Puerto Vallarta……

The trip from Mazatlan to Puerto Vallarta was as easy as they come… light, but adequate winds, little to no seas… we arrived at noon (1pm Puerto Vallarta time… PV is Central time… we are actually so far east now we are nearly under the great lakes!).

One word describes PV so far: HOT. Has been in the low to mid 30’s and humid. The next few days are supposed to cool off tho, so that will be nice. I think I need to get A/C for the boat. The evenings are nice and comfortable but midday is very hot.

I seem to have gotten a small cold so will likely take it easy for a day or two. Then Ceebz and I have to decide whether to move on to Barra Navidad, Ixtapa and then Aculpulco so we could be in either Acupulco or Mexico City for New Years.

In the meantime, we have high speed wireless internet here at the marina so I am pretty happy.