Down with the KL

I hopped an Air Asia jet from KK to KL on Wednesday… the price of all of Air Asia’s ( flights is just awesome… I think I paid something like $60 for the 2.5 hour flight from Bangkok to KK and then on Wednesday I paid about $100 for the 2.5 hour flight from KK to Kuala Lumpur. They have flights for as cheap as $25?!? I have found as I travel the world that once you are in a particular region (say Asia, Europe or North or South America) you can fly for unbelievably cheap right now thanks to a multitude of low cost air carriers that have sprung up. But when you want to travel between regions, like from Europe to Asia… or Asia to North America, there are much fewer options and many times you are still going to end up paying quite a bit.

Anyway, I arrived in KL. I am staying for now at the Corus Hotel. It’s not all that nice though so I may move tomorrow. But KL so far looks really cool. My hotel is only about a block from the Petronas Towers, the 2nd tallest buildings in the world, just behind the 101 in Taipei. At night, these buildings look just amazing… it looks like something from outer space.

The city as a whole seems really nice… my first impression was that it had a bit of a Hong Kong feel to it, but without the density and massive population. It’s so great (for me) that everyone here speaks perfectly fluent English. Its just nice to be able to pick up the phone and call pizza hut and the first language offering they offer you is English. Although when I called today she asked me if it was raining… I said yes, then she said they don’t deliver when it is raining. Ha, Bangkok’s got them beat there… my pizza boy delivered my pizza in BKK during the Water Festival and looked like he had just come out of a bathtub when he came to my door!

I went out last night. There are a bunch of pubs and discos right near my hotel. One is called the Beach Cafe… it has a live band. But it has a very Bangkok feel to it… most of the girls in there seemed to be working. I wouldn’t be surprised if many are actually from Thailand. Then I went across the street and there was a neat upstairs bar with good music, for a bit. Then I ended up at a place called Zouk (which I later found out on the internet is the hottest disco in KL right now), which was also very happening. Actually every single place I went to was completely packed… and it was only a Wednesday night. The crowd’s seem cool and fun… everyone looked to be having a great time and most people were very friendly.

I then spent all day Thursday just working in my hotel room and will stay in Thursday night. I may go walk around a bit of the city on Friday and then go out Friday night and then I think I may go back to Bangkok on Saturday or Sunday. I, once again, have semi-made up with my BKK girlfriend (its the never ending story) so I will go back there to my apartment again until Elsie comes on the 8th or 9th.

I have two big announcements for this week:

1. I ate at Kenny Rogers Roasters for the first time

2. I bought a Slingbox and Ben set it up for me at his office… it is AWESOME, if my internet connection is fast I can get full, decent quality video of Canadian TV now… just in time for the Finals, GO OILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!