Still chillin

Nothing new to report on my end… same old deal… hit the pool every day, workin… eatin good Thai food… enjoying BKK life.

I got some great news on Trevor today… he is awake and talking now and appears to have full mental capacity which is so friggin awesome. I am sure it will be a long road to get fully recovered but I have no doubt he’ll do it… it is SO like Trevor that one of the first things he asked was when he could go back to Afghanistan.

Here is a story from the Vancouver Sun:

As for me I just noticed that the stamp in my passport here in Thailand only allows me to stay until April 30… considering it is April 29 right now that doesn’t give me a lot of time to figure something out… but I think I will go get a Vietnam visa on Monday and then maybe take off on Tuesday (I think they charge $5-10/day for every day you stay over your visa here in Thailand so no big deal). I am thinking to initially go to Phnom Penh in Cambodia for a few days since it is close, then go to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in Vietnam… from there I think I’ll leave it open and take it as it comes… if I like it i’ll stay a while, if not, i may take off to Malaysia and then maybe Indonesia… we’ll see.

I gotta admit though, I’ve enjoyed the last month of not moving hotels every 2nd day… the place I am at in Bangkok is great… I can’t say enough good things about it… but I refuse to stagnate…

Not to mention I am starting a new feature on SH, which is to kick off our new ‘blogs’ section… I will be writing a financial blog on SH and it will be somewhat based on my travels… a bit like Jim Roger’s “Adventure Capitalist” where he drove around the world looking for investment ideas and info, I am doing something similar, but mine is a plane, trains, sailboats and automobiles approach to it. So, this has me inching to get on the road to get some good content for the blog (both this one and the financial blog).

Until then, I’ve still got a few days left here in my little paradise… gonna enjoy it…