USSR follow-up / Jews? / BKK


BTW, when I decided to book a flight back from Moscow to Bangkok, there are only two carriers that fly direct, Thai Airways and the Russian airline, Aeroflot.

I looked at one way costs, and Aeroflot was $1,000 USD and Thai Airways was $2,000 USD!!!

However, I used the saviour and messiah, the internet, and managed to find Siberian Airlines and found the EXACT same flight as the Thai Airways flight, except it is ‘co-chaired’ or ‘co-branded’ as a Siberian Airlines flight for $400!!!!!

When I got to the airport I could even check in at Thai Airways counter, for $1,600 less than what Thai Airways quoted!

The only downside was I waited in line for one hour at the Airport Express train check-in for Siberian Airlines, which only had 1 attendant with about 15 people standing in line… I had to actually wait in line to get a paper ticket (they don’t use E-tickets). As I stood in line I conversed with a Russian guy who was disgusted at the length of time to wait to pick up what should be an E-ticket stating, “this country will never change… I first had hope when we began changing a decade ago, but I have lost hope now, this country will never have Western standard service”.

I’d have to agree with him, most things in that country are frustrating and not easily accessible… even worse than Canada.


I wrote a piece in my StockHouse blog about the Middle East, called Middle East Road Map and have received a lot of anger from the “Jewish” community. Including threats from the “Jewish Canadian Congress”. Haha. Wow, that name sounds pretty official considering it is basically just a lobbying/political attack group. Do I look intimidated?

Why is it when you say you dislike anything about what Jewish people do you are an anti-Semite and their are groups and lobbies which will ‘attack’ you… I consider what they are doing to me anti-jeff and I am going to have the Canadian-Jeff Congress go after these bastards! 😛


Here is an interesting signage from BKK today: No Sitting / No Spitting