BKK, Samui, Full Moon Party…

I am very happily back home in Bangkok, after a great trip to Malaysia, and have been spending the week as I normally do here, exercising, eating well, swimming in the sun, working most of the day and just all round enjoying things.

Elsie is on her way here on Friday… she is stopping one night in HK to recouperate from the long flight from Vancouver and then will arrive in Bangkok on Saturday afternoon. I will likely show her the town for the day and night and then on Sunday we are going to Koh Samui, and as soon as we get there, taking a boat to Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party there and then will chill on that island for a few days after. This full moon party is the most famous one worldwide and so I thought it’d be fun to go to with Elsie… apparently they get about 10,000 people each month for it, all on the beach with numerous different DJ’s etc… sounds pretty cool.

Not sure what we’ll do after that… maybe hang out in Koh Samui a bit, or maybe go to Phuket… whatever Elsie feels like. Then we’ll likely head to Hong Kong on the 18th and then will fly out to Vancouver on the 20th, arriving at 10am Vancouver time on June 20th.

Not much else to report… everything is all good… well except for the Oilers start… 0-2… but I’m not sweating it… the Hurricanes have gotten a ton of breaks… it should at worst be 1-1 right now… but its ok, will be 2-1 after the next game and I am calling for the Oilers to win in 6… that means 4 in a row… no problem.

Here is a pic of me and Jane in a cab the other day just for fun

Oh, I guess the only other thing I might mention is

a) as I predicted the stock markets have began a pretty hectic collapse… down nearly 10% in the last few weeks… still more to come over the next 1-3 months… likely down another 10% and maybe a bit more

b) as I also stated, I was expecting a pullback in gold as it declined in sympathy with other markets… gold is now around $625… it won’t go much cheaper than $600… maybe $550… so now is the time, if you haven’t already, to buy gold, gold mutual funds, gold stocks (particularly junior stocks), some silver etc. Oil stocks will likely decline with the stock market over the next few months too, so I will begin to load up more on them too… try to be fully invested in gold and oil by fall to reap BIGTIME rewards over the next few years… Think 1,000%+…. minimum 200%… so it will be the best place to be for the next few years… as opposed to almost everything else which will be either falling or completelely stagnant (and because currencies are depreciating so much every year with such large inflation, stagnation means big losses).