Great service

I think many people would be surprised at how well many things run in Asia. A lot of people think of Canada and the US as being fairly advanced and efficient, but in many ways, Asia can be more so, and for often much less in price.

For example, today I decided I wanted to go to Nha Trang tomorrow. I went to and let them know I wish to get that flight tomorrow. They emailed back within the hour and said they would come and drop off the ticket to my hotel (for no additional charge). A half hour later they were at my door with the ticket. The ticket cost $45 USD, btw!!! That equated to 743,000 Vietnamese Dong. When I was counting the cash to give to him, he just said “740,000 is okay”… in America the driver would be looking for a big tip, here the driver is willing to take less than the actual amount if it makes it more convenient. I gave him 750,000 and told him to keep the change… 7,000 Dong is about 40 cents and I think it made his day.

Another great service, which I believe is based out of Thailand, is They seem to have an almost complete collection of hotels for most countries in Asia, at usually well discounted prices. They are also very quick to confirm your order, even at short notice.

So, I’ll head out for one last night in Saigon tonight, then off to Nha Trang and the beach tomorrow. I don’t really know what to expect, so should be interesting.

Oh, and btw, GO OILERS!!! The last two games have been unbelievable!!!!