Trev Update/Jeff Update/Fishes In?

First things first, here is the latest on Trevor who arrives back in Canada today. There is a lot of good information as well as good news which gives a lot of hope that Trevor may get through this. I’ll say it again, of all the people I know, Trevor is the most capable of surviving this.

As for me, I didn’t even realize it until my Thai gf mentioned it today, but I have been in Thailand for the last month! I originally intended to come here from China for a few days but… well… time, and everything else, just doesn’t work the same here in Thailand. I was in Bangkok for a week, then Phuket for a week, then Bangkok for a week, and then I came back to Phuket a few days ago again!!! I had 2 friends from Vancouver come here and they wanted to go to Phuket, so here I am again!!

I just spoke with Fred in China and he wants to meet next week, then I have a press conf in HK right after that, so will be back to the Chingy Chingy Chong soon.

And now for the funny story of the day… note this is fairly X rated, but most things in Thailand are so if you want some content, its gonna be a bit risque. 😛

So, like I said, I have some friends who arrived in Bangkok a few days ago so I met with them… and they had read about “ping pong shows” somewhere and wanted to go see it… a “ping pong show” is a show where girls shoot ping pong balls out of their crotchal region.

So we go… we sit down, they hand us a menu.. on it are things like “Fishes In”, “Writes a letter”, “Razorblades in”, and “Shoots Balloons”.

My friend chooses “Shoots Balloons” and picks the hottest girl there… she was really very very hot. So, he holds up a ballon about 25 feet away from her in a crowd of people, and she takes a blow dart, places it in the nether region and a second later, pops the balloon with the dart. He invites her to come sit with us and have a tequila shot and they hit it off, so she came out with us that night… and he ended up spending the night with her.

The next day he was like, “i actually think i may be in love”… haha… the funny part of this story is that this is just another typical day in Bangkok.

“Daddy, where did you meet mommy?” 😛