Singapore / Bali / Jakarta

Just on a brief follow up on that AIDS thing, I found a really well done documentary on Google, called AIDS = HIV – Fact or Fraud. These guys had it all figured out in the early 90’s… HIV and AIDS for the most part is a massive fraud… check out the documentary.. it is 2 hours long so grab some popcorn… its worth it alone just for the 1980’s hair in the documentary! But seriously, how sad is it that all these facts have been known for so long yet the public at large has no clue. Please pass on to as many people as possible.

Ok, now on to other things


I stayed with Jane for 2 or 3 nights in Singapore… I had been to Singapore before around 2000, so had an idea of what the city is like. It is really nice there… totally livable city… its got its own nice vibe to it… all the people speak excellent english and are well educated and cool. But, other than that, not too much to say on it… it is just a nice city.. a bit like HK, but without the chaos. I guess the only thing of major note to comment on is I went to the new Ministry of Sound nightclub there… it was really cool… huge and nicely done.


We then flew direct on Singapore Airlines to Bali. I didn’t know what to expect at all, but for some reason I thought it was going to be really nice and cool. We stayed in the Kuta beach area, which is the most popular area. It seemed quite quiet… not sure if that is still residue from 2 prior “terrorist” bombs in 2002 and 2005 or not. The place was just full of Australians… barely saw any actual Indonesian people there, so I didn’t really like that. And the vibe wasn’t really that great. After one night in Kuta we took off to a resort at the Conrad Hotel in Nusa Dua, about a 30 minute drive away. The hotel was beautiful and the food was good, but the beach wasn’t really that great there. I definitely won’t be opening a beach bar in Bali… and I likely won’t ever go back there either, not my style. Too many Australians… plus non-stop Indonesians hassling you for taxis or to sell you stuff… and we got ripped off a few times by a taxi in our first day until we found out that the “Blue Bird’ taxi’s are metered and you end up paying about 1/10th what you pay the guys who just come up and try to drive you somewhere in their car. Although we had one funny experience where we accepted a taxi solicitation and as he opened the door on his panel van, there was a guy sleeping on the seat, who IMMEDIATELY woke up and took off like a bullet, lol… not sure what that was all about.


So we didn’t stay long in Bali for reasons stated above and then we took a cheap Adam Air flight from Bali to Jakarta.

Jakarta was interesting. The traffic seemed even crazier than Bangkok (like WAY crazier, I didn’t think that was possible) and lots of traffic jams. The air quality was horrendous… I later read that Jakarta is the most polluted city in the world.. if the air quality is any indication then I would have to agree… it was the kind of place where it always seemed kinda like night time because you could never really see the sun.

I heard the nightlife was really good in Jakarta… there was definitely a few pretty well designed clubs, including the BAT Bar at the Shangri-La Hotel, where Jane just happened to know the bar manager, and the band, from Bangkok (she knew the band in Singapore too… kinda funny… her ex bf used to be in a band and they all just seem to know each other).

But in general, from what I saw, the nightlife there was no where near as good as in Bangkok… althought it was pretty good… I wouldn’t have any problem going back to Jakarta for a few days, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to do it.

The other thing that kinda sucked about Jakarta is there is MAJOR security, concrete barricades and all kinds of security guards everywhere… I guess they have some problems with a few ‘terrorist’ type things there, mostly related to those wacky Islamic people… so that gives a bad vibe too.

So, after exactly one week away from Bangkok I was SO craving the street hot pot place outside of my apartment, and missed Bangkok in general, so we hopped on a plane and headed back home.

So, that is where I am at. I may just hang around Thailand for the next month or so… I just like it too much here.

Next trips could possibly include HK, Macau and the Philippines… but I’ve been to all those places before, so nothing to exciting. Barring that, I do want to take a trip, at some point, to Myanmar. But nothing planned in the near (2 weeks) future.

That’s all for now, gnite!