Technology… and my life

Man i love technology so much… it makes life so cool…

And this may be a good moment to give people a synopsis of what my life is like while I talk about how cool all the internet and mobile technology is that I use… since I get asked ALL THE TIME, “what is it you do?”… and my response is almost always, unequivocably, a blank stare… and an, “uh…. its hard to explain”.

So, here is basically a rundown of my morning:

-woke up at 10am, did my daily looking around, not sure where I am or why… I didn’t have to actually open the window and look out to see what city I was in today though as I remembered I was still in Hong Kong… looked the other way to see if there was any girls in my bed… was none today… was a bit sad, but also a bit happy as sometimes that can be a bit awkward… received SMS on my prepaid HK 3G mobile phone # from Alex on his German mobile… he was at HK airport, text messaging me to let me know he was heading back to Frankfurt for a few days

-scanned StockHouse portfolio to see how my stocks did, as long with Microsoft Money which updates all my stocks, options and warrants on stock exchanges from Canada, the US and London in near real-time… and yes, for like the 90th day in a row, all my stocks were up (GO GOLD GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. and oil too! and uranium…)

-Email a summary of the movie premiere for our company last night to some of my business partners who are interested in getting involved with this deal. The movie was pretty bad, imo, but I haven’t seen a lot of HK movies, maybe they are all that bad… but there was ‘supposedly’ 30 stars in it, including Kelly Chen… the premiere was typical HK… a million photographers and a huge throng of autograph hounds…

-my msn messenger started to light up as soon as I logged on, with messages from one of my Thai gf’s in Phuket… one in Bangkok… one of my mexican gf’s in Huatulco which just happens to be where my Dad is on vacation too, who has been updating me via email… and a few HK gf’s… I speak in 3 different languages seemlessly to all of them (espanol, guangdonwah (cantonese) and english… hey english is still a language!)… and of course all my good friends, many in vancouver…

-based on what one of my Bangkok girlfriends told me about what she wants to do with me and her other girl friends I decided I am booking a flight to Bangkok ASAP to go see her, and then spend a few days on the beach, maybe in Phuket to get some sun again… it is Chinese new year here for the next week so no point in being here, will be no business to do

-so I began checking flights… used Expedia at first but most flights were full or too expensive due to Chinese new year, but there are lots of small airlines, and lots of African Airlines that fly from HK to Bangkok on the way to Africa, so checked out their websites… only prob was they don’t allow you to book unless it is 3 days in advance

-so I used Skype to call via my laptop, bluetooth headset and highspeed internet connection here at my hotel in Hong Kong to call Kenya, Ethiopia and somewhere in the middle east (Gulf Airlines? Not sure, maybe Dubai)… all for less than $2 I spoke with them all and began to arrange my flight for tomorrow

-while doing that I loaded up my realtime, 24hr commodity and currency trading app to see how my long trades on silver, natural gas and palladium were doing… up a few thousand overnight, not bad, will continue to hold…

-received emails from numerous StockHouse writers as well as the Executive Editor with a number of new articles and questions etc… responded to them all and began some research on an upcoming article I am doing

-Needed to transfer some money to my mom to pay my taxes in Canada for 2004 (running a little behind, but hey, my friggin boat sank with all my tax receipts, cmon)… there was some technical problems (the downside of technology sometimes) so had to use Skype again to call Canada to rectify

-received email from my friend Trevor who is shipping off to Afghanistan with Canadian army soon… trying to coordinate to meet up somewhere over near there and maybe look for Osama a bit on a vacation…

-Used internet to find best rates for hotel for tonight in HK, ended up text messaging one of my biz partners here on her HK cell phone to arrange via her travel agency as they got better rate

-3 hours had already passed by at this time and was considering a break… decided to watch the latest episode of “The Daily Show” at the Comedy Central website on my laptop via streaming video

-emailed a business broker in Phuket to let him know I will be there in a few days and want to go check out some beach bars that are for sale there… text messaged one of my Thai gf’s to see if she can manage it for me as I won’t be there all the time

-brief scan of Canadian media online to get general update on the election details from yesterday… no matter who wins, they are all TERRIBLE, CORRUPT and have NO CLUE about anything, so it doesn’t really matter… but saw that weirdo lookin creepy evangelist sounding guy won… was a bit scared… but then remembered Canada is so small and unimportant in the grand scheme of things that it really doesn’t matter… but was a bit unhappy to know that if George Bush was even aware of the election (which he undoubtedly wasn’t) he would have been happy to know another one of these weird god raving “moral” crusaders got elected… what makes them think it is in ANY WAY the ‘governments’ role to dictate ‘morality’?!?!? scary.. reminds me of nazis somewhat

-went downstairs for lunch, had great dimsum… was a wifi signal there so logged onto internet on my phone (i-mate K-jam, coolest phone out right now), my friend from Germany messages

-my friend from Germany is on his flight back to Frankfurt and MSN messages me from 31,500 feet (he knows cuz he is also a pilot)… he is on high speed satellite internet on the Lufthansa flight in 1st class!!!

-An investment friend emails me about a Mongolian coal play we have been doing our due dilligence on. He has some info from the President of the co he updates me with… we begin further due dilligence and even consider a trip to Mongolia to look at further investment as the opportunity looks huge.

-decided it was time to take another short break, pumped up some music streaming live from an excellent London radio station and logged on to Party Poker to play some poker against a total of millions of people from all over the world and slowly take their money while enjoying the relaxation and mental stimulation of the strategy

-just found out I have to actually run across town on the MTR in HK to get my ticket from SriLankan Airlines to Bangkok tomorrow… am meeting a girl for dinner at 7pm after that, then another business guy to get an update from him around 9pm… then maybe hang out in Lang Kwai Fong for a bit

-That sucks because I haven’t even had time to go to the gym yet, argh

-Downloaded some movies off of P2P programs that I want to watch to get some ideas for the 2 movie scripts I am currently writing… didn’t have time to work on either today but both are turning out pretty good… one is about my highschool years, called “Class of 86″… a comedy… and the other is a bit strange, but it is about some asian girls growing up North America and culture clash etc… its a ‘coming of age’ film… lots of laughs… also parts that will make ya cry… called “Orientation”… writing it in concert with a bunch of asian girls who all give me info on what their lives are like…

-pumped up some music streaming live from an excellent London radio station and hopped in shower

Anyway, that is just a short summary of my day… there were also about a hundred other things I did, but that just gives you the gist. But it just gives you an idea of how cool it is that I can do all these things from pretty much any location in the world… if I had to do any/all these things I did today and the internet didn’t exist it would be mostly impossible… but if I tried, it woulda took months… not hours…. Gotta run!