All Good in the KK

I’m still in Kota Kinabalu… I’m finding it hard to leave! What a fabulous place. This has to be near the top of the list in Asia from many different perspectives… if you are wanting to have an interesting Asian trip, I’d highly recommend KK. I am very curious to get to Kuala Lumpur and see if it has many of the things KK has in a bigger package.

I went out both Friday and Saturday night and had a great time. Here is a listing of some of the better places here:

Shenanigans – An Irish Pub at the Hyatt Hotel. This seems to be busy most nights, has a really good live band, and a decent crowd. The only thing I didn’t like about the crowd is it seems to have more than its fair share of Chinese Malays and many of them seem to be older men or clique and just stick to themselves

Coccoon – This is a new disco on the waterfront, also with a very good band and a great vibe. This is where I have met most of the girls I have met here. I also have made out with the cute female singer of the band as well as one of the waitresses! How is that for hospitality?

Bed – Probably the largest disco, also with a good live band, a lot of foreigners here as well as Chinese Malays

Blue Note – A decent size disco at the Shangri La Hotel

Razzmatazz – I went there for the first time last night, it is also an after hours. I was there at 3am on Saturday night and it was packed with hundreds of people, all having a good time in a really nice looking environment

I am amazed at how many Malaysian girls will come up and talk to you here… And like I said, they are a lot different than your typical Thai girl.. the girls here are funny, smart, educated, confident and have a nice attitude… the majority of times they come up, introduce themselves and then invite me to “join them” at their table… I am really digging Malaysia. Heck, I may not even leave Kota Kinabalu for a while if this keeps up.