Haven’t updated in a while, been a fairly boring few days (as far as the blog goes). I flew from Bangkok to Shenzhen, China direct on Bangkok Airways on Tuesday after a great trip to Koh Samui. As usual, it was everything I expect from Thailand… a wild ride, plus some sun, good food and fun.

I arrived at 8pm in Shenzhen and wanted to take the train to Guangzhou (GZ is about 100+ kilometers from SZ)… but couldn’t seem to communicate this to any of the taxi drivers which I flagged down on the highway outside the airport… so eventually I just took a cab to GZ… I actually wanted to go to Panyu, which is about 30km past GZ, but again, no communicado. So he dropped me off in the middle of nowhere just past a toll booth outside of GZ where I tried to communicate with a gaggle of taxi drivers… its only been 2 weeks since I was last in China but what little Mandarin I did know had already gotten lost in my head, especially since one of my thai gf’s has been teaching me some Thai lately… now my brain is a mess of different languages… I am lucky I can even speak English properly anymore.

Anyway, so I got in the cab in GZ and we got to Panyu and I thought I knew the way to my hotel, but I guess I didn’t because we ended up driving around all over China for a while.

I finally got in late that night and the next day, you guessed it… a short business meeting, then “hey, jeff… snake?”… I actually was really hungry that day and I kept thinking about snake during the meeting… I knew it was coming anyway so I might as well get excited about it.

We went to the snake place and it was really full so they sat us in a different area beneath some tarps and flourescent lighting… Fred seemed really unhappy… “I no like” he kept telling me and pointing to the tarp. It was actually the first time I have seen Fred show unhappiness like this… and I couldn’t quite understand it… other than the fact that we were in a tent, it was basically the same… there were still the cages of snakes… the rats walking around… and boiling pots of snakes to eat… but the tarp really bothered Fred.

I went over to take a look at all the cages with live snakes there and amongst the dozens of cages with snakes there was one cage that had kittens in it. I couldn’t bring myself to ask.

I thought we were only supposed to eat the ugly or stupid animals! 😛

Anyway, I am not sure that they do eat them… but why would they have them in a cage right beside the snakes?? Again, I couldn’t bring myself to ask because I am scared of what the answer might be.

As for me, I have been trying to be good all week after a crazy 10 days in Thailand. I may stay in Panyu until Friday or Saturday, at which point I think I may go to either Guangzhou or Shenzhen for one night out, then maybe to HK to get my laptop repaired… it was damaged when a thai girl stepped on it during some activities… ah well, it was worth it.