Good Morning Vietnam

I ventured out from the comfortable confines of my hotel last night (Thursday) and ventured into the chaos of Saigon. The main area for nightlife here is District 1 (most parts of the city have a designated District #, my hotel is in District 5 but it is only about a 5-10 minute drive from District 1).

The first place that I saw that looked happening was Q Bar, a loungey, funky space with outdoor patio across the street from the Caravelle Hotel, near the Park Hyatt and Sheraton Hotel.

It was pretty relaxed and casual, so I had a glass of red wine and had my dinner for the night, a light dim sum of Cantonese dumplings.

I then crossed the street to a place I heard was nice, the Saigon Saigon bar at the top of the Caravelle Hotel. It had a nice view but was fairly quiet so I just had one drink and then left.

I then walked downstairs and asked the concierge where a good disco was. His first reaction was to look at his watch as thought to say, “at this hour? so late!”… it was only 11pm at that point so I was confused at his reaction. I later got the same reaction when I asked someone else the same question.

I soon found out why. Most discos and clubs in Saigon are mandated to close at midnight or 1pm! For a person of my interests this just doesn’t work.

I went to a place which was listed on almost every website about Saigon nightlife, called Apocalpyse Now. It was a fairly small space and had a decent crowd. There were a fair amount of foreigners there who appeared to be having a good time. I was pawed at by numerous girls there and one of them was pretty cute so I talked with her for a bit.

But before I knew it, the club closed. The girl I met told me that Q Bar is an “after hours” bar (thus proving yet again that regulations never do anything to stop activity, only to push it underground). I went there with her and had a decent time. I then took off on my own on a motorcycle taxi and asked him where a good place was to go.

He took me to a quiet sidestreet and we ended up at what kinda looked like a private house. I went in and there were a few girls in there and they had a pool table. I started playing pool with one, and within a few minutes she had taken all her clothes off. I am not sure what the deal was there, but I decided to leave soon after, when I was on another motorcyle taxi and met a girl who was cute and driving around on her scooter.

That was pretty much the just of my night. It was interesting, but definitely a lot smaller and quieter than a place like Bangkok, from what I saw last night. But I will likely go out again on Saturday night to see if I missed anything of interest.

I also need to decide what I am going to do… I think I will leave Saigon on Sunday, but where to yet I am not sure. I heard there is a full moon party in Nha Trang this weekend, but I may miss that. There is also a city called Da Nang which is a resort city on the ocean up North that I may go check out.

I also may just head back to Bangkok too, as an option… I have enjoyed checking out a bit of Cambodia and Vietnam but my mind keeps thinking back to the comfort and enjoyment I always have in Bangkok.

If I do go back though, I will still likely take off for Malaysia in the next few weeks to check out that nickel deposit, and if I go there I may as well go check out Indonesia since it is so close and I have been wanting to go there for a while.

Until then…