On the road again…

Well, after a week in Mazatlan, Ceebz and I have decided it is time to move on… although this is pretty damn close to paradise we are always in search of the next. Ceebz and I will have fond memories of Joe’s Oyster Bar, where we were literally every night of the week. Our motto for this week is: The liver is evil and it must be punished!

At 8:30am on Sunday we will shove off for Puerto Vallarta, where oddly enough, I happened to be for New Years Eve 2000… would be kinda odd if I was there again for New Years, but Ceebz and I may try to push on to Aculpulco or possibly even Mexico City for New Years.

Puerto Vallarta is 200 miles S/SE of Mazatlan, so it will take us about a day and a half, so we expect to arrive in Puerto Vallarta in the afternoon on Monday, unless we sink on the way.

Seeya on the flip side, unless the cat actually flips