I came across a neat site which allows you to put all the places you have been onto it… kinda interesting… here is mine:

There are sorta two obviously gaping holes there for me (other than Siberia, Greenland and Antarctica which I don’t have any real desire to go see any time soon): Africa and the area around India and West to the Gulf. I definitely have to get these two large regions checked out in the next 1-2 years…

Also, while i felt like I saw quite a bit of South America last summer, after I plotted it onto a map it doesn’t seem like I saw that much… that is one big continent… so will fill in a lot of spots there in the next few months likely.

As well, I have never been to the caribbean (was on my way there on my sailboat but, well, you know what happened there). I may try to check out some of the islands there this winter while I am in the region.

Phew, just typing in all those locations was a lot of work! This is a pretty damn big planet.

Actually, now that I think of it, there are a LOT of places in Europe (especially Eastern) that I haven’t been either.

Got a lot of work still ahead! Thailand has SLLLLOOWEEEDD me down big time but I will not allow it to stop me!