Well, the reason I haven’t written anything for the last week is not due to a lack of content, but due to the fact that I have been having a non-stop, crazy, good time!

After a long, long 3-stop flight from Rio De Janeiro to Acapulco, I was back in one of my favorite places, Mexico, for the first time in nearly two years.

The last time I rolled in on my sailboat with Ceebz.

This time I arrived to an 89’ yacht named Serenity complete with Captain, chef, waitresses and maids.

Apparently something had happened to my friend Christos since the last time I had seen him: wealth!

I have never actually witnessed anything quite this luxurious. Even if I go to my larger-than-your-average Hilton hotel room quarters, and just lie in my bed for a few minutes… the next time I return to my room my bed will have been made, full with chocolate on the pillow!

Every meal is gourmet, every need is attended to.

His dinghy is almost as big as my old sailboat, and about as expensive, at 33’ and $175,000!!!

While I have been having literally the time of my life here, it isn’t without some regrets. For example, now that I have become aware of the lifestyles that hundreds of millions of dollars make possible, it almost has me thinking about getting back to work to attain something like this!

I think we went out every night in a row, for 7 straight nights in Acapulco, spend most of the day lying about, drinking wine and meat/cheese plates, prior to a siesta complete with wake up call to be called to one of the 3 main dining rooms.

I am currently writing from the waters off of the coast of Mexico as we pulled out of Acapulco today on the 20 hour trip (averaging 10 knots… what a difference over my boat which if memory serves was more like 35 hours averaging 6 knots). Although my fuel costs were around $200 for the entire trip, if that… while Christos’ will be $4,000, for the 200 mile journey!

I had a blast in Acapulco… I managed to see some of the people I had met last time which is cool… and had many enjoyable and interesting romantic escapades…

I am looking forward to Huatulco now too… Huatulco somehow has become a fairly central place in my life… two years ago I spent at least a month or two there, as well as also having a few guests including Mark and Elsie… and even after I was gone, based on my recommendation, my Dad later vacationed there… so it is neat to head back to a place that feels a bit like a 2nd home with another one of my friends… and will be extra neat to do it Robin Leech Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous style. 😛

One of the best things about being back here is the food… man did I miss Al Pastor tacos!!!!! My favorite!

I’ll probably spend 3-4 days in Huatulco and then head to Vancouver for 3 days, en route back to my 1st home, Bangkok. Christos and his entourage are heading on to Costa Rica and then through the Panama Canal, which I would LOVE to do with him, but my Thai gf is now crying almost every single day as I have been away from her for nearly a month now… plus I miss her a lot too, so I will likely go back to Bangkok and ensure her that I wasn’t “running away�. Who knows, maybe I’ll go back for a few weeks, then fly back and meet Christos to do the Panama Canal… that’d be an awesome experience, and a bit of closure for me as I was on my way to do the canal when the plans got changed on me.

Christos is shipping his boat over to Europe in June and he intends to do Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Italy and more this summer. I’m going to be one of those friends who you kinda invite over at first and everything is cool, but soon you realize they have no plans to leave… he’s going to have to forcibly remove me from visiting him on this boat VERY regularly!!

One thing about my life that I’ve noticed lately is I keep having very difficult choices to make… but they are difficult in terms of “which amazing thing should I do instead of the other amazing thing�… Hmmm should I go play in the Aussie Millions in Melbourne or stay another week in Boracay….Should I stay in Rio for Carnival or should I go to Acapulco and Huatulco with one of my friends …. And even this summer, I had plans to go to the US to play in the World Series of Poker, but now I have to decide between that and maybe going to Europe and cruising for a bit again like a rock star.

If life keeps these kind of tough decisions coming I have no problem with that!

It’ll probably be a few more days until I can get anywhere near organized to throw up some pictures and more details on here, but will definitely do it in the coming week.