Did my subject line already get you scared? Do you think that I am about to tell you that I have HIV/AIDS

WELL I DO NOT SO DON’T WORRY MOM! :) (I know my mom would already be trembling, especially after reading about my boat incident via this blog, so that line was purely for her)

But the point of my subject line and first sentence are this: what is it about HIV/AIDS that has most people so scared?

You know, my whole life, I have never been the kind of person who follows the crowds… just because most people believe it (conventional wisdom) doesn’t make it right… and the reason is, because “most people” are idiots.

I tend to follow my instincts, listen, learn, read and question everything.

Today I stumbled across some information that may actually show that, yet again, I was dead right on something even despite massive conventional wisdom against it.

When I was 16, and just about to enter my sexual maturity, AIDS hit. I’ve always been pretty pissed off about that. Everyone stopped having sex for nearly a decade (well, promiscuous sex anyway).

I always stated what bad luck I had, that I was born just after the 60’s and 70’s with all their “free love” and was just becoming an adult at the time when AIDS hit, which dramatically reduced my chances of engaging into any sort of desirable sexual pleasure with any potential female candidates (although, given that I weighed 120 lbs, had acne, braces and a mullet, I probably had a pretty slim chance anyway).

So, fast forward to 2000… for whatever reason I had now become sexually attractive to a lot of girls and I began to take advantage of it and really enjoyed it.

But, I hate condoms… it really isn’t even worth having sex with one… I’d rather just go home and play poker on the internet or something.

But I kept hearing over and over and over… you are crazy… you have sex with people you just met without a condom?! You are insane, you have to stop!

Over the years I did a lot of research… checked out all the different diseases, how you can identify them, what are the odds, what type of groups (ie. intravenous drug users etc) more commonly have them etc.

And given the info I found, I made a rational decision that for all the risks I see, it is not worth the reward (no sex or only condom-sex) to avoid them. Therefore, I decided to continue living my lifestyle.

Hundreds (yes, literally hundreds) of ‘unsafe’ sexual encounters later, in 2006, I have only once caught anything. It was chlamydia, for which I took one little pill (an antibiotic) ONCE for, and it was completely cured… and considering I had no symptoms, I would have never even known I had it, except the doctor said I did… talk about a disease that is completely no problem! Give me 10 diseases that I’ll never know I even had… why worry about those?? And, btw, I knew i was risking a lot with the girl I did it with at the time and actually said to myself, I bet this time I get something… she was the kind of girl who slept with EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE… lol

Anyway, I kept noticing… you know… given all this talk all the time in the media and stuff about HIV/AIDS epidemics, I have never once, EVER known anyone who knew anyone who had it at all… much less died from it.

And having travelled around the world to many different places where they say they are really risky areas (not Africa… but other places, such as Cambodia) I never once saw any sign of anyone or anything being a really horrible place because of AIDS.

Then I received an article from a really smart guy, who I have already quoted once before on this blog, so you know he is super smart, named Doug Casey. He commented that he just spent the last few months travelling through Africa, and even talking to doctors and stuff, and he can’t find any sign of AIDS being a major problem, even on the so-called continent that is being ravaged by it.

So, that REALLY got me thinking.

So, I turned to the internet (the true lord and saviour) and googled “AIDS Hoax”… well, wouldn’t you know it, there are quite a few other people (many doctors and nobel laureates etc) who basically state its a hoax… but even worse than that, the actual drug they give to people who supposedly have HIV/AIDS is the thing that actually kills them.

Now, I haven’t researched it anywhere near enough to go so far as believing that this is a sinister plot to kill people… what is more likely is it is a sinister plot to profit… but I am not even going that far yet as I would want to take weeks more to look into it before I made that sort of conclusion.

Here is just one interesting site you may want to read more about:

One of the most interesting things I have come across is the story about a doctor in Spain who injected “HIV infected” blood into his own body to prove it is harmless… if this is for real, wow, that says a lot!

So, anyway, the main reason I am writing this today is that I think ONCE AGAIN, by not just believing/listening to the media and so-called “official” sources such as governments (which are in many cases our worst enemy), and by just using the information I actually see and hear myself, I have once again found out that my “so-called” highly risky, unbelievably stupid acts of having sex with young, healthy looking girls without using rubber or plastic, was probably not so much of a risk after all.

Now, that said, I am aware that there are quite a few undesirable things that I do leave myself open to acquiring, such as possibly herpes, but again, given all the information I have gathered, I think it is worth the risk…

It’s funny, isn’t it, how some of the biggest supposed scares in my lifetime, HIV and “terrorism”, are both nearly completely harmless and/or fake.

EDUCATE YOURSELF. And stop worrying so much… this planet is becoming full of just worrying losers. What happened to the people that lived in the 50’s and 60’s and stuff… they flew to the moon on a rocket with less technology than my cell phone… NOW THAT IS RISKY! But they were like, hey, no problem… only live once right?

On a completely different topic, I just came back from a one week trip through Singapore, Bali and Jakarta, replete with numerous sexual encounters… oohhh I am such a risk-taker. 😛 I will update on those adventures in the following few days. So c’mon back y’all.