Kuala Lumpurfect

I haven’t seen too much of this town but all that I have seen I really like so far. As I have been raving on about in my prior entries about Kota Kinabalu and the island of Borneo, Malaysia has really surprised me.

I had just never given that much thought about Malaysia… but now that I am aware of it, and its geographic position, more intricately, it all makes sense.

After all, I have been to Singapore before and Singapore is a great, beautiful city where you can easily get by in English… and Singapore is just an appendage at the very bottom of the peninsula of Malaysia… and above Malaysia is Thailand, which is full of great people and beautiful girls…

So, now that I think about it, it makes sense that Malaysia is a place that is eminently liveable, is very English (I went to a very large bookstore in the mall today, 90%+ of the books were English and the bookstore was full of locals) and has beautiful girls.

The people here almost seem to blend the best parts of many of their neighbors.. they are very relaxed and laid back like Thai’s, but are also very businessminded and educated, like Singaporeans and Hong Kongese. As an example of their entrepreneurship, I was walking along today thinking I could use a haircut… I passed by a place that was small and cool design but I didn’t at first know what it was because it was set up differently than a normal hair place. It was called EasyCut and it had a well designed system in which you go in a queue (if there is one), have exact change ready, then you get a haircut in 10 minutes or less… It was well designed, right down to how they clean up the hair after the haircut and everything, to be as efficient as possible. My haircut cost 12 Ringgit (less than $4 USD).

I think I will go back to Bangkok again tomorrow or Sunday, more just because I really do like my place there… I love going for a swim and workout every day… and I love all the great and convenient Thai food everywhere… plus I enjoy spending time with my gf there usually… so I think I will go and chill out for a bit before Elsie comes and then I’ll be back on the road a bit for a week, showing Elsie around Thailand.

But I am definitely going to consider coming back to KL and Malaysia in general as soon as I can… and possibly look to stay here in KL for an extended period (ie. a few months) as I’d really like to discover more about this place. I think if I had to pick a place where I had to live for the next year, right now, I’d possibly pick KL from what I have seen so far… its got some of the nightlife and beautiful, friendly girls of Bangkok but it also has great business environment and excellent environment for speaking English… the only thing I am not too sure of is costs so far… my hotel wasn’t too expensive ($65 USD) but it seems a bit more expensive than Bangkok so far…

Anyway, it’s Friday night, I am just finishing up some work and then will likely go out on the town for my last night and try to catch a plane tomorrow.