Miss Saigon? Ya, a lil’

It was Saturday night, my last night in Ho Chi Minh City, and I was feeling much better after finally getting over the cold I caught just as I got to Phnom Penh. I worked much of the afternoon, then ordered Lamb Chops and a glass of red wine for room service, then headed out.

I actually felt like going out around 7 or 8 but that was obviously way too early so I tried to keep busy until about 9:30 when I finally decided that even though it was so early I would go and have an early start.

There is a nightclub in the hotel complex called America Disco. I think the disco came after the hotel was already there because I doubt they would have planned it like this. I was on the 12th floor and could almost feel the bass from the disco in my room… in the lobby of the hotel it was almost like you were in a nightclub already! They start the music around 7pm which I found a bit strange.

I walked in the door at 9:30, almost feeling embarrased for being there so early. I half expected them to turn me away and say, “We are not open yet�, but they didn’t. The music was loud and as I walked past the front doors it took me a few seconds for my eyes, and brain to adjust to what I saw. There, at 9:30 in the evening, was a huge disco (two very large rooms, both of them larger than 99% of the clubs in a city like Vancouver), PACKED with people. The dance floor was packed, every table was full and it looked as though everyone who was there had been there a while?!?!

Like I said, the music starts around 7, so judging by the crowd, I wouldn’t doubt it if it wasn’t in full swing around 8pm! This is the earliest I have ever seen a nightclub open at! Talk about the exact opposite from Buenos Aires, where most restaurants don’t even open until after 10pm and disco’s don’t even unlock their doors until 1 or 2am!!

The crowd at America Disco was very local. In fact, I was the only whitey in there from what I could tell. It was a bit of a weird crowd too, pretty much all ages… this actually fits in with what I have seen in North America. At many raves, you will always see this weird group of Asians, it looks like entire families (father, mother, children, aunts, uncles, grand parents) sitting/dancing by themselves… we always refer to them as ‘nammers (Vietnammers). I don’t know what it is about Vietnam, but they have a weird style when it comes to going out in the evening! They also do what a lot of people in China do here too, they all have fruit plates at their table. That’s actually something I think is not too bad, at least you can get a bit of nutrition and vitamic C.

It was such a weird vibe in there too, they were kinda playing electronic music, and a lot of the guys were really into the music on the dancefloor, pumping their fists and stuff. It was way too much too early for me. I had one beer and got the heck out of there.

I ended up back at Apocolapyse Now again, and saw a cute girl I saw on Thursday night too. She is 19 and really beautiful (there are a lot of beautiful Vietnamese girls). I ended up talking with her and her friend, and by 2am I was zooming around Saigon on one of their scooters, racing with the other girl. That was pretty fun. I spent most of the night with them. I totally dig scooters. I hate cars so much now… they are just such a pain in the butt, but scooters are always a blast. I love not wearing a helmet too… sure they are safe but there is nothing like flying around town with the wind blowing through your hair.

It is now Sunday afternoon and I am at the airport on my way to Nha Trang. I really don’t know too much about it at all except it is a popular beach resort city, about an hour flight from HCM. I am thinking to stay there for a few days then maybe keep going North to Danang, which is Vietnam’s fourth largest city, then likely back to Bangkok for a bit.

Until then, remember, if you ever wanna have a great time, grab the whole family and around 8pm head to the disco to drink beer, eat fruit and dance like crazy to techno music! 😛