It’s been a long time

Wow it has been a long time since my last update… I didn’t even realize it though until my Mom sent me an email wondering if I was still alive!

Well, yes, I am still alive… my laptop on the other hand, is barely… It has been in the shop for nearly a week now, which has slowed me down a lot on just about everything, including updates.

I think since my last update I have flown back to Panyu for more weird meetings with Fred… and since then I went to Guangzhou, then HK for the last week or so.. spent one night in Macau last night.

I am considering heading to Bangkok on Friday or Saturday. It looks like the Chinese movie deal may be put on hold (on my end) until summer… which is actually fine with me… I am starting to get the urge to hit the road again… am thinking to go to Bangkok briefly and get a little apartment there, then take off to possibly Vietnam, Indonesia, maybe even Australia for a bit.

Then I may go back to Bangkok (my new home base) prior to doing my summer trip this year which should include Russia, much of Eastern Europe and possibly hook up with Jamie, Elsie and anyone else who wants to join, maybe in Italy or France. It has been a good year for me in the stock market so far (remember buy gold!) so I may rent a nice little villa for a week like I did in Ibiza a few years ago… so if you want to come have a fun week, stay tuned… am thinking early September for the villa.

That’s about it for now, nothing too interesting… just the same ol’ Berwick life, the last few weeks.

Before I go, here is the latest on Trevor: There hasn’t been much new in the media as the story is too old now for them to update I think, but I get some info from time to time through Siu Yin who knows Dave Pawlaski, who has access to info. The latest is that Trevor is still in a coma but he has been upgraded in ‘coma status’… he has now been making facial expressions. Apparently all of this is very good news and he continues to make progress almost daily. A check of his brain through a catscan showed no noticable damage to his cognitive or memory areas of his brain which also gives hope. I know he is going to make it back and I can’t wait to see him again, shake his hand, and ask him where we are going next!