛

But don’t be alarmed, while things may be slower, there are still some pretty good moments from time to time… I actually came to Guangzhou from Panyu yesterday because Panyu is REALLY backward… there isn’t much of a nightlife there either… most of the social encounters happen in the bathroom of the snake restaurant :P… so came to GZ, went out last night to Babyface and then my usual hangout Gipsy King… when I walk into Gipsy King it is kinda like Norm at Cheers… and I have really only been there maybe 6 or 7 times over the last 3 months… but what can I say, I am the champ.

Actually ran into that girl I met there 2 weeks ago so hung out with her last night again.. she is cute as hell but the communication is still a major problem… she doesn’t speak a word of Engrish and my putonwah only lasts so long with, “My name is Jie Fu… how are you?” and counting to ten doesn’t really help… she is coming over again tonight though, she has her friend talk to me on the phone because her friend speaks a bit of Engrish. I think her name is Ling Ling but not sure… kinda sounds like a name for a panda…

A friend from Germany is coming in tomorrow to take a look at some of these movie projects we are working on so will go out with him in GZ tomorrow, then back to the ‘country’ in Panyu for a bit.

So thats the update, now for the commentary…

I had so many weird dreams last week… it must have been all the snake I was eating, I gotta lay off the snake for a bit I think… I mean, my dreams were messed up… I won’t name names but in one I found out my friend was a meth addict and we were jogging and he had a seizure, and it was really bad… then the cops came and said “he is a meth addict, we are just going to put him out of his misery”… I woke up right as they shot him… then the next night i had a dream that another friend of mine was fooling around with me.. we were pushing each other and laughing etc… then I tied a rope around his legs and ran through the streets of Edmonton in the winter, dragging him behind me… then a semi-truck 18 wheeler ran over him… I could hear all the bones in his legs breaking and saw him just get demolished as each wheel after another drove over him…

So…. no more snake, Spam Lovers pizza or McDonalds McFarm burgers for the next few days!!

My final comment today is about chips. I enjoy a nice bag of chips and a soda from time to time while watching tv/sports or playing poker etc… I have liked this snack my whole life… and I have always preferred Salt n Vinegar chips with a coke as the ultimate… but from time to time will switch it up with Dill Pickle or All Seasoned chips. I always get a craving for this snack when I watch one of my favorite shows ever, Trailer Park Boys, on my laptop… in the show they are always eating chips and pepperoni (mmm pepperoni too! they don’t have that in most places either)

However, since I began travelling the world nearly 2 years ago, I have found that almost every country in the world has the worst chips… and rarely do they ever have Salt n Vinegar (only in Britain and sometimes the US, thats about it)…

Every country seems to have its own flavors and ALL of them suck so bad. So, here is my top 10 list of the worst chips in the world

10. Lemon (Mexico)
9. Green Onion (Taiwan)
8. Wasabi (this actually was better than I thought though) (Japan)
7. Prawn and Oyster (China – note: comes with some sort of disgusting red dipping sauce)
6. Italian Red Meat (China)
5. Camembert and Cranberry (UK)
4. Paprika (Austria)
3. Tomato (China)
2. Mustard (Taiwan)
1. Hedgehog (UK)

Note: I never actually tried Hedgehog chips, for obvious reasons (fear)… but they can’t be good.

I am in general an anti-patriot as I believe being ‘proud’ of being from your country is yet another way, like religion, to divide human beings… however, I will say, Canada definitely has the best chip flavors of any country in the world. Asia is absolutely the worst… if anyone is coming over here, would you mind bringing me some S&V? 😛