Ahhh Huatulco

It’s so nice to be back in Huatulco. This town is just so nice… such a great vibe. Yet, still has a fairly active and interesting nightlife as well. It’s an all-round fantastic place. You could never go wrong visiting here.

Christos and the boat had to head south less than a day after we arrived here, which was unfortunate for them, as they never got to see Huatulco much. But a heavy tehuanapec wind was forecast for Friday and they were in a bit of a rush to get to Costa Rica, so rather than possibly being hemmed in here for a week, they decided just to fuel up in the morning (two tanker trucks worth, about $10,000) and go.

I was sad to see them and the boat go, as it was an amazing time, but was unphased nonetheless as I found myself in one of my favorite places. I walked around and checked out a few hotels, finally deciding on a Best Western here that had wifi and a nice pool.

It was kinda funny here, because unlike Acapulco which is a big giant city, Huatulco is fairly small. I spent about 3 months in Acapulco 2 years ago and about 2-3 months in Huatulco… but when I got to Huatulco, it was like everyone in the whole town remembered me.. many even remembering my name! At one place which was my usual hangout, La Mina, the owner opened a bottle of scotch he had been saving for a special occasion to mark my return! This is one of the things I love about this place.

I will only stay a total of four nights however, as I, almost without realizing it, have been away from Bangkok now for nearly 3 months on a pretty crazy trip that encompassed the Philippines, Australia, NZ, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and Mexico… I thought maybe it is best if I soon head home and recuperate for a few weeks/months first… although the word “recuperate� isn’t the first word that comes to mind in a place like Bangkok… but it can be whatever you want it to be… and that is one of the things I love about that city. So, I will likely settle in there and get back into a bit of a routine of working out daily, swimming and spending time at the pool, eating delicious thai food and getting some work done on my laptop.

Upon my second major trip to Mexico, I have decided however, that Mexico is WAY up on my list, for sure. In fact, I’d almost put Thailand and Mexico on the same level, although they are both vastly different places, they both have some of the same qualities in that the majority of the people are unbelievably friendly and nice, they know how to live life, have dynamic and fun nightlifes, they have amazing food, great weather and are both economically cheap in relation to almost anywhere else.

My only disappointment is that the plane ride getting to and from Thailand and Mexico is a long haul to say the least. But if I were to spend half the year in Thailand and the other half in Mexico, interspersed by breaking the trip into manageable parts as I come and go (ie. from Thailand to Korea for a few days, then Vancouver for a few days, then LA/LV for a few days etc…) I think I may have a workable plan.

It was my friend Christos’ first long stay in Mexico, visiting numerous cities as he cruised the entire west coast, and he is basically in agreement with me that Mexico is one of the best places in the world. He already is making plans to go back and he will have to race me as I will be doing the same.

So, I’ll spend most of Saturday just making my way from Huatulco to Vancouver (via Mexico City and LA, ugh) and will spend the absolute minimum time I can there, a total of 2.5 days, to take care of some business, and then am booked on a flight back to Bangkok on the 20th.

So, that is it for the latest installment of travel adventure. I have no plans for a next trip and won’t even begin to think about it for at least another few weeks… I am thinking either Europe and/or North America (Canada, US, Mexico) this summer… but that is still a few months away so maybe I’ll make a small trip in between… perhaps India.

In the meantime here are a few pics and 1 movie:

Me out in Christos’ 33’ 500hp ‘dinghy’ fishing in Acapulco Bay
Christos and I in Acapulco
Me and 3 girls from my favorite hangout joint Mangos
A movie of one of the craziest nightclubs in the world – Palladium in Acapulco