Made it to Mazatlan, limping

Well, after leaving Cabo with our engine jury-rigged in the ‘forward’ position, we crossed the Sea of Cortez. We had some good wind and averaged nearly 8 knots on my first significant crossing. It was approximately 200 nautical miles across the Sea of Cortez from Cabo to Mazatlan and we made it in about 28 hours.

When we got into Mazatlan I really only had use of one engine and that makes the catamaran very hard to steer because that engine is on one side… also, the entrance into the El Cid Marina is incredibly tight, so it was tough to even get in, then once we were in, the marina people pointed to our spot. It was a slip BESIDE another sailboat. I had very little maneuverable control of the boat but I somehow got us into the slip, beside the other boat, with only 2 feet of room to spare while Ceebz scurried to change dock lines and bumpers to the other side of the boat. I really have no idea how we didn’t nail the other boat or the dock, but we didn’t.

So, we are now in Mazatlan and it is hot and muggy. We need a beer. And with that, I will go get a beer…