Trevor montage

Ben sent me the montage he did of the vigil the other night… apparently it, along with other things will be going up on soon. I actually thought it was (not .ca) at first and went there, and it is a blog of a guy named Trevor Greene… and I thought that it must be the one… I started reading it, and this guy is such a loser… especially when I got to one part of the blog where it said something like, “hey everybody, well, i got to see President Bush live in person for a speech yesterday, what an honor! Who can say they’ve done that? And I have to say, he has to be the most eloquent, smartest President we’ve ever had…. to see him in person was a life changing experience”.

I still, somehow, thought this could possibly be the ‘real’ Trevor’s blog but as I read it I kept thinking, “man, I actually thought Trevor was an amazing guy, but the more I read about what he writes in his blog, the more I can’t believe how wrong I was… he’s a complete idiot!”… but finally I came to the realization that this was TOTALLY not the right blog! LOL! Phew… is a buffoon.

Anyway, being as lucky as you are that you have access to my exclusive blog, you get an exclusive sneak preview of the montage. It is a 3mb Quicktime file, download here: Trevor Greene Montage (note: this link wasn’t working earlier but now works… it will likely take most people a few minutes to download so just let it sit, or right click on it and ‘save target as’ and save it to your computer)