Got an apartment?!

Considering I haven’t had an actual physical, stationary address for nearly 2 years, this may come as quite a shock, but today I got an apartment in Bangkok.

But, considering it is fully furnished, with a nice pool and gym in the building and costs about $350/month, it is hardly a “big decision” or a “big commitment”!

I really have no intention of even spending a lot of time there as I intend to travel through Vietnam, Indonesia and maybe other countries in SE Asia over the next month or so… and then after that I will be in Vancouver and Edmonton sometime in June, afterwhich I will likely travel through parts of Russia and then into Eastern Europe, likely culminating in September in Italy or France, prior to heading back to Asia.

But, seeing as how I spend so much time in Bangkok lately, it seemed to make some economic sense… plus the place is nicer than most hotels I’ve been staying in… they are installing high speed internet this week, so it will have everything I need…

So, next time you are in Bangkok, stop by my place… its, uh, near Rachadiphisek, near Asoke-Dindaeng… or something like that.