Sigh, I am becoming so darn content nowadays… don’t worry, I am just as dissapointed as you are, and possibly more, but I really don’t want to leave here for a while.

However, I will do it! i just want to enjoy this for a few more weeks…

To give you an indication of my life, here is my day so far:

I woke up at 10am after a great nights sleep, read a few things on the internet, then headed down to the gym for a light workout, then into the pool on a glorious day… did some swimming and tanning for about an hour.

I came back up to my room where Jane was just finishing cleaning it all up nicely… we went downstairs to the restaurant in the building which has amazing food… I had a delicious strawberry smoothie (all fruit here is SO good, I must eat at least 3-5 pieces of fruit per day on average) and a nice pasta dish… total cost for my portion of the meal in a super nice/trendy restaurant: $3.50.

I then went upstairs and did some work on my laptop and ate some more fruit. Jane went out for a while to see her friends… she said she may bring one of them over tonight for us to play with.

She text messaged me a few hours later to see if I am hungry… I told her I was… she asked me what I wanted… I felt like McDonalds today so she ordered it for me.

Meanwhile I continue to do a ton of research on the internet in regards to numerous major issues that are ongoing but most of the public are unaware of, including the fact that we have hit Peak Oil and the world could literally collapse as we know it as the wars for oil continue (Iraq was the first big one). Also, the collapse of the US Dollar, which will see gold skyrocket… (notice that gold is up $100 to $620, since I last wrote about it in my blog a few weeks ago? hint: BUY GOLD AND OIL, they will be the only things of value in the coming years… well, food and water too but gold and oil will make you a lot richer).

So anyway, no big exciting stories for the last few weeks but don’t worry, I will hit the road at some point… and Bangkok ALWAYS has some crazy things happen, so hang in there.

In the meantime, I don’t know how strongly I can say and word the following: there are MAJOR changes going on in the world which have and will change things forever… life 5 or 10 years from now will barely even be comparable. The world is almost out of oil (we used more than half in the first 100 years and our usage has increased massively to the point where we will likely use the usable remainder in much less time, and at MUCH greater expense). This will cause huge changes… pretty much say goodbye to affordable air travel within a few years from now (maybe as soon as 2-3 years), so if you have been wanting to make a trip, do it soon.

That is just one major factor… there is a confluence of events currently happening that will almost certainly mean massive changes coming… the 2nd most important issue is that the US is, in every conceivable meaning of the word, bankrupt. This will have major implications as the US dollar goes to zero, probably much sooner than anyone expects.

If you just want to do the bare minimum, here is what I would do:

1. Sell ANY general stock market stocks or funds (US stock market will go down 30-40% in next 1-2 years alone, but likely in next 6 months). Also buy some funds that are negatively correlated to the major indices (bear market funds)

2. Intend on having 50% or more of your ‘savings’ in gold and gold related assets within the next 2 years… this would mean buying 5% of your savings in gold every 2 months for the next 2 years… this is so you can average in… gold is $600 right now, but could possibly be $500 next month, so don’t buy everything right now, just buy every month… don’t worry if it goes down a bit for the next 6 months… it will go up 500%+ easily in US dollar terms in next 5 years, so don’t worry too much… (btw, if gold goes up 500%, this means some of the smaller gold stocks will go up 5,000%)… enjoy :)

3. Buy a certain percentage (say 20%) of your savings in oil and oil related assets… big oil companies right now are very cheap, so now is a good time to buy some… plus many of them have dividends so it is a great investment… gold is near record highs again today, but will go up another 500% easy in next 5-7 years.

4. If you have debt, begin working to pay it off as soon as possible… forego any unneccessary expenses if needed to do so… ask any old-timer what they wish they had done before the great depression and they will tell you most of the above… and this ‘great depression’ will make that one look like disneyland.

Don’t say I didn’t tell ya so. But even if you don’t, don’t worry too much, I’ll have at least one or two little getaways, sufficiently far away from ‘civilization’ that we won’t have to fear being overrun by the unruly mobs too often (and if we do, we will have the firepower and can buy the services of for-hire militia to protect our compound), so you can drop by there if you need food, water and a nice little pad with a swimming pool etc to watch the world change via reports on the internet.

Hmmm… this blog entry went from me talking about living in virtual paradise to talking about the end of the world as we know it… hows that for mood swings? 😛 Well, they are all related… the point is, Enjoy the good times, they will not last forever (nothing lasts forever) and prepare for the future if you want to continue enjoying life in the near future.

No matter what, I’ll enjoy whatever happens as we continue in this great experiment called life… as usual, Elsie, a young girl with wisdom WAY beyond her years (and she doesn’t even know it), had the perfect thought when I discussed the above with her and told her that life as we know it will change and we could even see people in north america almost completely liquidated… her response: “thats probably good… most people need a reality check nowadays.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.