It has been a while since my last update… it has mainly been just because I have been busier with Elsie over in Thailand, plus I have stayed in a few hotels with not-great internet access, plus I have just been slackin… so those are my excuses.

Since I last updated, Elsie arrived in Bangkok, then we went to Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party, then to Koh Samui for a few days, then we flew to Phuket, then back to Bangkok for one day, then we flew to Hong Kong for one night and I am currently writing this from the plane on the way to Vancouver with Elsie. Phew! See how my theoretically relaxing lifestyle can get a bit hectic?!

So, let me start with talking a bit about Bangkok and how it always surprises me. I went with Jane and Elsie to a place called Skybar which is on the roof of a 60 story building called the State Tower. I have never seen anything quite like it. On the top of this 60 story building is a huge staircase, dome, restaurant and bar, all beautifully designed, with an amazing 360 view of Bangkok. The cool design and development in Asia is really amazing. Here is a pic of me with Jane and Elsie at Skybar. Here is another of me and Elsie there.

Okay, so then we went to Koh Phangan. KP is a nice little island most famous for its full moon party, which is why we went there. The party was quite cool, a great vibe, with thousands of people on the beach and numerous different musical venues. You can buy a bucket with a whole bottle of either whisky or vodka, as well as a mixer of coke or red bull for about $7, so you can definitely have a good night for very cheap there. Here is a pic of me and Elsie with our buckets. Here is a pic of me on the beach the morning after.

We then spent a few days on Samui. I find Samui to be quite expensive and I am never all that happy with their hotels there, which rarely have good internet connections. I much prefer Phuket… so that is why we went to Phuket after Samui for 2 days.

Then we went back to Bangkok, and then Elsie and I flew to Hong Kong on Monday and on Tuesday (right now) I am on a flight with Elsie to Vancouver.

I will likely spend a week or so in Vancouver, maybe a bit more, then go to Edmonton. After that I am not sure, but am considering maybe making a stop in Montreal, and even possibly the Maritimes (just because I have never been there) prior to maybe going to Iceland, then on to Russia, Finland and other parts of the former Eastern bloc, prior to possibly going to France and Italy by early September. Alllllll of this is completely subject to change depending on a number of circumstances, but as of right now that is the plan.