Does work on a boat ever end?

Well, I have been working on this boat for about 6 months now, and it still seems like almost every day that we sail, something breaks, or tangles, or spews crap everywhere, or leaks diesel fuel etc…

So our spinnaker halyard got all fuxored in the jib mast on the last leg so I had to borrow a Bosun’s Chair from 2 guys named Jim and Tim, whom we met in a strip club, and went up the mast. Here is the pic of me WAY up there… believe me, it feels pretty damn high: PERCHED. Mike had the honor of hauling me up… his lats are now HUGE.

We left this morning for Mazatlan, but not before the port side engine decided to go into neutral and not come out of it, causing me to steer awkwardly through the marina, not knowing that the engine was in neutral… almost nailed a multi million dollar boat… but managed to just slide by and then get tied up to the fuel dock. We managed to put it into forward manually with our hands and decided to go to Mazatlan then worry about it. So we are about 3 hours out of Cabo right now… HOT (30c-35c), sunny, very little wind so are motorsailing, and flat seas. Hope this keeps up (could use a bit more wind, but don’t mind the flat seas one bit).