Quick Investment Update

I had mentioned a few times over the last year that there will be one last chance to get on the gold bandwagon at good/cheap prices… I stated that I expected gold to go below $600 one last time and it could go as low as $550, with a possibility of hitting $510…

Well, in the last month or so gold has gone as low as $560 and is currently in the $590 range. I expect it could possibly stay in this range for another few weeks but by early next year we will be on the next major upleg, likely taking gold past the previous recent high of $750.

I expect gold will be well over $1,000 in the next 3 years, possibly hitting $2,000 at which point gold stocks would be trading 10-100x the levels they currently are trading at.

So, this is your last chance to get aboard. Gold will outperform virtually every asset class (most certainly the big US stock indexes, which I expect to drop by 30-50% in next 2 years) over the coming years and if you can position yourself now you will be one of the only people building massive wealth at a time when most people are losing it.

The best way to make big gains is to invest in some of the smaller producing (or near producing) gold companies… but you can play it safe by buying big cap gold stocks, or even gold itself… there are a few gold ETF’s which make it easy, like GLD on the NYSE.

Email me if you’d like some specifics on any stocks I think will easily double in the next year or so, and likely go up exponentially over the next 4 years.