Hmm, Considering Ending the trip right here!

Mazatlan is so nice that I might just stay here!! We are staying in the marina of a 5 star hotel called El Cid. Literally right outside the door to my boat is beautiful swimming pools, food kiosks, drinks etc! I even have wireless high speed internet here and if i want to could take my laptop out to the pool and work from there!

Also adding to the enjoyment is the fact that Mazatlan in general is very cheap. Mike and I had a great, large sushi dinner last night with drinks and the cost came out to $40 total. We are paying $30/night to stay at El Cid, which split between Mike and I costs me $15 a day! We have access to all their amenities as well, which include tennis courts, golf course, gym etc!

So, it is quite possible I may just stay here forever. LOL. But knowing me I will likely want to get a move on by the weekend to discover more amazing destinations. Well, back to the pool. Yes, I know you hate me.