Phonin’ me

Ok, I have a very complicated set-up to reach me via phone now, but luckily for you, the setup part is the complicated part… actually calling me is now very easy.

I have set it up so ALL calls to 310-928-1520 (that is a California #, but it is actually a Skype #) will forward to my Bangkok AND HK cell phone #’s, so if you dial that # you will get me if I am using either Bangkok or HK #, I will also set it up to forward to any other cell phone #’s I am using if I am in another locale.

So, the only # you will need for me now is 310-928-1520.

However, if you are in Thailand or HK and want to reach me via a local # my local #’s are:

Thailand: 050752710 (or if dialed from outside of country, +6650752710)
Hong Kong: 63422673 (or if dialed from outside of country, +852 63422673)

Because these calls are being actually forwarded via Skype and then sent to a local call on a pre-paid cell phone card, calling me is very cheap for me (from North America, probably 3-5 cents a minute approx or less), so actually cheaper than for most people.