Trevor Greene Update

There have been numerous news stories coming out in the last day, the most in depth is this story from the Toronto Star which just came out (btw, Google News is a GREAT resource for things like these, just go to Google News and type in “Trevor Greene Afghanistan” and you will see pretty much every news story as they come out, updated almost in realtime).

Here is the Toronto Star story.

According to former SH employee, Dave Pawlaski, who had called Siu Yin to update her, Trevor’s girlfriend was awoken the previous night with a phone call and told that Trevor was gunned down and killed in Afghanistan. Thankfully the report was incorrect. Trevor has a 1 year old baby girl.

The latest is he is en route to a military hospital in Germany and is in stable but serious condition and breathing under his own power.

Trevor’s nickname is “Tree” because he is big and tall… it takes more than one chop of an axe to bring down a tree. Hopefully more positive updates to come.